CCCK – Parque Plaza Sesamo – ACE South of the Border

“Sunny day! Sweeping the clouds away!”

“On my way to where the air is sweet!”

“Can you tell me how to get – how to get to Sesame Street?!”

Alexander: As it turns out, Sesame Street is just  a hop, skip, and a jump from Bosque Mágico! Our next park on the ACE South of the Border tour is Parque Plaza Sesamo!

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All the Muppets from Mexico’s incarnation of Sesame Street are here to make ACE feel welcome!

A lot of us underestimated Parque Plaza Sesamo, but the place is quite large and detailed!

We have 2 hrs in the park – just enough time to include a quick welcome reception.

Best pic of the trip so far: Alex and Michael sitting at a tiny table + chairs.

Our host taught us a lot about Parque Plaza Sesamo. The park opened in 1995 with official licensing from the Sesame Street Workshop. Park designers (including a former Disney Imagineer) visited Sesame Place in Pennsylvania for inspiration.

Parque Plaza Sesamo has been very successful since its debut, consistently ranking as one of the highest-attended amusement parks in Latin American.

Many of the park’s rides are themed explicitly to Sesame Street characters or themes, like the Twiddlebugs, Count von Count, and Ernie’s Rubber Duckie.

Catariños (the Mexican-Spanish name for “Twiddlebugs”) is Parque Plaza Sesamo’s is a small Tivoli coaster.

ACErs are enjoying the shady queue of this otherwise not-particularly-shady park.

With room for only 5 ACErs at a time, everyone on the tour diligently filtered through the tiny coaster.

There are several details around the coaster; some are in better shape than others.

Everyone’s having a great time with the Catariños! (That’s ACE Vice President David Lipnicky in the front seat!)

The water park makes up a sizable portion of Parque Plaza Sesamo.

The lazy river drifts beneath the park’s largest ride, Expresso Minero!

The queue involves walking through a fairly elaborate mine scene. They really love themed queues in Mexico!

I don’t know what this custom Mack Blauer Enzian has to do with Sesame Street, but it’s a cool ride.

Strapped for time, the ACErs are doing their best to capture shots of the ride while waiting in line!

I use the term “line” loosely here. Everyone seems to linejump around here; parts of families holding places for each other in line is a culturally accepted practice.

Monterrey boasts some beautiful topography.

Expresso Minero isn’t considered by everyone to be a coaster credit, but it’s definitely a SCENIC AMAZING-NESS CREDIT.

*obligatory HD selfie*

The exit bridge for Expresso Minero overs some great photo vantages.

These happy folks were so excited to have my attention once they saw the camera!

Facing the other direction is a lovely view of Parque Plaza Sesamo’s two very tall thrill rides, which lack any sort of Sesame Street references whatsoever.

Expresso Minero at least looks nice; the thrill rides have no theme at all!

Look at all those ACErs!

Midway through the second lap, Expresso Minero really slows down for its final approach to the station. The banking, however, is made to be taken at full speed. The result? Everyone on in the left seat gets SQUISHED by their partner!

In the third row we have Jeff brushing his teeth on the ride. I’ve seen a lot of people do a lot of things on a lot of rides, but teeth brushing is a first! I guess there’s no time but the present for good dental hygiene!

Random: a cowboy-themed Frog Hopper

You really can’t beat the mountainous setting here.

Even the Count’s spinning castle is in the mountains!

I got a deceptively cute-looking cupcake at the Cookie Monster kiosk. It was frosted to look like Elmo and seemed quite delicious, but it tasted like food die and false promises.

The park’s rather tall S&S Space Shot ride provided amazing views despite its barren appearance.

However, the Fabbri Booster was suffering some down-time, and the Chance Chaos was just suffering. Parque Plaza Sesamo should really fix this area up! Lots of potential here.

That concludes our visit to the parks of Monterrey, Mexico! Next time we take on the quirky and remarkable coaster collection of Guadalajara’s regional park, Selva Mágica!

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