Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City Update – May 2nd 2017

Sean: Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City are buzzing lately, and with just a few weeks ’til the opening of the seven new Soak City slides, and the rapid removal of Boomerang, we have plenty to look at in this update, with a ton of pictures! 

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Camp Snoopy!

Let’s start in Camp Snoopy! Where we want to give the park huge kudos for keeping up with the landscaping. Ever since the relaunch of the area in 2014 it’s simply looked amazing every visit. 

The added Spring time scenery is also much welcomed. Even though we usually don’t ride much in Camp Snoopy when we visit, we love walking through the area. 

Currently the Kite Flyer attraction in Camp Snoopy is closed for refurbishment purposes. 

Much like the Wave Swinger in Fiesta Village was last week. The majority of the ride’s fiberglass pieces and seats have been taken off to be individually refurbished. 

Fiesta Village!

Next up: Fiesta Village! Though La Papa Loca is my favorite restaurant in the area, because their garlic fries are just so amazingly good, the restaurant was sadly closed during my visit today.

It seems like the restaurant is undergoing some sort of refurbishment, as construction walls have been set up around the corner at which it is located. 

The walled off area is where the restaurant’s concessions were kept for guests to grab after picking up their food. I wonder what exactly the changes are that are currently being made behind these walls. 

Across from La Papa Loca the area’s Wave Swinger has reopened after being closed for refurbishment last week. 

The Boardwalk

Let’s move on to the Boardwalk section of the park, where a lot of the buzz is happening! The park wasn’t open past sunset today, but one should note that Supreme Scream has received an LED light package that changes colors. 

The white structure of the ride wonderfully allows for the flood-light type light package. I look forward to seeing the new lights in action soon! 

Also at the Boardwalk is the new Boardwalk BBQ restaurant construction. Unlike other recent updates, walls and support beams are slowly going vertical. 

They made a lot of progress in the last week or so. I’m looking forward to seeing the small stage and restaurant finished up. It will be a wonderful place to hang out at Knott’s, while the Boomerang plot in the background is getting redeveloped. 

The restaurant looks like it will take up about twice as much space as the previous restaurant in this spot. I’m excited! 

Also at the Boardwalk is the drainage of the concrete pool. 

It looks like it is the time of year again to repaint the pool, lots of the bright blue paint has either faded or peeled off. 

Drained from riders this week is Xcelerator, which is closed for refurbishments through Friday May 5th. If you look closely above the launch track, you may be able to spot a crane that’s being used for track work. 

Here’s a look at that crane from the entrance to the Intamin launch coaster. 

I am unsure exactly what kind of work is taking place, nonetheless a lot can be done when one of your main attractions is closed for multiple days. 

During this brief closure of the ride, the trains seem to be stored on the storage and transfer tracks, rather than receiving extensive maintenance.

Here’s a cool shot of the Chevy trains that we took during today’s visit. 

Let’s move on to the giant construction zone at the Boardwalk, which includes the plot previously occupied by Riptide.

The construction walls lead all the way up to the front of the Boomerang dismantling site, which we’ll take a look at below. 

It is very likely that Knott’s Boomerang is being moved to another Cedar Fair park, as Cedar Fair purchased a single Vekoma MK1212 train. It is just a question of where it would be relocated to. Regarding the dismantling of the ride, the cables and catch car are still on the first lift. The chain is still on the second lift.  

The removal of track pieces has gone incredibly quickly, and carefully. 

The same goes for the station roof and trains, both of which have been taken off already. 

This is all there is left of the Cobra Roll. The half loop section of the second half. 

The sensors are still located on the track pieces. It’s interesting how we have the Sky Cabin in this picture. The ride is not expected to open anytime soon, and I’m hearing that surveying of the land around the ride and games area has taken place, possibly indicating the removal of the classic attraction to create space for a larger new ride that would also occupy the Riptide and Boomerang land. 

Here’s the overview the current track removal process. 

Look at all these supports but no track! It sort of makes me sad, avid readers know exactly how much I loved this ride. 

Before moving on to Knott’s Soak City, it looks like all remains of the Boysenberry Festival have been cleared, besides these string lights. Cedar Fair loves these!

Knott’s Soak City

What do  I spot in the distance?


Knott’s Soak City reopens on Saturday May 20th and the entire park has been refurbished. 

Including repaints of all existing slides, new landscaping, cabanas, and more! The park is busy preparing for opening weekend! 

Let’s look at the seven new slides! 

The construction of the slide structures seems to have been completed. 

The two raft slides are located below the four drop pod slides. All six of these slides are part of the new Shore Break tower. 

Behind the Shore Break tower a huge family rafting slide is also opening this year, the 7th new slide. This slide will open as The Wedge with the rest of the new slides on May 20th. 

Notice the construction workers on top of the slide tower? They’re there because the slides are currently testing. When looking at this picture, note that the awning have yet to be added! 

Speaking of the two raft slides, the are a tad shorter than all of the drop pod slides but their finales are amazing looking. In addition the glossy look of the slides looks much better than most slides out there! 

If you look closely you may be able to see the water that is flowing through the drop slides!

In this picture notice the water flowing through the blue drop slide, as well as the steep finale drops of the raft slides! 

We’re incredibly excited for the relaunch of Knott’s Soak City. Something that the park most definitely needed. The new slides and refurbished sections of the park look amazing. We’ll be there opening day to bring you all the coverage! 

Thank you for checking out this Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City update! We’ll be back with more Knott’s as well as Six Flags Magic Mountain and some international coverage tomorrow! For now check out the following new reports you don’t want to miss:

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