Red White and Brews at California’s Great America

Byron: Last weekend we were able to experience the all new Red White and Brews event at California’s Great America. Located in Hometown Square, Red White and Brews offers a variety of beer, food, and wine offerings as well other games, attractions and entertainment to keep those of all ages entertained. Below we’ll break down what it has to offer specifically as well as made us like this event so much.

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And here are the wine offerings. Essentially, you can either buy a tasting card for the beer or wine for six small drinks for 25 dollars, or you can buy your drinks individually.

Here’ a look at one of the many beer booths in the area. 

Here are some of the food offerings. For these items you need to buy a tasting card, 25 dollars for all six, but trust us its worth it.

Our very favorite was the corn on the cob, the complexity of the flavors and the tangy aftertaste on this sweet juicy corn was definitely a win.

Another favorite of ours were the bacon wrapped chicken hearts. They were exactly as meaty and delicious as they sound.  It’s not the most nuanced of flavors, just a bold tasty treat.

The chicken wings were also quite good,  not at all spicy, more of a barbecued smoky feel.

The pork bun, was good, but not great. Still worth eating, juts not quite in the top tier of their offerings.

The tombstone slider was very good. With two savory layers of shredded chicken and pork, what could go wrong. The addition of pineapple wasn’t my favorite, but on the whole, still very good.

The apple pie, which we chose over the short cake, was fine. Not great, just fine. Still, apple pie is apple pie, and what would an American themed event be without it.

There were two options for the live music, the dueling pianos in the gazebo, who were very talented, and the various live shows by local bands up on the stage.

There was also a woman making balloon animals and keeping the children entertained as their parents were enjoying the beer and wine.

Also for the kids, were a variety of games, like giant checker, giant tick tac toe, giant connect four, and more. 

And last but not least was the San Jose Brew bike, a bike were you sit down at a bar, pedal around and drink your beer. It was very popular and it’s easy to see why, what a fun idea.

Thank you for checking out this California’s Great America Red White and Brews report! Check out last year’s food festival “Taste of Orleans”, here! Stay tuned for lots more NorCal and SoCal coverage in the next few weeks!

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  1. The event was great! I was very happy to see a great turn out, and lots of good local beers. The Alameda Island Brewing beers were hands down the best at the fest!

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