Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 9th 2015

20150609_161359 (Large)It feels like Florida in Valencia today, it’s very humid and rainy. Nonetheless, I felt like it was time for another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. In this update, we’ll be discussing some ride operations, ride refurbishments, and a bunch more things around the park! 

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start this update with the updated directories around the park! The GearWorks Theatre and Twisted Colossus have been added to the signs. Funny enough, this one here only has the GearWorks Theatre on it. 20150609_161442 (Large)The next one, closer to the new Screampunk District though, has all three attractions on it. Scream!, Twisted Colossus, and the GW Theatre. 20150609_161523 (Large) Other than that, most other directories only point out Scream! and Twisted Colossus. 20150609_161301 (Large) 20150609_164202 (Large)

Lex Luthor’s Game Factory has received a slight bit of a steam-punk upgrade. The actual game is gone, only some simple machine games have been put in place. Which makes sense, since there was hardly anyone ever playing the actual game there. 20150604_170425 (Large) Over at the GewarWorks Theatre, the original Thursday-Monday showings of Kwerk are already not working out. I came to see the show again last Thursday, and apparently they weren’t showing, now it appears to be returning tomorrow after being closed yesterday as well. I have no clue if the Thursday-Monday running of the show will actually happen. We’ll have to see. Nonetheless, the show’s incredible, and if it’s playing I advise you check it out. 20150609_161616 (Large) Staying in the area, I’ve seen a lot of racing on Twisted Colossus. It’s a miracle, but Magic is actually running three trains most of the time. The lines therefore stay under an hour on weekdays. On weekends, and in the morning, the lines are longer of course.20150609_161806 (Large) Even Scream! had a bit of a line, I’d say 25 minutes. Not bad Scream!, not bad. 20150609_161835 (Large) After the success of our Screampunk SCREAM! article this weekend. I figured I forgot to mention that there’s one big disappointment… The fences… they never replaced the blue screens on them, and the wholes in them look horrible. 20150609_161910 (Large) Yeah, they should’ve replaced this… 20150609_161919 (Large) BUT! you can now admire the ride from a unique angle. 😀 20150609_162129 (Large)

Let’s move to the Waterfront, where the huge pool has been drained again, this time leaving some cool red color on the bottom. Really though Magic Mountain, add a flat ride or two in here, you need it 😛 20150609_164405 (Large) One of the few times I’ve seen the Glass Shop closed in Cyclone Bay. 20150609_164654 (Large)

Maintenance was working hard on getting Swashbuckler ready to roll. It closed more than a year ago, has been repainted, received new parts, and pretty much is brand new after new chains were installed too, and hopefully opens up again very soon. Especially considering that the huge attraction across the midway is closed as well. 20150609_161416 (Large) That huge attraction is huge in popularity, and size. Goliath remains closed, the new chain has been shipped to the park, once the chain is installed, we’ll let you know. Expect Goliath to be back open towards the end of June. 20150609_161359 (Large)

It wouldn’t be Magic Mountain if the park ran most rides with two train before summer, and now summer has pretty much started rides are (still) down to one train operations. For a ride like Riddler’s Revenge, it’s sad, since it opened with three trains, yet is down to one. 20150609_164336 (Large) Apocalypse has been down to one train since February, sadly the lines are thus crazy. The ride is also getting very rough, unlike it’s older brother Roar at the NorCal Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I’ve heard though, that Apocalypse is receiving a very extensive refurbishment in November, will investigate whether or not that’s the case. 20150609_164811 (Large) On top of the hill, we find ourselves in one-train paradise. The Ninja lines shows you what one-train operations do on a relatively empty day. Now, understand that this Spring Ninja operated two trains, but ever since the incident last summer, it had been running the same train, and thus that one is undergoing a refurbishment right now. 20150609_170221 (Large) On my way to Superman: Escape from Krypton, I realized how badly this are needs a refurbishment and some flat rides. They can DEFINITELY fit a few. Nonetheless, I love how there’s still all this green and retro-magic mountain feel to it. 😀  20150609_170245 (Large) I’ve been hearing that Tatsu might be running three trains this summer, but I was told the same in 2013 and 2014, so I’m not expecting too much. The third train has returned from maintenance, and is stored in the building here. New seats and covers are located below the storage tracks/building. So again, a possibility for three train operations. 20150609_170324 (Large)

Love this inversion on Full Throttle, it isn’t intense, but just pretty unique for rides in the state. Just felt like sharing that with you. 😀20150609_170514 (Large) The Superman shield can use a bit of a repaint again, nonetheless it still looks very bright and has seen way worse days. 20150609_170527 (Large) Superman Escape from Krypton is still running one side, though the other side recently was opened some days too. Hopefully we’ll see both sides operating together soon. Otherwise there’s no way I’d get in a line this long. 20150609_170533 (Large)

Oh, if you saw this one guy just looking at Twisted Colossus for a pretty long time, yeah that was me. Don’t know why, but I really enjoy seeing it race. It’s a spectacular addition! Make sure to come out to Six Flags Magic Mountain soon and ride it! (Here’s our Twisted Colossus Ride Review). 20150609_172544 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! I wanted to do some more Hurricane Harbor coverage, but with the weather today, I decided to wait ’til the near future for that! Make sure to check out the following recent coverage!

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 9th 2015”

  1. I rode twisted colossus in the morning, and personally I thought the operations were horrid. It barely raced at all while I was in line and multiple times, I unfortunately saw the stacking of 3 trains. They need to be more consistent with their good operations, which I’ve heard they’ve been doing, but overall, twisted colossus was a great ride, I was just upset to barely see it race at all on my first time riding it.

  2. Yeah I was there on Monday and the only ride not running one train only was the green lantern. Even twisted colossus was running one train! It made all of the lines completely bonkers. Worst six flags experience by far! Thats including back when they had gang issues too.

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