Universal Studios Hollywood Update – May 24th 2017

Sean: It has been a while since we brought you a park update from Universal Studios Hollywood. With recent expansion preparation on the Lower Lot of the park, as well as construction taking place near the entrance of the park, it was time to take some pictures and share it with our readers! 

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to californiacoasterkings.com. Thank you! –

Let’s start at the front of the park, where Cartooniversal has been taken out and a new building is currently under construction. 

The tall walls that are currently going up are on the WaterWorld side of the plot. The new building will house a family center (the park’s first) as well as an animation studio tour. 

Rumor has it that we may even see a Hello Kitty Experience coming to the new building. SOMETHING WE’D LOVE TO SEE!

The wall is on the right, but if you look closely on the left you’ll see that the top of Shrek 4D’s building has all the light and projector installments for the new night time Wizarding World of Harry Potter show! More on that later! Speaking of Shrek 4D, the attraction is slated to close on August 13th, what it will be replaced with is currently unknown. 

We’re going to keep this update quick and focus on the main changes around the park. Including the park’s expansion of the escalators to the Lower Lot, as the Lower Lot is expected to receive significant expansions in the near future. 

On the first set of escalators down the Star Way, the fourth escalator, the new one behind the wall on the right, has been added already.

All they are currently doing is adding the roof! 

The rest of the escalators are still under construction, every one of the four sets of escalators will receive a fourth new one to help with capacity. 

The roof for the biggest escalator of them all is currently under construction as well. We all know how crowded the Star Way can get, thus the expansion is a welcomed sight. 

On the side of Jurassic Park- The Ride we found a set of many stairs leading up about halfway the ride’s building. These stairs look temporary though, and we’re unsure of what their purpose is. 

Here’s an overview of the construction project on the Star Way. 

Let’s move on to the Revenge of the Mummy, that has “The Mummy” movie posters plastered on the outside as the new movie with Tom Cruise is much advertised around the park and Back Lot. The ride’s exit was changed a while back with a new photo sales point and no more mummy statues on your way out! 

The Red Sea has been removed largely, which is located on the Back Lot of the studios, and will soon be where we’ll find new sound stages. 

Halloween Horror Nights is in about 4 months and maze designers are already hard at work to build these masterpiece mazes. Both behind Jurassic Park- The Ride and The Revenge of the Mummy new maze structures have gone up. 

The park has already announced one of their new mazes for the year. THE SHINING <3 – Read more, here! 

Last but not least for this update is that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is bringing guests Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle starting June 23rd! The giant castle that towers over Hogsmeade will be entirely illuminated with amazing video mapping, accompanied by a light show. As we mentioned before the projectors and lights have already been installed! 

Here’s a little preview of what we may expect:

Check out more details regarding the new nighttime spectacle, here! 

Thank you for checking out this quick Universal Studios Hollywood update! We’ll be back with some special articles, California’s Great America’s Red White and Brews, Wonder Woman coverage, and plenty of Cabin Crew trip reports! For now check out some of our recent CCK and CCCK posts that I know you’ll LOVE:

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