Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – June 6th 2015

20150606_112031 (Large)Summer has softly begun at NorCal’s Six Flags. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom just opened Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, and opened a brand new show! In this update we’ll be taking  a look around the park, quite some interesting things going on. From re-theming of rides, to zoo changes, to new restaurants. 

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First off, when I arrived, I was slightly ticked off by the protesters outside of the park. They had all sorts of signs, that were of course telling people not to enter the park, because of animal abuse, imprisonment, etc. But really, they’re playing a game, which is why I got frustrated. As you may know, (Premier Parks) Six Flags, didn’t get involved with the park ’til the late ’90’s. YET, the protesters hold up signs that Six Flags killed ‘2 Orcas and 12 Dolphins’… Six Flags wasn’t involved with Marine World Africa USA’s Orcas, and the one they had from 2003-2012 is still alive and well at SeaWorld San Diego. It’s just an example, that the changes Six Flags has made for the well-being of the animals are totally neglected, and those standing outside the gates will not get tickets to see what ACTUALLY goes on inside the gates. We’re honestly huge animal fans, and therefore have taken a critical look at the park’s animals before, and over the years Six Flags has proven again and again that the well-fare of the animals is in their highest interest. All rescues, and the captive-born animals, they don’t care to mention those. — Really readers, if you pass by these protesters, and are about to change your mind, be aware that their signs are not in any way a good representation of the actual situations inside the park. 20150606_102448 (Large) Now, done with my tiny rant. Here are the new buses the park received. Like their SoCal sister park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, the park will be transporting guests from their parking lot to the front gates by bus soon. For now though, the trams are still being used to do so. 20150606_102513 (Large) 20150606_102529 (Large)

Inside the park, they’re doing what I wish Six Flags Magic Mountain would do… they added a large amount of new, high quality, benches all over the park. 20150606_112014 (Large)

Something that is chain wide, and is very saddening… The Six Flags chain has lost their minds apparently. They decreased the ‘regular’ cup sizes. And it’s seriously pathetic. It’s chain-wide and just simply sad. They charge guests a whopping $4.49 (ex. tax) for this small cup of fountain refreshments. I’m disappointed. 20150606_140030 (Large)

YESSSS! BABY SEALS! Over at the Seal Cove, close to the Sea Lion Stadium and Roar Plaza, 2 new baby Seals are to be admired by guests. They were having a little photo shoot across the pool, so it’s hard to see. But those tiny little puffy seals in front of the trainers are quite adorable. Go check them out next time you’re at the park! 20150606_154742 (Large) Next door, at the Stingray Bay, the attraction was closed. With a net over the pool. The Stingrays though, were still in the pool. Not sure what exactly the reason is, may be cleaning of the pool, medical reasons, etc. 20150606_154713 (Large)

Let’s continue the animal thing, now we’re at it. The Cougar Island exhibit seemed empty. But after asking the park, it turned out Cougar Isa hid behind foliage on the rocks. Normally there are more Cougars out there, but they seemed to enjoy the shade away from guests. 😀20150606_144515 (Large) 20150606_144443 (Large)

Across from the Cougar Island, there’s some sort of artsy tree with ropes, I assume some sort of birds will be showcased here with their trainers, since the bird theater is currently home to a different ‘attraction’. 20150606_144431 (Large)

The wolf exhibit has reopened. The Arctic Wolf and Black Wolf were relaxing around their habitat, which was under construction for a while. They seem to have more room now. 20150606_144416 (Large) My favorite Arctic Wolf in the world! 😛 (I’ve seen like 2 or 3 other ones). 20150606_144350 (Large)

