Universal Studios Hollywood Update – April 15th 2016

20160415_173104 (Large)Now the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has officially opened, and I had a free day, of course I made my way out to Universal Studios Hollywood again, as for some reason I simply can not get enough of Forbidden Journey. And I’m sure some of you know exactly why, and how awesome that ride is… In addition, I took some pictures around the park to create a quick park update, which is found below!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to californiacoasterkings.com. Thank you!

Let’s start of at the front of the park, where the original Universal Studio Store’s windows are now entirely covered up, there’s quite some work going on inside as well. Perhaps this is part of the new Walking Dead attraction, or perhaps a new section of the gift-store… or dare we say a combination of the both, an exit-gift-store for the Walking Dead?20160415_131644 (Large)Here’s the back side of that building, you can easily see how huge this attraction will be, which is a walk-through maze, as the building elevates above the facades, so we can definitely expect a 2-floor attraction like the old House of Horrors. 20160415_182539 (Large) Across from the new attraction you may note that the water fountains aren’t used currently, as the Universal Plaza hosts the line for the timed-entry machines. (On busy days). These machines allow for guests to retrieve a fastpass-like ticket to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at a predetermined time. 20160415_182609 (Large) There are a bunch of these fences that they set up in the plaza to create switchbacks. For those who went to Horror Nights last year, it’s a similar set up as the line for the ‘Halloween’ maze.20160415_182638 (Large) 20160415_182643 (Large) On the exact opposite side of the Universal Plaza we get a good look at the newly refurbished french section of the Upper Lot, and the refurbished Mel’s. We did touch on this in an earlier update. 20160415_182450 (Large) But new this time around, is the line outside of Mel’s, which for some odd reason was dirty. And the new menu sign outside of the restaurant/line. The’re also a slightly elevated ramp for A.D.A guests to be able to enter the restaurant. 20160415_182508 (Large) On our way to the Lower Lot, construction of the new sound stages next to the Metropolitan sets is going vertical. 20160415_182058 (Large) It may be a tad hard to see, but basic steel framing is going up. It seems that the  Universal is creating new sound stages there to create more room on the Lower Lot for theme park expansion. 20160415_182103 (Large) Once on the Lower Lot, note that the Jurassic Park truck is still successfully dropping! (Almost like a wonder). And the first velociraptor on the lift-hill section of the ride is still out for refurbishment. 20160415_173104 (Large) The basic refurbishments on the patio above the lagoon have been finished, and the park is placing the tables and chairs back on here. 20160415_173134 (Large) Moving to the newest section of the park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Which has been added to the park’s park maps! PM USH 4-16-16Let’s admire this stunning themed land for a quick second. 20160415_133607 (Large) Now the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has finally opened to guests, it was my first time actually waiting through the additional switchbacks on the top of the green-house. Though the lines for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey have varied heavily this week. From moments where 120 minute lines were detected on Tuesday, to having to wait an hour myself, to 35 minutes, to walking on a few times right after. 20160415_133534 (Large) Also note, how our (Universal Studios Hollywood) version of the line is elevated in the mountains and we get that actual mountainous landscape like the HP movies. 🙂20160415_133630 (Large) A quick change in the area, in fact they were still painting during my visit, the building behind the Flight of the Hippogriff (as well as the back side of WaterWorld) have been painted a dark green to blend in better. 20160415_145120 (Large) And that was actually about it for this quick update! Here’s some last Hogsmeade love to finish it off. May your weekend be filled with Butterbeer by the way!20160415_193456 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this quick Universal Studios Hollywood Update! We will have some special Wizarding World articles coming soon, as well as multiple new updates from other Californian parks this weekend, so check back a few times! (Find the Wizarding World Construction Throwback here).

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