SeaWorld San Diego’s new nighttime spectacular— Electric Ocean—will transform the park this summer into a sea of glowing color and energy, inspired by the phenomenon of ocean bioluminescence. Let’s find the details:

When the sun goes down, the park comes alive with a celebration of illumination, featuring vibrant night shows with exhilarating performances. Playful, glowing sea characters energize the park with a family-friendly dance party beneath the waves. Immersed in exotic worlds of light, music, and incomparable special effects, guests can experience their favorite SeaWorld rides and attractions in a whole new way—lit by the ocean glow.

“The new Electric Ocean is an example of how we’re integrating emerging technologies to enhance and energize the guest experience,” said Rick Schuiteman, SeaWorld San Diego’s vice president of entertainment. “Lasers and lights will create a fantastical simulated underwater experience, like the Northern Lights, but inspired by the sea with “bioluminescent” animals floating through the sky. This unique nighttime event will transform the park into a canvas painted with light. It’s a reinvention of what a nighttime experience in a theme park can be.”

There’s marine life at every turn and distinctive entertainment throughout the park, including gigantic glowing schools of fish that will immerse guests in an underwater world. SeaWorld will become interactive throughout the night, when visitors with special RFID lanyards and bubble wands can change the color swaths swirling about them for a more personalized experience to feel even more deeply submerged in the festivities.

“There is a unique opportunity to showcase a part of the ocean that few people ever see—the bioluminescent glow after dark. For Electric Ocean, we were only limited by what we could imagine,” said Brian Morrow, SeaWorld vice president of theme park experience and design.

One of the most intriguing moments of Electric Ocean will be an all-new fully-interactive exhibit at the Aquaria aquarium where guests will discover bioluminescent microscopic algae called dinoflagellates. During the day, these single-celled organisms absorb light through photosynthesis, but at night, they let out a bioluminescent glow that dazzles. Through fun, hands-on table-top displays, guests will also learn how these organisms play a vital role in our oceans while marveling at their bioluminescent brilliance that is truly real and amazing.

The all-new Cirque Electrique, the nighttime reincarnation of the popular daytime Cirque de la Mer, will feature daring aerial performers in advanced LED suits as they mesmerize audiences overlooking Mission Bay.

Complementing Cirque Electrique will be another new nighttime show will take guests into the depths of the oceans where mysterious creatures take over the night. This illuminating performance will feature overhead laser lights and an interactive RFID experience, high-flying acrobats, live musicians and a parade of larger-than-life animal puppets that soar over guests, making this a truly immersive and thrilling show.

SeaWorld’s thrilling water coaster, Journey to Atlantis, will enthrall guests with a 3-D projection mapping experience that takes guest on a stunning undersea journey.

From entertainment like the heart-pounding dance club to special dining experiences and unique foods, to breathtaking laser displays from the park’s landmark 20-story Skytower, Electric Ocean will do just that … electrify.


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