Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 4th 2017

Sean: After lots of different coverage in the last few days ranging from international coverage to some lesser-known Californian parks, Disney and lots of Knott’s Berry Farm, it was time for another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! In today’s update we’ll discuss the water slide repaint at Hurricane Harbor, the Apocalypse retracking, the Riddler’s Revenge repaint, Metropolis and more!

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For those of who you who are huge Star War fans, May the Fourth be with you 😉

Hurricane Harbor!

Alright let’s dive head first into Hurricane Harbor refurbishments! In our last update we discussed the repainting of Lost Temple Rapids, the beginning section of the flume has yet to be painted. 

The structure is becoming yellow, precisely the yellow primer and yellow seen on the Riddler’s Revenge‘s new paint job. This is definitely not the first time that Hurricane Harbor uses the same paint, we saw it with Tornado as well, when Scream! was being repainted. 

The majority of the slide has been repainted, and even though I was unable to capture it in a picture, the inside of the slide is also being painted blue currently. Since the water runs there it is a different procedure, so I am genuinely surprised they are painting the inside!

I always thought that the old look of the Lost Temple Rapids was perfect, but for a water park that was always black and white, all the recent colors are much appreciated. 

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor opens for the season on May 27th, a week after Knott’s Soak City and Raging Waters Los Angeles open for their 2017 seasons!

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Let’s head on over to the actual park, where the ALIEN movie is being promoted all over the place. 

The park is also currently setting up for their annual Grad Nite event. 

Remember all those green hill pictures I included in the updates this year? Well… no more green as hot temperatures and dry climate push through again. Summer is right around the corner!

At least these brown hills in the distance nicely match the Apocalypse colors, more on Apocalypse later. 

First off let’s head to Metropolis! The restaurants that opened a few weeks ago are going strong, they have also received television screens that digitally display the menu items, nice little upgrade. 

The process over at the beer garden is still quite minimal, but I also don’t expect the area to be open for at least another month and a half. 

Currently construction continues inside the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis show building, as well as over at the Riddler’s Revenge, where a new entrance to the ride is currently being constructed. 

Right next to the Riddler’s Revenge the Club O’ACE, or the former JB’s BBQ restaurant, is currently still undergoing its transformation. In the background, which is hard to see, the supports of the lift hill, right near the airtime hill, are currently being repainted yellow. 

The supports near the drop are receiving gray and light yellow primer to hide the black, before the golden yellow comes on. 

Since I planned this trip to the park very last minute, right before closing, I didn’t get a chance to coordinate with the park to get a closer look at the repaint, trying to find angles to photograph the repaint is hard to do. Next time you ride Batman: The Ride, you’ll get great views from the ride, and you can also catch a glimpse of the repaint through the vegetation on your way down the exit ramp. 

Our friend Kurt, also known as The Coaster Guy, was at the park the other day for a quick media event we were unfortunately unable to attend. We are not the biggest fans of the new colors, I have a terribly hard time relating these colors to the character that is The Riddler. And if there was one coaster that had faded nicely, it was The Riddler’s Revenge. The Coaster Guy was able to get some shots of the Riddler’s Revenge repaint, here is one of them: 

Next up: Tidal Wave! The concrete and brick work for the new entrance to Tidal Wave has been placed. 

There doesn’t seem to be much else that has been changed regarding the line/exit at this point, the awnings have yet to be replaced. I hope they give Tidal Wave a good fix up, because now is their chance. I still believe they should’ve turned it into Aquaman. 😛 

It is the time of year again that the misters have been turned on in the Colossus County Fair games area. Given it was incredibly hot, nearing the 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark, so the cold mist was much welcomed. 

BATMAN: THE RIDE! Kudos to the park for running a majority of their rides with two trains, even though literally everything was a walk on. Batman: The Ride is still one of my favorite inverted coasters around, and though the paint is peeling heavily all over the place, it still looks nice seven years after its latest repaint. 

Also, the fact that the park has recently decided to go with all black and white trains makes me very happy. It just looks very slick! 

Speaking of Batman: The Ride and DC Universe, the area is a hot spot during Grad Nite, meaning the park is currently setting up a stage and dance area in front of the DC Universe marquee. 

In case you missed it, after a few years of a 7-Eleven and Six Flags partnership regarding Slurpees, the chain has ended the partnership and will return to selling ICEEs at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Not all Six Flags parks will serve ICEEs, some parks, including Six Flags Over Georgia, are selling Arctic Blast. 

Full Throttle Nights returns late May and both stages for this popular night time show have been set up! 

Rehearsing has already started! I really like how the park changes up the look of the stage each year.

Across from the stage, way down at the Looney Tunes Super Store there is some sort of construction going on, II am insure what exactly it is, it may be related to painting. 

Let’s head back to Samurai Summit to look at those wonderfully brown hills from the Ninja station. When you look at Apocalypse in the distance, note that the second half of the ride is currently receiving the retracking procedure. 

The last few turns seem to be the final changes that will be made to the ride. Yet there is no indication of when this 2009 GCI woodie will reopen. I’m incredibly excited that the park decided to take their time with this makeover, it needed it badly. 

The entrance and queue for the ride look very abandoned at this moment, further indicating that the ride may not open in a while. I hope they get the fire effects working consistently again, and perhaps start doing a pre-show again!

This turn was one of the first elements to get retracked, the turn low to the ground that follows has received additional banking, so the ride experience will be different. Even if it’s a slight difference. 

It was a very quiet day at the park, yet almost everything was open. This is the supreme way of experiencing Six Flags Magic Mountain. They don’t handle crowds well at all, but on slow days its paradise. 

Let’s also appreciate that the park ran Ninja with two trains and had to literally dispatch trains empty because there wasn’t anyone in the station. Solo Ninja rides! 

We recently discussed the idea of floorless trains for Ninja, much like they did to Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures. With the terrain differences and the low dips near the water I think they’d be great for Ninja. What do you think?

We all know Tatsu is faded, but today it just became awfully clear to me how faded Tatsu is getting. The supports, especially the sun exposed ones, are starting to literally look white!

Last but not least, I had to get my Viper and X2 rides in on this empty afternoon. We recently launched a special Viper and Vekoma MK1212 Trains article, we advise you check it out!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’ll have Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California’s Great America related posts later this week, as well as Legoland California and more international trip reports on CCCK! For now check out thes new CCK and CCCK reports you don’t want to miss:

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 4th 2017”

  1. I think the MK1212 trains would be a good idea for Viper, provided that SFMM is going to keep it for awhile. At 27 years old, it’s aging.

    As for Ninja, the floorless trains would plus that ride 1000%. Even though Ninja will be 30 years old next year, I think the park will keep it going as long as possible as swinging suspended coasters are quite rare these days, and Ninja always was one of the better ones. In my opinion, of course.

  2. I just visited SFMM on may 1st & i literally was having early stages of Heat Stroke after only 2 Hours @ 94 Degrees … I left the park feeling terrible Also had a pretty bad sunburn … & the whole time i was trying to avoid the sun … But Six Flags Unfortunately provides little to no shade in that park ! Between Areas like full throttle & twisted colossus also the parking bus stop NO SHADE … I wrote to six flags about this issue … I really hope they take this issue alot more serious cause this summer is gonna be HOT ! Their guests health should be #1 priority ! & Judging the park based on Shade & risk of heat stroke & sun poisoning i’d say they FAIL ! I will not return till winter because of this issue & i am in my 20’s & in great health !

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