Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – May 5th 2017

Sean: Due to increasing changes in all of our schedules it’s been a while since we brought you a Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update, but in the midst of Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth construction it was a great time to be back at the park. The weather was cooperative and we always love getting on some of our favorite coasters… if they’re open… Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman construction, along with operations and other changes at the park!

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OMG IS THAT THE NEW 2017 ATTRACTION WE SEE? – The answer is yes! The new Zamperla Giant Discovery ride, Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth has gone vertical very quickly!

On our way to the entrance we passed Superman: Ultimate Flight, which is closely located to the new ride. Unfortunately this was the only major ride running in the area for most of the day, and with a slacking operations crew the lines were barely moving. 

And there’s Northern California’s largest coaster: Medusa! The park has a very solid top three coasters with Medusa, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and The Joker!

Back to Superman… I see a Wonder Woman logo in the back! Time to go and see what’s up with that! 

First off, I really appreciate the color scheme of the ride and the Wonder Woman logo on the side of the structure. It looks very clean and doesn’t look overwhelming when approaching the park. It has a great curb appeal much like The Riddler at Six Flags Over Texas does too. 

Since the park has a local height limit of 150 ft, this new attraction, which will swing riders about 150 ft into the air, sure will look impressive in the skyline. In addition it will receive an amazing light package. Together with Sky Screamer and Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, the park’s front area will look wonderful at night! 

The pendulum is currently being constructed, the rest of the structure is already up, including the moving platform for boarding the seats. 

The ride is very neatly and tightly fit in between The Joker, Superman: Ultimate Flight and the entrance to the park. No pun intended, but I do believe this ride is the perfect ‘fit’ for the park’s space and needs. 

The entrance plaza will be located next to the Superman: Ultimate Flight queue, as seen in the picture below. 

While we’re on the topic of Frisbee type rides, Tazmanian Devil, the park’s original Frisbee ride is currently undergoing a refurbishment.

I have always LOVED the details on the ride vehicle and structure. It remains to be one of the best looking flat rides out there. For those who weren’t aware, Tazmanian Devil will stay at the park, as it is such a different type of ride experience from Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth. 

Nearby Boomerang Coast to Coaster was running great. After having four major Boomerang style coasters from Vekoma 7 years ago, there is only one left now. 

Now the Boomerang at Knott’s Berry Farm has just closed, I guess we can say that Boomerang Coast to Coaster is the best Vekoma Boomerang in the state! 

Something we always try to do when at the park is try and catch a show or two. One of our favorite shows is still Drench! 

AND THE BEST SHOW AROUND: ODIN’S TEMPLE OF THE TIGER! With the world famous swimming tigers, it all started at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for those of you who didn’t know! 

Captain Lee is back from his Africa trip, back at the park taking care of their wide selection of feline species! 

Okay, I must be entirely honest, I am a huge cat fan and this picture is just too cute! 

The weather was warm all around the state, even though it is cooling down in the next few days. One great way to get absolutely soaked is riding White Water Safari, which has the giant waterfall turned on for the season! 

Another great way is riding Monsoon Falls. Still one of the better looking shoot the chute rides out there. 

See The Joker in the background? Unfortunately the ride closed sometime in the beginning of our day at the park and hasn’t reopened since. It seems to have quite a bit of issues, like most RMCs. We still love that ride, and we can’t wait to come back soon for some more spins on it! 

There were multiple other rides that were closed as the park prepares for the summer season! 

Including The Penguin. Kudos to the park for having their two other water rides operating! Combined with the dolphin shows there are still plenty of ways to cool down in the heat! 

At the same plaza V2: Vertical Velocity is currently closed for refurbishments as well! 

With a little luck the ride will be open by next month, this is usually the time of year that the Intamin launch coaster undergoes its refurbishments. 

Our team has been on plenty of Funtime Star Flyers like Sky Screamer, this small 150 ft version is still one of our favorites due to the amazing views of Medusa that it offers! 

The queue currently offers a great view of the Joker Plaza, which with four DC Comics rides is slowly turning into a colorful DC Universe type of area. Time to retheme V2 and make the area complete! 

While at the Oasis Plaza, Kong was operating one train. The Galactic Attack VR has now ended and riders will be able to quickly board and ride the Vekoma SLC without strapping on VR headsets.

Six Flags New England recently reopened their Vekoma SLC, Mind Bender, with Vekoma Freedom Flyer trains and we were there to try it out! It was amazing! We really hope Six Flags Discovery Kingdom considers adding these trains to Kong! Read our Six Flags New England trip report, here. 

MEDUSA! <3 One of our special series is returning to the site soon, and a little spoiler, the first article features Medusa! 😀

Last but not least, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has updated their iWerks theater with a new movie: Monkey Madness.

The experience takes riders on a monkey coaster that is malfunctioning! The ride still features plenty of water effects! 

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update! We’ll be back with more Northern California coverage soon! Shout out to our friends Ryan and Katelyn for helping us out today!

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