Knott’s Berry Farm Update – May 10th 2017

McLaren: With summer right around the corner, Knott’s Berry Farm is working on some last minute refurbishments and improvements around the park. I spent a couple hours in the park on Wednesday morning and as always, it was a pleasurable experience; crowds were at a low as school isn’t quite out yet and the weather was overcast and cool.

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As I began my walk from the western parking lot to the front gate, I noticed it was exceptionally quiet as GhostRider usually dominates the soundtrack of that area. Through the fence stacks of fresh wood and a cherry picker were spotted.

I could also hear a radio playing and workers talking, which lead me to believe that the coaster was probably going through some routine maintenance before the heavier crowds start to flow in for the next for months.

There were three maintenance staff members on the highest point towards the coaster’s far end probably doing some track work as I could hear hammering sounds.

On the ground below them was another stack of fresh wood. It’s always a pleasure to see a solid wooden coaster being well maintained.

As most of you may know, wooden coasters take much of a beating than your more modern steel coaster, so its no surprise GhostRider took the day off for some recovery. We’re excited for this awesome and fast wooden coaster to open back up for the busy times ahead. Kudos to Knott’s for the upkeep of their rides, they’ve always seemed to be on top of it.

I was greeted with Silver Bullet running smoothly and majestically up against the moody sky. Here are some shots of this B&M beauty in all its glory:

And our favorite shot from this visit:

It would seem as though Knott’s is slowly taking apart and putting back together each one of the smaller flat rides in Camp Snoopy before the park gets busy. Last week Kite Flyer was being reassembled as is now back open.

This week, however, it was Linus Launcher’s turn as the gondolas were taken off and the maintenance staff was cleaning and lubricating the hubs where they connect to the swing arms. Knowing how fast they’ve been knocking out these tasks, this ride should be opened back up within the next week or so.

SolSpin was once again having some technical issues, which luckily were resolved within the hour. Fairly typical for a new flat as technical as this one is.

La Papa Loca was still closed, but much progress has been made as far as the refurbishment/expansion goes. If we’re not mistaken this will be a new refill station! 

Chicken wire has been added to the new part of the building, meaning that stucco or something similar will be added soon. It’s looking like this area will be wrapping up construction and will be open again soon, AKA bomb garlic fries for everyone again. <3

As mentioned last week, Supreme Scream has received an awesome permanent lighting package. We saw it briefly during the Boysenberry Festival as the white towers reflected a very saturated purple color after the sun went down.

These massive LED units are manufactured by the Italian architectural lighting solution company by the name of Griven. These models in particular are the Powershine MK2 Ds; they each weight just over 90lbs and house 192 RGBW LEDs, which have the ability to preform a wide variety of colors and patters… those are some hefty lights if I do say so myself. We applaud Knott’s for investing in such a cool addition to Supreme Scream and can’t wait to see what they do with them.

After taking a plunge on Supreme Scream, I noticed our beloved launched Intamin coaster was back up and running from its from its brief break from operating!

The crane that was under the rides central tower last week has been removed and only its tire marks were left as evidence that it was ever there.

Since crowds were so light today, Xelerator was only operating one train as the patriotic-themed train was docked for the day.

Moving onto Boardwalk BBQ. More progression has occurred as plywood as been applied to the walls giving it a more solid building appearance.

The front entrance is starting to take shape as you can see where the main signage is most likely going to be.

As seen in the backdrop of this photo, the only thing that remains of Boomerang is the two lift towers, which are on their way out as well as the right side is already being dismantled from the bottom up.

Looking a little closer, we can see here that the chain responsible for pulling the train up the second lift has been removed as the chain guide and return gear are now empty.

Toward the bottom of this photo, it is apparent that the first piece of track, which used to curve up to the angle of the lift is also gone as the rails end, leaving only the straight track behind.

Through the openings in the walls, the construction equipment can still be seen. There wasn’t too much action occurring on site today, but we can see most of the station has been torn up and there’s piles of rubble all over the ground where the cobra roll used to stand.

Oddly enough, the catch car is still hanging out at the bottom of the first lift.

RIP Boomerang. We have high hopes for what’s to come to this area next.

That wraps up out Knott’s update for this week! Stay tuned as Soak City and its new slides open on May 20th!

Thank you for checking out this brand new Knott’s Berry Farm Update! We’ll be back with more Knott’s in the near future. For now check out these new CCK and CCCK reports you don’t want to miss:

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  1. Great article here! Well-written with much detail. I appreciate your love for amusement parks, Alex!

  2. I wanna know whose getting that boomerang. Being at this park it has to have been well-maintained and they almost never get scrapped, not to mention how fast and speedy they’ve been doing it when clearly they aren’t putting in something new immediatly.

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