???????????? ????? ? ?????? (Roller Coaster in Russia)

Alexander: ??????!

(that means “hello” in Russian)

Welcome to my 24-hour whirlwind tour of Moscow!

Here at Cabin Crew Coaster Kings, we often find ourselves unlikely and interesting places. Sometimes, completely out of the blue, we end up somewhere truly amazing. 

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As luck would have it, my work brought me to the land where the roller coaster first began! While modern roller coasters are a far cry from the original Russian ice slides, we have them to thank for the concept at large.

Our day in Moscow barely scratches the surface of this sensational destination, but we made time to feature amusements of the sight-seeing variety as well as the roller coaster variety.

Without further ado, let’s hit the ????? and see what we can find!

Something Moscow is famous for is their myriad of ornate metro stations. These are just a few; dozens of stations around the city center sport beautiful details such as chandeliers, statues, and stenciled ceilings.

Our first mission brought us up close to this amazing monument to the Russian Space Program.

“V.D.N.Ha”, also known as the All-Russia Exhibition Center is a large park that plays host to several monuments.

Here we have the Propylaea, which was receiving some TLC on this visit.

As was the Central Pavilion.

There was an amusement park here, but upon arrival I found no trace of it left; just lots of construction on the former plot. As of 2014 the place was supposedly still open, but clearly that’s not the case!

Disappointed, I returned to the metro to take my efforts elsewhere. On the way, I perused the countless venders around V.D.N.Ha. Clothes, carnival games, souvenirs, ice cream, live animals – you name it.

After a few more train rides I found myself at the edge of Izmailovsky Park, which is one of Moscow’s largest parks. (Also I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I paid the equivalent of 75¢ to use one of port-o-potties shown here)

For the most part, it’s a park in the traditional sense. It does (in theory) feature a small park that (hopefuly) still operates a Schwarzkopf City Jet! Let’s see if we get lucky!

Well! The park actually still exists. So far, so good!

The small amusement park within Izmailovski, called “Attrapark”, features a nice collection of well-preserved, carnival-style rides.

What’s that I see???

The legends are true!

Success! I have found a roller coaster in Moscow!

A rare and forceful City Jet, no less!

As you can see, Frozen is quite the crowd-pleaser.

I’m definitely a fan. It’s the smallest of the Jet Star line of coasters, but it packs a punch just like its larger siblings.

Frozen leads a humble existence at Attrapark. Today the operation of a single, 6-passenger vehicle was sufficient for the crowds.

No loose article policy on Frozen means SEFLIE TIME!

Frozen is the star attraction at Attrapark, but there’s other gems here too!

There’s a great spook house dark ride here.

The ride is full of wonderfully cheesy gags and lots of detail. The people here clearly care about this old ghost train for it to be in such good shape. The cars remind me a lot of the faces on the old Schwarzkopf / Mack Octopus rides.

About half of the Attrapark is devoted to diversions for young children.

There’s also a nice handful of larger funfair mainstays (and at least one major IP infringement).

Inside an old clubhouse-looking building is a classic video arcade. Lots of old relics from the 80s and early 90s here.

This is a very Russian picture — three friends taking turns playing a boxing simulation video game and holding a pooch.

Situated behind Attrapark is the rest of Izmailovski park. It’s a huge place with a few different scenic environs.

There are paved walkways and winding trails all through the copse encompassed by Izmailovski.

In one direction we can see Frozen peeking through the trees.

In the opposite direction, trees continue as far as the eye can see.

I circumnavigated Attrapark by walking around its surrounding foliage.

Back to the front of the park! Here’s some of the stuff you see when you first walk in; I made a B-line for Frozen the first time through, so this time I stopped for a closer look.

One of the taller attractions at Attrapark is their burlap sack slide.

Hahah. Just saying that aloud to myself sounds funny.


This great-looking Mack Calypso calls to me! The 3 minute ride cycle had me hesitant, however.

Both the Calypso and the Wave Swinger here have amazing color schemes. I’ve never seen a Wave Swinger that looks like this before, and I’ve never seen a Calypso with all its original decorations still intact!

1960’s flatride selfie!

Had to go back for more Frozen. At 200 Rubles a ride (about $4.25), it’s a great deal for a great ride.

The workers here are relaxed but they seem to take pride in their work. I liked the vibe I got from the ride ops and ticket attendants.

They’ve got 4 cars total — originally ran as two, two-car trains, but now just as individual vehicles.

Frozen has been located in no less than 3 amusement parks in the greater Moscow area in just the last 5 years alone; one was actually the park that’s now demolished.  Pleased to see it’s survived!

The outdated park map shows off the Pinfari looper that ran both here and at the now demolished park. It’s not clear what has become of the coaster. 

Time to head back into town!

Here’s the Metro map if you’re interested. :}

Another nice metro station!

They’re basically little museums.

With my coaster credit secured, it was finally time to go to Red Square like a normal person.

Right outside the metro there’s this beautiful market.

Lots of things to see! People in period apparel playing board games! Delicious food! A random guy!

Here’s a fancy government building.

Here’s another one.



Ok but first: gift shopping!


I don’t know why, but the Putin shrine cracked me up.

Behold! Red Square!

Also: a hydrangea shaped like a heart <3

Ahhh! One of the greatest architectural delights in the world! St. Basil’s Cathedral.

I might’ve gone inside, but it was tours only.


Behold! “Gum” Department Store!

Inside there are opulent corridors full of trees, fountains, and lots of shopping!

I can’t say I’ve ever been to a shopping mall more ornate than this!

Had some of the best ice cream of my life. Chocolate and Mango!

Back outside, the lighting was great for more building pictures!

I’m sure some of you out there can identify these buildings; I sure can’t. ;}

The sun has started to set (although this time of year it doesn’t seem to ever set completely), which means Gum is all lit up!

Back to the gift shop for a few things!

Unfortunately these incredible Faberge eggs were out of my price range!

Walking back to the hotel I got a lucky shot of this statue with a bird photobomb!

I went to bed at about 9pm and woke up at around 3:45am. I decided I wanted to make one last visit to St. Basil’s before going home!

It doesn’t look like it, but this is what St. Basil’s looks like at 5am in the summertime!

I went around the backside so I could get a good look at all of the different onions.

I loved being there so early in the morning; I had the cathedral all to myself.

Bye bye, Moscow! You were a layover I won’t soon forget!

Tune in next time for the first installment of a slightly more rollercoaster-centric trip report: CCCK’s first ACE Coaster Con!

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