Knott’s Berry Farm Update – April 17th 2016

20160417_105214 (Large)With spring in full swing here in Buena Park, I figured it’d be a great time to swing by Knott’s Berry Farm! Luckily I was able to beat some of the crowds this morning, because by noon, most of the signature attractions had wait times of at least an hour! There are definitely some interesting changes around the Farm this week, so let’s check them out in the park update below!

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20160417_114142 (Large)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, perfect for coasters! Before heading inside, I went over to see how construction at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant was going.20160417_110322 (Large)

As most of you may know, Mrs. Knott’s will be re-opening this week after a lengthy refurbishment. This included a complete overhaul of both the interior and exterior of the restaurant, and as you can see, it turned out great!20160417_110041 (Large)

The new outdoor seating looks wonderful, and should look even better at night with the string lights overhead.20160417_110106 (Large) 20160417_110147 (Large)

Moving on to the inside, it appears as though they’ve retained the country theme of the restaurant perfectly! I’m excited to check it out for myself in the coming weeks.20160417_110243 (Large)

Now let’s take a look inside the park. Immediately after entering, you’ll notice that there are no longer any signs of the Boysenberry Festival. Any and all boysenberry theming has been completely removed.20160417_094903 (Large)

Heading over towards GhostRider, we can see that the new site for the gold panning attraction has officially opened! It didn’t seem to get much traffic this morning, but I’m sure that’ll change, especially with the warmer weather coming.20160417_095320 (Large)

All things considered, the attraction seems to fit in perfectly with GhostRider’s queue line.20160417_095341 (Large)

Speaking of GhostRider, let’s check out the construction progress! Word on the street says that the trains should be arriving any day now! From the hotel, you can really see the new track in all of its glory.20160417_113157 (Large)

Getting a bit closer up, there are still a few visible sections of track waiting for their rails.20160417_110639 (Large)

I’m always amazed at how shallow the angle of GhostRider’s drop is. Somehow it still manages to pack quite a punch!20160417_110948 (Large)

While I was in the Ghost Town, I went to see if any changes had been made to the GhostRider queue. The new railings outside are certainly nice, but from what I can tell, few if any changes have been made to the interior.20160417_095107 (Large)20160417_095210 (Large)

It’s also worth noting that Wagon Wheel Pizza is still empty, seemingly untouched since GhostRider closed.20160417_111829 (Large)

Additionally, The Barn remains closed, as it’s being transformed into a live barn with real livestock! An awesome experience, totally suiting Knott’s Berry Farm’s unique Ghost Town.20160417_100146 (Large)

On a lighter note, a new building sprouted up since the last time I was here, though I’m not sure what exactly it will be. I’m sure it’s related to the Ghost Town Alive project, though.20160417_100111 (Large)

I was also able to stop by the old panning for gold site, where not much seems to have happened, aside from new railings being placed.20160417_100253 (Large)

Pony Express is still running one train, without any signs of the second one returning anytime soon.20160417_100927 (Large)

However, the cable launch mechanism has been covered again.20160417_100512 (Large)

Freshly painted red brakes have also been added to the launch:20160417_100642 (Large)

Moving further into the park, I was greeted with an excellent surprise!20160417_105112 (Large)20160417_105137 (Large) 20160417_105214 (Large)

While it’s hard to tell whether this is just primer or a full coat of paint, it’d sure be interesting to see Jaguar return to the old color scheme. I’m personally not a fan of the blue and orange combination. Additionally, it’s fair to say that most of the ride hasn’t received any paint yet, seen here:20160417_105236 (Large)

While I was checking this out, I noticed something else that was a bit interesting, Windseeker was open. I don’t mean the ride was open of course, but all the gates, doors, everything. Had I not known any better, I could have walked right through the queue! Even the gate to enter the ride envelope was wide open.20160417_104739 (Large)

Xcelerator was also running one train, with the second being fully disassembled:20160417_102447 (Large)

The purple train still looks great, though!20160417_102305 (Large)

Speaking of rides only running one train, Silver Bullet is back down to single-train operation after only a few weeks of running with two trains.20160417_104052 (Large)20160417_105749 (Large)

The Wagon Camp Theater is also coming along nicely, making excellent progress on the facades. It seems interesting that none of the seating has been modified, though.20160417_100000 (Large) 20160417_095952 (Large)

The Calico Stage is also coming along, but is still little more than a concrete foundation at this point. However, the dressing room facades associated with it look like they’re just about ready for paint!20160417_100404 (Large) 20160417_100352 (Large)20160417_101628 (Large)

Continuing my lap around the park, not much has happened with the former site of Riptide, either. Lots of markers, though! What do you guys think will pop up here?20160417_101721 (Large)

One of the game booths by the Timber Mountain Log Ride was also surrounded by construction walls. There didn’t seem to be any signs of demolition, though. Perhaps just a refurbishment.20160417_103530 (Large)

Last but not least, Wave Swinger has reopened after a short refurbishment, and it’s looking great!20160417_104919 (Large)

Thank you very much for checking out this awesome new Knott’s Berry Farm Update! While some parks are almost (or entirely) done with construction for 2016 projects, Knott’s Berry Farm’s construction is still in fulls swing!

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  1. Great update! It’s always nice to see Knotts get some coverage. Hopefully you can guys keep up the good work!

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