CCCK – Alabama Splash Adventure – ACE Preservation Conference 2017

Welcome one and all to CCCK’s domestic debut: ACE’s 2017 Preservation Conference!

Our journey begins at Alabama Splash Adventure, a small park  consisting of a water park, a kiddie area, and a great wooden coaster.

In 2010 the “dry side” of the park closed and a majority of the rides were removed, leaving just the tiny water park.


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In 2012, Dan and Pat Koch (of Holiday World fame) purchased the park, fixed up the wooden coaster, and introduced a variety of kiddie rides.

Now that the dry side of park has risen from the ashes, we’re excited to see the little park continue to grow.

Dan and Pat definitely know how to throw a party!

The Koch’s bought a kiddie ferris wheel, but sadly it was deconstructed incorrectly and cannot be reassembled. The cars make great little benches, though!

Over 160 ACE members are here to enjoy the Preservation Conference, which is co-hosted by Lake Winnie in Chattanooga and Six Flags Over Georgia.

Our first order of business is a walk-under tour of Rampage, Alabama Splash Adventure’s 1998 CCI woodie.

So many of my good friends are here enjoying the sweltering Alabama heat.

There’s nothing like being underneath a beautiful woodie!

Ferris Wheel cars aren’t the only repurposed ride vehicles around the park. A visit to Rampage‘s infield offers a unique chance to chill in this little spaceship.

They were able to run two trains for us before it broke down. lol

Still nice to look at, even with no train.

Just pretend there’s a train there. ;}

Fortunately Centi-SPEED is ready for riders!

Centi-SPEED is just a garden-variety Wacky Worm with a fancy name.

The kiddie drop ride is also open for us! Only two adults per cycle, however.


Told you the Kochs know how to throw a party. :}

We enjoyed Rampage well into the night, but tomorrow we have an early morning! Gotta get to Chattanooga before lunchtime!

Thank you Alabama Splash Adventure for giving us free run of your park! Rampage is definitely good enough to warrant every minute of that 3.5hr ERT!

Hard to believe this great ride was closed for over three years. Thank you Koch Family for saving and preserving Rampage!

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