Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 17th 2016

20160417_115530 (Large)Never a dull moment in California, our 3rd update this weekend is from Six Flags Magic Mountain! Where 2017 construction has begun, Jet Stream has reopened, Grad Nite preparation is in full swing, there are some more New Revolution changes, and landscaping changes! Let’s enjoy this wonderful weather and dive right into today’s new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start with the fact that Jet Stream has reopened for the Season!20160417_120617 (Large) Though I am slightly saddened that none of the boats have received some new paint after baking in the sun for a couple of season. They are all sun bleached and it looks badly maintained. 20160417_120747 (Large) The Full Throttle Nights stage is currently being put together again, which is also due to Grad Nite coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain again soon! 20160417_125850 (Large) The large stage/ dance area in front of DC Universe is also returning again this year! 20160417_125415 (Large) And the smaller stage in the Movie District. 20160417_124237 (Large) Speaking of which… there are fences surrounding the pathways around the old Action Theater in the Movie District, though not much has changed behind these fences.20160417_124210 (Large) 20160417_124254 (Large) 20160417_124155 (Large) Oh look, I timed that nicely with the Riddler’s Revenge train flying by. 🙂 20160417_124317 (Large) As we discussed in last week’s update the Action Theater has several markings around it, and further clearing of the space has continued inside. I’m curious when we’ll see more construction!20160417_120637 (Large) Going up the hill to Samurai Summit, or heading the down the hill from Samurai Summit, you may notice that the park removed several trees, creating a wide open gap in the vegetation. 20160417_120311 (Large) 20160417_120329 (Large) But dang, you get views from Ninja, Apocalypse, and Jet Stream that you’ve never seen before! 20160417_120336 (Large) Moving on to The New Revolution, the light package is fully working (as we mentioned last week), and here (right before the double base of the loop starts) you may see the sensor that triggers the light effect. 20160417_115411 (Large) Here’s a shot from Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Instagram, be aware that the lights follow the train, and the entire loop isn’t lit up ’til the train reaches the end of the loop. Other than that the LEDs change from blue to red to white while the train is not near the loop.TNR Tracer Lights SFMM IG SC 001And then of course the white train is running now! And we’ve all seen the storage track and station shots, so let’s take a look at the white The New Revolution train in action! 20160417_115503 (Large) 20160417_121341 (Large) I must say I really like the way both trains look! The white looks very good on the white track. Sadly there are only 2 trains, as confirmed in March, and thus we won’t see a blue train to finish off the blue-white-red colors of the ride. Luckily the supports are blue already. 😉20160417_115530 (Large)I also noticed that the stars on the fences around the ride have been repainted blue and red. Looking very nice!20160417_123341 (Large) Last but not least, the three new body slides that are coming to Hurricane Harbor are currently stored next to Twisted Colossus. Funny enough, the colors match Twisted Colossus’ colors. 🙂20160417_114114 (Large)

Thank you so much for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We will be back next week for the official opening of the ride, after which we’ll be at the backstage Joker construction tour on Friday, so make sure to look out for that coverage.

Check out the following new update(s) from this weekend (more to be added!):

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