The Joker Construction Tour – April 2016

DSCN3029Six Flags Discovery Kingdom invited multiple websites and media outlets to a Joker construction tour at the park. Of course we were there. After the many construction updates we’ve brought you guys over the past few months, it was great to take another behind-the-scenes look at California’s newest coaster. Below you’ll find a multitude of awesome shots and exclusive information regarding this new RMC masterpiece!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

As you can see, the construction zone is a restricted area. Luckily, the park was nice enough to give us some snazzy hard hats, so we could tour the amazing site.DSC_0339Rocky Mountain Construction was active and busy while we were there. The green train remains on the brake run, where it has been for the past week. The train has moved along the brake run as the park started testing the transfer track today.DSC_0342 Every piece of track is meticulously labeled so it can properly be shipped and placed. First the order in which it is placed, then, left or right side, and finally DK to specify what park it goes to.DSC_0352 The First Drop looks even more stunning up-close. The angle, size, and shape are all accentuated by the sense of scale one gets by being directly below it.DSCN3039 Of course the Step Up Under Flip has been completed since the last tour we took, but you may have seen plenty of shots in one of our many recent updates. This time around though, we have shots from behind the scenes. 😀DSCN3036 Yes, this element is crazy sexy. DSC_0349 After being inverted the train will dive down and enter the next element through this wonderful turn. DSCN3030 The next element being the highly-anticipated Zero-G-Stall! DSCN3024 The exit of the stall is in the same direction as the entrance to it, and it sure looks fantastic. This element is the third biggest element on the ride and is surrounded by the most other elements. (As you will see later on in the report). DSC_0371 The next element is the crazy-twisted, or should I say ‘crazy-chaotic’, Breaking Wave Turn. This element starts off with an outward banked hill, followed by a small dip, in which it quickly transitions into the over-banked turn, followed by another small dip and a crazy sustained-floater hill!DSCN3044 Funny enough, the floater hill barely reaches over the entrance to the lift. The clearance is surprisingly little.DSC_0359 Therefore the park added a metal structure right above the lift, as there wasn’t enough of a wooden structure to support that track. The lift-hill, which is partially seen in the next picture, is one of several mechanisms on the ride that has already been fully tested prior to train testing, the same counts for the transfer track, brakes, and sensors. DSCN3053 After this air-filled moment (yes the entire ride is filled with air), the ride will enter an outward-banked hill. Providing some more air!DSC_0363 DSC_0369 Meanwhile passing under the Asian Camelback and the Zero-G-Stall, creating an awesome head chopper effect. DSCN3043 Here’s a quick reverse-POV shot of it, showing off the floater hill coming out of the Breaking Wave Turn.DSCN3047 And here’s some more crazy track crossing track. Soon there will be a fourth section of track interacting with this cluster of track… the Zero-G-Roll!DSCN3046 The following shot shows off the exit of the hill and the fact that there will be even more head choppers! DSC_0347 After which, the train will roll into the second over-banked turn, which passes by the drop and entrance to the Step Up Under Flip.DSCN3033 This is one of the largest sections of the ride, the turn is actually quite stretched out. I like to look at it as a lowered/leveled version of Wicked Cyclone’s first element after its drop.DSCN3040 The ride then enters the element we’ve all been talking about lately… The Asian Camelback, appropriately named after the Asian Camel, which according to ‘Chief Explorer’ Captain Lee, has two humps. And guess what? This element has… two humps.DSC_0354 The element doesn’t have a huge dip, as most of our readers anticipated. This though, is not a bad thing… at all! The small dip in between allows for the airtime to be sustained without being interrupted by positive G forces, creating this never-before experience being swung out of your seat TWICE in the same element. DSCN3049 This element is followed by a very lateral turn. I’m surprised by the lack of banking in this turn. It will most definitely be something we haven’t quite experienced before! This is also where the ride’s on-ride photo cameras will be.DSC_0343 Here’s where we start seeing that construction of track is still going on. The dive element following the turn is still being constructed. It’s another wonderful over-banked element. And according to the RMC Lead Foreman, Justin, this will definitely be the surprise element on the ride. DSC_0340 This is the backside of the element, which is part of the 40% of the track that has yet to be completed. It does seem to be less to us, but according to RMC that’s about as much work is left to do. DSC_0382 After this surprise element, there’s the Zero-G-Roll, which is the only element on the ride that has yet to be created (even partially). Therefore, we do not have a picture. BUT, we do have awesome shots of the next element, the third over-banked turn! The following picture shows off how tall the first elements are, and then how incredibly low to the ground the final elements are. You’ll be FLYING through this turn.DSCN3025 Here’s a little POV sneak-peek! DSCN3029 Let’s finish off with this shot of the final hills and the construction that is left to be completed. DSC_0380 But before we move on to the new trains… here’s the final brake run, which has yet to receive the handrails. DSC_0385

