Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 19th 2017

Sean: We know you’re ready for another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! So here is one! Let’s take a look at the development of the Lost Temple Rapids repaint, the Riddler’s Revenge repaint, Metropolis, how Apocalypse rides post-retrack and a whole lot more around the park! 

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Lost Temple Rapids

Let’s start our update at the neighboring water park, which opens in exactly a week from when I’m writing this (very early in the morning of May 20th). Knott’s Soak City and Raging Waters Los Angeles open today, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor follows on May 27th. When walking by the park, we spotted that the entire flume of Lost Temple Rapids had been repainted. 

In addition to which the family raft water slide is receiving new rafts! Which they were bringing to the top of the tower, and testing, in the morning. 

The repaint of the structure has also been completed. Only the tower on which the slide is located has been repainted, the rest of the silver supports around the ride will remain silver. 

As you may have read in our previous updates, this is very likely paint that is also being used on the Riddler’s Revenge. When Scream was repainted orange, the paint was also used to repaint Tornado at Hurricane Harbor orange. 

Though the park looked solid with mostly black and white for the past 20 years, all the new color that started to be added with Bonzai Pipelines, the Tornado repaint, the new Python Pit slides, and now Lost Temple Rapids, is much appreciated. Its fresh.


Time to head into Magic Mountain and see what the current situation is over at Swashbuckler!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the park’s very few flat rides remains closed. 

Not much has been done since our last visit, if anything at all. The ride is still dismantled with a spider on the lot. 

The arms are laying off to the side and weeds are growing through the pavement. 

Here’s that spider for you all. I am a big supporter of small investments within parks, a budget can do a lot if you distribute it over a lot of smaller projects, such as keeping your flat rides well maintained, operating, and good looking. Especially for a park that has almost none to begin with. 

Give me a multi-million dollar flat ride investment some year soon and I’d be more than content with some solid new rides scattered throughout the park. (One can dream, right?) – And here’s where all the chairs are currently stored. One can easily see these simply haven’t been touched in a while. Which is unfortunate.

General Park Information

Let’s run around the park real quick to discuss some general changes! First things first, after being off their poles for a short period of time, the iconic six flags around the Valencia Falls have returned.

Grad Nite is also in full swing these few weeks, meaning there are several photo-ops around the park. It wouldn’t be Six Flags if they didn’t try their best to appeal to pop culture. #unicorn

Time for some touch ups in the Goliath queue, where some of the bamboo forest looks badly maintained and this ripped awning isn’t a particularly appealing sight either. 

The Twisted Colossus line on the other hand has new flowers planted and the crews did a fabulous job dispatching the trains in a timely manner for optimal racing. Always appreciated <3

The Superman shield on top of Samurai Summit has been repainted in the last week as well. I’m, also getting oddly interested in riding this coaster on every visit lately. The park is empty on weekdays and this 415 ft tall beast is usually a walk on. Once summer crowds hit, I’ll probably skip it again for a few months.

Speaking of Superman, Six Flags Magic Mountain introduced the Superman character a few weeks back, here’s one of the photo ops, except we didn’t actually see the Man of Steel around. 

The eXtreme Zone store was open, to my surprise, along with the Cold Stone nearby. Both of which had been closed on many of my recent weekday visits to the park. 

The Riddler’s Revenge Repaint

And now the update stuff you’ve been looking forward to all along… BATMAN! 

Just kidding, it’s all about that impressive Riddler’s Revenge repaint in the background! The colors are turning out amazing.  See new green track and golden yellow supports below, as the old green and black supports tower above. 

Most of the tall inversions have yet to be painted, such as the two Dive Loops and the Inclined Loop. 

Currently the drop is being repainted. Most of the drop’s track is now the new light lime green, besides the very top. 

The supports are mostly still receiving the primer. 

The lift hill track has been repainted, but the catwalks remain the old green with hints of yellow primer. Is the park going to surprise us all with yellow catwalks?! They almost painted the Vertical Loop yellow, which they opted out of last minute.

Oh hey Green Lantern: First Flight… looks like you don’t share a color scheme with your neighboring coaster anymore. 

The new colors are very light, fresh, and welcoming. Our avid readers will know how skeptical I was at first, but I really do like how it’s turning out now!

Lots of the lower elements on the ride have already been repainted completely, and it simply looks amazing already. 

Another mix between old paint, new paint, and primer. 

Notice the golden yellow supports, and how different they look from the concept art? Though in a few years it’ll be faded again, it really does pop for now! 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how massive this coaster is, and thus how big of a project this repaint is! The ride just TOWERS over the soon-to-be Metropolis.

Speaking of which, the new entrance to the Riddler’s Revenge will be located straight ahead in the picture below, near the ride’s Vertical Loop. The new Metropolis area is still undergoing quite the construction. 

More of Metropolis

Including the construction of the Beer Garden! <3

And of course the ride itself. Note that even though the restaurants in front of Gold Rusher are part of Metropolis, there will be a huge wall in between the ride and the restaurants, and there will not be an access way other than the entrance to the area in front of Scrambler. 

Most of the area is currently dirt, but I am very pleased to announce that within the current trend of removing trees, all the lovely and infamous palm trees in front of the Riddler’s Revenge have not been removed. <3

Neither have these trees in front of the old JB’s BBQ restaurant. Which is currently being repainted to reopen as a new themed restaurant with the new area.

Tidal Wave

Time to head over to not-Aquaman The Ride: TIDAL WAVE! Which is also still undergoing its refurbishment and readjustment of queue/exit.

The queue has received awnings again, which happen to be black this time around. 

Other than that not terribly much has changed, though I do feel that this shoot the chute really needs quite some work done, including a repaint, update in theming and landscaping, etc. Especially now it will be a standalone attraction between Metropolis and DC Universe. 



Before we even discuss how much better the GCI wooden coaster is now, we must simply recognize the awesome theming of the ride and queue!

BUT OKAY, TIME TO TALK RETRACK! The majority of the has been retracked, and some elements including the turnaround below and the turn prior to the first tunnel have received additional banking! 

The entire ride is just MUCH smoother, almost as if it were its second year operating, and the vibration is entirely gone. The ride needs to warm up a bit more, but after a few weeks it will have broken in a bit better. There’s not a slight hint of roughness anymore, and we simply had amazing rides on it. 

The retracking was very much needed and took several months, but the result is amazing, and it is time for all of our readers to head back to the Mountain and give it shot again! Thanks Six Flags Magic Mountain for investing in fixing this ride! 

Looks like there’s some left over wood. Perhaps they’ll touch it up more frequently! (Just kidding). 

Apocalypse is back! 😀

And we shall celebrate with one last shot, in which you may notice the added banking off to the right, in the turn. This is the perfect shot to end this update with! 

Thank you for checking out this brand new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Stay tuned for lots of awesome Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City goodness, as well as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk reports! For now check out some of our recent CCK and CCCK posts that I know you’ll LOVE:

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