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Alexander: Welcome to Cabin Crew Coaster King’s maiden voyage!

The American Coaster Enthusiast’s South of the Border Tour!

I have been a member of ACE since 2000. With their help (and the help of my enabling family) I’ve racked up over 750 coasters since I first began riding in 1994.

Many of CCCK’s adventures will be with the amazing people I’ve met through ACE, and in the case of our first adventure, over 100 ACErs are here to party in Mexico!

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –


First stop on the ACE South of the Border Tour:

Bosque Mágico!

(fyi, captions are below the photos here on CCCK. I know this is a big adjustment for CCK readers, so go ahead and take a few moments to process.)

A wide variety of characters are here to enjoy a day at Monterrey, Mexico’s largest amusement park.

We were invited to the park early to for some Exclusive Ride Time on Bosque Mágico’s star coaster – but first we have to find it!

Here we are making our way to – uhh….hey? Who’s that guy? Is he with us? He looks a little…verklempt.

Oh snap. Dude are you ok? *unintelligible grumblings*
Do you need a doctor? **GROWLS**

Welp. I’ve seen enough movies to know what’s going on here. clearly Bosque Mágico is home to some kind of health rehabilitation center! That’s so nice!

Oh! Look over there! I see a roller coaster!

I also see some staff members in front of Bosque Mágico’s Dinosaurs Alive-type attraction. What they’re looking at, I wonder?

EEK! Zombie Ride? There are ZOMBIES at Bosque Mágico?? Somebody better warn the patients at the rehabilitation center!

Wow. Look at this. This looks exactly like a place people should go.

Zombie Ride is two attractions in one: a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II launch shuttle coaster and a haunt-style zombie walk-thru attraction, complete with live actors, numerous animatronics, and an elaborate story involving a mad scientist and some possessed jewelry.

Zombies, both caged and free, wander about the queue amongst the various experiments.


Whew! Once you escape the elevator zombie, you’re free to enjoy the roller coaster at your leisure. If you don’t escape the elevator zombie and/or find yourself in a state of general undeath, the cure is as simple as a few positive G-forces (or so says the story).

A-ha! It all makes sense now. Zombie Ride is for turning zombies back into regular people!

A lot of us feel like zombies after an exhausting day of traveling to Mexico, so Zombie Ride is a perfect first coaster of the tour.

Fans of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Lake Compounce will recognize Zombie Ride right away.

But don’t be fooled! This is the superior ride! Thanks to Zombie Ride’s unique double station, riders are treated to swift-dispatching, two-train operation and TWO TRIPS through the ride’s entire twisted layout.

With excellent throughput and a stellar queue, Zombie Ride is definitely fit for major crowds! Fortunately there were no such crowds on our visit.

Zombie Ride is one of 3 roller coasters at Bosque Mágico; our next coaster credit is right next door!

The ever-popular spinning wild mouse was installed at Bosque Mágico last year, but a basic theme premise would not suffice.

Ratones contra Policías is a wild mouse themed to burglar rats and police officer cats!

I use the word “themed” loosely in this case, but the indoor queue and custom cars make for a better presentation than most mouse coasters.

My only criticism would be the obvious lack of cat faces on the police cars.

Coaster #3 at Bosque Mágico is Tornado, a Vekoma Whirlwind coaster that originally ran at Belgium’s Bobbejanland.

Get a load of these Arrow cars! Some of the seats still have the basic, 1st-generation over-the-shoulder-restraints while others have more modern Vekoma harnesses.

There’s not much to Tornado. Vekoma Whirlwinds are about as short as a full-circuit thrill coaster can be.

Tornado’s not a bad ride. It’s not very good, either, but certainly not bad.

Sure looks nice, though.

Riders express mixed emotions on Tornado. For better or for worse, the ride is half way over after the first corkscrew.

I spent more time photographing Tornado than riding / waiting in line for it.

Who’s that in the front seat with the big beard? It’s Alex! (not me; a different Alex). He’s the key organizer for ACE South of the Border.

After all three credits were procured, we “enjoyed” a walk-thru haunted house (featuring – you guessed it – more zombies) before checking out a few of Bosque Mágico’s high-quality eating establishments.

For lunch I ended up with this strange burger and some bland fries. The burger had two patties, two slices of cheese, “fresh” veggies, and a slice of mystery lunch meat.

For dessert we had a log flume!

It’s not very new, and it’s not very big, but Bosque Mágico’s flume was a surprise hit!

The many faces of log flume fun.

The log flume encircles the park’s small kiddie area, which features, among other things, a kiddie Trabant! And also a lady using an umbrella to protect herself from the sun.

Coca Cola is Bosque Mágico’s key sponsor. There’s Coca Cola advertising and references all throughout the park. In fact, the park’s official name is “Bosque Mágico Coca Cola”. Seriously.

Zombie Ride looms over the park.

Bosque Mágico has a good collection of flat rides, including this SBF-Visa “Dance Party” (I’d thought it was a Huss Frisbee until I noticed there’s no drive tire at the bottom of the ride. Had to do some digging to figure out who made it)

The log ride isn’t very wet, but the rapids will drench you.

It’s a nice looking ride that meanders around Bosque Mágico’s lush natural foliage.

And then you hit this particular rapid and half of the boat gets screwed over. Good thing we’re in Mexico! We dried off quickly.

Other rides include this lovely car ride…

…and this insane looping pendulum that’s a cross between a Chance Chaos and Huss Frisbee. I really enjoyed my ride on one of these a few years ago, but sadly there wasn’t enough time to get a ride in on this visit.

As an avid collector of keychains, I’m always a little disappointed when parks don’t have a cool keychain for me. Bosque Mágico didn’t have much in the way of keychains, but they had a wide variety of oddball merchandise, the likes of which I’ve not seen at a regional park before.

Almost time to go! Bye Zombie Ride! Thanks for bringing us back from the undead!

First park of ACE South of the Border: Complete.

Anyone need anything from the parking lot market before we head to the next park?

Tune in next time for the 2nd park of ACE South of the Border: Parque Plaza Sesamo, an impressive family park themed to the OG family program: Sesame Street!

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  1. While seeing other parks around the world is cool and you’re trying to promote your Cabin Crew page, can we leave this page for the California parks and the occasional park elsewhere? I feel like this is going to become an international coaster page and it’s going to get to cluttered and people will lose interest in California park updates.

    1. Hey Adam. Thank you for your comment.

      Not to worry! California will continue to be CCK’s primary interest, even as the brand expands to include Cabin Crew Coaster Kings and other regional focus pages in the future. We’re currently looking at different ways to organize the various page entities so that things don’t become cluttered.

  2. Big fan of this new section cck offering new park (to me at least) visits! Looking forward to more of these articles!

    1. Glad you’re a fan of CCCK! We’ll be showcasing parks around the world on a weekly basis! Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for all of the latest details!

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