The Joker Construction Update #10

DSC_0320 (Large)We’re in the home stretch ladies in gentlemen, we really are. The Joker’s construction process has been accelerated dramatically, and there are only one or two elements left to install on the entire ride. As the physical construction becomes closer and closer to being finished, it’s hard not to begin anticipating what is sure to be one of the best in our lovely state, The Joker.

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

First off, all of the track is on the site, 100 percent of it. The pieces that have yet to be installed are in the same spot in the parking lot.DSC_0280 (Large)

We say this every time, but boy from the parking lot it’s hard to tell this beauty isn’t open yet.DSC_0284 (Large)

Nearing the park, the drop is a welcome but familiar sight. That 78 degree angle of descent in addition to the lateral banking, sure to be a good start.DSC_0286 (Large)

The lift chain has finally been installed, as seen if you look closely in this photo.DSC_0287 (Large)

The Step Up Under Flip is looking as insane as ever. We’re still very curious to see how this actually feels, it’s sure to offer some unique forces.DSC_0304 (Large)

The long-since-completed breaking wave turn is more impressive the more angles we can find of it. DSC_0305 (Large) DSC_0289 (Large)

The Zero-G-Stall and following Over-banked Turn will be a great progression. One entirely inverts you whilst you float, the other punishes you back into your seat in a sweeping motion.DSC_0332 (Large)

Moving over to the station area. The ring toss game has been removed and the building has been expanded on. From the looks of it, it will be extra queue space. Seeing as it looks to be enclosed, some theming would be great.IMG_1072

Many of the plywood panels near the entrance are being replaced, possibly to be painted.IMG_1073

The brake run has had all of the necessary electrical work done, and looks mechanically ready to go.DSC_0310 (Large)

Speaking of the brake run, well would you look at that. There’s a train sitting on it.DSC_0314 (Large)

Here’s a better look at the detailing on the side of the cars, complete with “Ha, Ha, Ha”s and purple hair.DSC_0311 (Large)

Unfortunately the front car doesn’t have its cover on it, so hopefully they will reveal that next week during the construction tour.DSC_0326 (Large)

As long as we’re at the brake run we’ll work backwards. The ascent into the break run has been installed which should provide one last pop of air.DSC_0333 (Large)

As far as airtime goes, the hill leading up to the brake run has been installed also. This element included, the only purpose straight track features in this layout is to invert you, or eject you into the restraint.DSC_0317 (Large)DSC_0312 (Large)

Between this hill and the about half way through the over banked turn following the Asian Camel Back is the gap of track. This leaves only the Zero G Roll, and last over banked sweeping turn to be placed. As long as we mentioned the Asian Camel Back, boy oh boy is it something. This unique element is going to have no intention of leaving you in your seat.DSC_0313 (Large)

The elevation difference between the two hills is pretty significant, and both the angle of ascent and descent going into and out of the element are much steeper than you would think.DSC_0294 (Large)

As mentioned, after the Asian Camel Back, the over banked turn/dive is about halfway complete, which you can see here if you look closely.DSC_0320 (Large)

The structure for the Zero G Roll, the last remaining major element has been partially completed and some steel cross beams have been placed.DSC_0308 (Large)

That’s pretty much it for this update. We will be back next week for the backstage Joker construction tour, so make sure to look out for that coverage. Thank you so much for checking this out, we really appreciate it.

Check out the following new update(s) from this weekend (more to be added!):

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10 Replies to “The Joker Construction Update #10”

  1. Honestly a little disappointed with the train… It looks nothing like the animation and honestly looks a little plain and cheap… Can’t wait to see how the front looks though. The queue looks like it’ll be pretty nice though, can’t wait to see it fully painted and decorated

  2. When is the opening date for the Joker? I’m so excited that there will finally be another roller coaster (besides medusa) that will have crazy elements!

  3. I really wish I could make it this Friday. I haven’t even seen the track before or anything related. In fact, last time I rode Roar, I didn’t even know it was going to be my last! I feel like this gonna be one of the best coasters ever and I really wish I could be there. I hope there will be a good coverage this Friday 🙁

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