The New Revolution Officially Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

DSCN2981 (Large)The New Revolution has officially opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and of course California Coaster Kings was there for the wonderful moment! The official opening included an opening ceremony launching the newly made over ride, with music, special guests, and of course pyro. Here’s a quick look at today’s event!

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Let’s start off with recognizing these very special guests, the JROTC from the local Valencia High School! They got to ride the New Revolution as it was running around the track for the official opening launch of the newly made-over coaster. DSCN2982 (Large) But before the official ceremony, the park had to test The New Revolution a few times of course, to make sure guests could get on ride, right after it officially opened. DSCN2981 (Large) Oh look, it’s Tatsu. Hi Tatsu.DSCN2983 (Large) And then at exactly 11AM it was time for the ceremony to start! As Park President Bonnie started off the ceremony!DSCN2984 (Large) Of course everyone was reminded of the great additions the park has received of the past years, from Green Lantern (not that great) to Superman Escape From Krypton, Lex Luthor, Full Throttle, Twisted Colossus (of course) and the kiddie coasters!DSCN2985 (Large) She then welcomed the Santa Clarita mayor and mayor pro tem to the stage. DSCN2989 (Large) It was great hearing how the ever-growing city of Santa Clarita has lots of its success thanks to the world-class theme park in town. DSCN2990 (Large) DSCN2995 (Large) DSCN2998 (Large)But enough of the talk, it was time to cut that ribbon and launch the ride!20160421_111214 (Large) (Medium) 20160421_111417 (Large) (Medium) DSCN3005 (Large) Thanks for Ricky Rocks and his awesome drum skills, it was great seeing him play as the train was officially launched! DSCN3010 (Large) And here are some of the members of the Six Flags Magic Mountain management that make all these wonderful projects and new rides come to live and really have brought back Magic Mountain to better times!DSCN3011 (Large) Let’s ride! The entrance to the ride was accompanied by balloons.DSCN3013 (Large) The line seemed quite long, instantly. But luckily this was due to the pyro being cleared out before they could let people board. Note that the ropes for the line are red, white, and blue! A nice touch! – The operations seemed great actually. Even with VR there was hardly any stacking of trains. Of course there’s the occasional VR headset adjustment issue, but in general they were dispatching at a wonderful rate. Let’s hope they can keep that up!DSCN3014 (Large) Of course I had to ride, and after having ridden it with VR many times I decided to check out the new white train and ride it in front row. Without the VR. 20160421_113210 (Large) (Medium)The ride is incredibly smooth, and I do prefer the white train. Below there’s me an Gregg from Park Journey riding in front row on the first official train of The New Revolution! Thank to Six Flags Magic Mountain PR for capturing the moment!2016 The New Revolution Grand Opening 286I advise everyone to go check out The New Revolution. Whether you ride it with VR or not! Check out our full ride review and media day report (which was at an earlier time)!TNR Banner001 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this quick report! We’ll be at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today for an exclusive backstage look at The Joker! So stay tuned for that awesomeness!

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