What is Cabin Crew Coaster Kings?

Alexander: Welcome to Cabin Crew Coaster Kings!

I am so excited to launch this webpage. I have so loved sharing my adventures of the last 4 years on Thrillography, and now begins a new chapter.

Oh… but let me not get too far ahead… allow me to formally introduce myself:

My name’s Alex. I am the chief photographer and composer of Cabin Crew Coaster Kings. It’s very nice to meet you!

This brand is created in conjunction with Sean of California Coaster Kings, who also handles the technical aspects of CCCK. We named Cabin Crew Coaster Kings because, as a Delta Air Lines cabin crew member, I find myself all over the world for work and leisure, visiting each amusement park I can find.

The sporadic nature of my travels reflects the spontaneous characteristics of flight attendant life, and my destinations are born of the unwavering love I have for roller coasters.

There are remarkable things to see and do at every amusement park in the world; let’s see what we can discover together. Visit cabincrewcoasterkings.com soon!

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  1. I would love to hear about your adventures. My wife worked at Delta for many years and would love to hear of your travels.

    1. Well I’ve only been a Widget for a year, now, but I’ve already lost count of all the amazing experiences I’ve had! Looking forward to having so many more!

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