Look it’s the frog ride! But really, behind the frog ride, the transformation of the old Wild Life Theater into the new Discovery Theater, continues! I had some more cool pics, from more angles but then… A nearby security guard stared at me for a little bit. I had no clue what was going on, I didn’t think much of it. I make my way around the zoo, which I love to do at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and at every habitat I pass, the security guard moves to the same exhibit. Now, I just thought she was walking around in the same direction as I did. But apparently, there was a reason she was following me around awkwardly. I walked to White Water Rapids, which after a bathroom visit and another close look at the park’s alligators, was about 10 minutes after I left the zoo-section. I was in the process of getting a locker to store my items, as all the sudden I’m surrounded by four security guards. Yes, four that is. Now, yes I’m a big guy, but I felt incredibly uncomfortable. As they stand their ready to prepare for my attack, they ask me if I happened to be in the zoo section earlier, well yes… ask the guard next to you, I’m sure she remembers me, she followed me around for quite a bit. Anyways, I politely answer yes, as the entire line and guest crowd looks at me. I’m 6 foot 5, and I easily looked over the construction wall at the Discover Theater, not in any way was the wall disturbing my view of it. And not in a anyway did I want to disregard the park’s wishes. I was forced to show them my phone and photo-library on it, and delete my images. While four guards stared me down, people around me laughed, and I had no clue what exactly was going on. I deleted the images, and apparently this image of the frog was the only one I was allowed to keep. I truly understand that (with police around the park, at the animal demonstrations and surrounding the protesters outside,) the park is really vulnerable and they try have their security top notch. (But this security guard was right there, and could’ve approached me, I was willing to take the pics off my phone instantly if the park wished me to do so. But instead I am confronted by four, including the same one following me around, at a later time. I was overwhelmed really. I think, personally, that they could’ve approached me differently). The funniest thing, who’s there to control lines… where’s security when tons of guests cut the lines right in front of me? That’s against ‘park policy’ as well. 20150606_143830 (Large) Another theater that has been transformed, the Bird Theater is now the Adventure Theatre, where they host a very cool new shows called… ‘DIVE!’. It’s a diving demonstration. 20150606_115217 (Large) 20150606_121804 (Large) It was a total surprise that the show was as long and detailed as it was. Complete with a host, a history lesson, a fashion lesson, synchronized diving, a fire dive, high dives, a comedian, and a lot more. The show was well over 20 minutes, and very fun to see!  20150606_123119 (Large) 20150606_125438 (Large) More show news, before Drench! starts at the Toyota Stadium, the park has a little pre-show showcase now. Cupid, a rescue dolphin with epilepsy, is presented to the audience. First, on the screen in the stadium, a video of Cupid’s rescue and rehabilitation is shown, after which Cupid swims out alone and trainers run out on stage to the slide out to hug it, wave, clap, etc. I think it’s a cool touch. It shows that Discovery Kingdom isn’t just for entertainment, but also education, and the well-being of the dolphins. (Cupid was stranded along the Texan coast, just one year old, as Cupid was taken care off, it became apparent he had epilepsy, after which the government and zoologists declared he wasn’t fit enough to be released in the wild. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has been taking care of Cupid ever since). 20150606_131733 (Large)

Not about a dolphin show, still related to getting Drenched… 😛 Monsoon Falls’ boats have been refurbished and repainted red. Looks fresh, and very nice! (Don’t have a picture… My bad) Other than that… Tsunami Soaker’s line has received shade!20150606_155404 (Large) And the ride received a lot of theming. It’s been open for a year now, and the park added new theming to the ride. I REALLY Like that. The nets and additional poles make it even more challenging to really see where you’re aiming and who you’re battling. Very nice touch! 20150606_155321 (Large) 20150606_155328 (Large)

I didn’t mention it yet, it was wonderful weather at the park.  A sunny day, not too hot, with an occasional NorCal breeze. 20150606_112031 (Large) Let’s take a look at Oasis Plaza, where Kong’s running very smoothly, but is down to one train operations. Luckily it really wasn’t busy at the park, so lines were still minimal. In addition, I want to share that I had a couple of very smooth rides on Kong. Multiple spots in the train, and it was a bare bit of shaking, that’s all. Not nearly as bad as a few other rides in the state, and people really need to act less spoiled in California 😛 Kong is shaky, but not as incredibly bad as they make it seem. (And I’ve been saying this forever, still will). The second train is dismantled below the station and the actual chassis is undergoing a refurbishment, it should be operational again soon. 20150606_112034 (Large) Speaking of Kong, from Kong’s station you’ve got a great view of the new ride, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster. Which is operating wonderfully. The line’s still a bit bare, but I expect shade to come soon. I love how the ride isn’t pre-programmed, the operator has a nozzle to control the ride. Early in the morning, we slowly inverted for some crazy hang-time. At night, our operator felt like playing a different game, she literally just hung us upside down with no movement, it was just awesome. You don’t know what to expect. I know people like to complain about these sort of additions, but we think it’s wonderful. 20150606_112108 (Large)

Across from the new ride, guests will find a refurbished restaurant, that has finally opened. The Dare Devil Grill has an outside grill.20150606_103252 (Large)  The ride also has a wonderful light package, as we wrote about before. Cool alternating patterns and colors, make it stand out some more at night. Together with Sky Screamer, these two rides really add some great night time ‘scenery’ to the area, as both have great light packages. 20150606_192407 (Large) This water-gun aim-game (yup totally forgot the name), has been relocated closer to Medusa, it used to be in the middle of the Oasis Plaza, but with the addition of Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, it has been moved back a tiny bit! 20150606_103327 (Large)

Now we all know Apocalypse at Six Flags Magic Mountain has gotten very rough lately, but Roar is running incredible lately. Very smooth compared to how it ran before. And that has been the case for the past few months, great job Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! We’ll talk some more about Roar in the near future, it’s also featured in the yet-to-be-released Top 30 of California!20140620_191728 (Large)

One last dramatic look at the unique V2: Vertical Velocity, Roar, Cobra, and Medusa before I’m finished! Make sure to visit the park soon guys, the lines are often short, and their line-up of rides (including amazing flat rides) is quite incredible! 20150606_192342 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update. We’re committed to becoming a better Six Flags Discovery Kingdom source, therefore we ask you to stay tuned and check back, as we’re increasing our frequency and extent of coverage. Please leave a comment below! 

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