Next up… we were introduced to a special guests that showed all of us the amazing surprise…

The park said they had some surprises in store, and they weren’t joking. The Joker himself was there to help reveal the front car of his wonderful coaster’s trains.DSCN3078 And there it is!DSCN3079 The resemblance is uncanny.DSCN3083 Among the surprises, was also some very cool concept art of the ride area. The old ring toss game is being converted to a Joker retail store, the interior of which can be seen here.DSC_0387 Here’s another look at what we can expect the store to look like. Among other DC merchandise, the on ride photos will be sold here.DSC_0388 Here’s a sneak peak at what we can expect the station area to look like. Personally, I love it. The massive clown face, the laughter on the ADA elevator, the carnival theme, and the chattering teeth (hopefully they chatter) are all very much in the Joker’s character. The plaza art on the floor in front of the entrance is a nice touch also.DSCN3071 The stairs to the station are already being painted to match the new theme.DSC_0384 The station itself of course is receiving the same treatment. I can’t wait to see how this turns out in reality.DSC_0383 The front of the station as well as the A.D.A. elevator are being painted and refurbished.20160422_101435 Extra switchbacks have been added towards the Superman side. Looks like there will be no fun house after all. Oh well.20160422_101300  Lastly, we have one more close-up of the front car for you. I’m sure people opinions will differ on this, but we both love the look of this train, especially the front car. The detailed 3D Joker face looks great, and the overall detailing is simple yet effective. They really chose a great character to represent this ride. They share a certain insanity that is hard to come by. DSC_0400

Thank you for checking out our report of The Joker Tour. A special thanks goes out to Charles, Marc, Nancy, Lee, and everyone else at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, as well as Justin and his wonderful crew at Rocky Mountain Construction!

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And The New Revolution opened yesterday, of course we were there as well. 🙂 Read about it in our report!

5 Replies to “The Joker Construction Tour – April 2016”

  1. V2 is next confirmed to become Batman… Think about it… Last year we got one big disappointment of a ride, the year prior we got a year-round water ride… (not sure why people would want to ride it during the winter, but alas, it’s open…) and the year before that was a show and the year before that was Superman… Think about New England’s pattern: They got a StarFlyer in 2014, a RMC in 2015 and a refurbishment/renovation in 2016… Magic Mountain (although not the best model) got an RMC in 2015 and a refurbishment of Revolution in 2016… What could be coming to DK in 2017? My guess is with the continued success of the DC Comics IPs and licenses, the lone rides that could be refurbished are Kong, Boomerang and V2… Boomerang is in okay condition and Kong just got refurbished trains. V2 is popular, but often has A LOT of down time and it’s colors are not the most noticeable nor appealing… So I think they will close V2, redo the entire area to a Batman/Joker cross-section, retheme ‘slightly’ to DC Universe, enclose V2 sort of, repaint it to half its original colors because its track use to be yellow and supports were blue. It’s not that hard to get yellow track and black supports or blue track with black supports or any other Batman color scheme you can think of… I think it would really work…

  2. The Vekoma/Arrow loopers have the reputation of being rough with the traditional OTS restraints. Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia (my home park) is getting a makeover, new blue and silver paint job, new vest style OTS restraints to reduce jerking, and the NinjSFMM’s will be going away. If Six Flags and Cedar Fair, and other chains want to extend the life of their Vekoma and Arrow coasters, I could see the custom loopers, SLC, and boomerang coasters getting vest style OTS restraints.

    2017… we won’t know till late August/early September what Six Flags is planning for its parks. What I could see coming to some of the SF parks next year. Magic Mountain and Great Adventure getting Justice League dark ride. Great America getting a couple of new flat rides (examples: Super-Loop/Fireball, SkyScreamer, or maybe both). Over Georgia and St. Louis maybe getting RMC makeovers of Georgia Cyclone and The Boss.

    1. I think they might be done with the Star Flyers. While they are good, I think they are out of stock in terms of what Six Flags has in storage. Yeah, we know that MM and GA are getting JLs, it’s pretty obvious. Yeah, the two coasters on off years and three a year on up years thing seems to be the norm, so I do see the boss and cyclone being RMC’d… but maybe not this year in particular… I think the 2 of the four that got super loops this year will get an RMC next year or a 4D free spin perhaps… My guess is the Great Escape and America because Six Flags has recently shown interest in investing in long neglected parks that some might consider the ass of the chain… ie Six Flags Mexico…. It’s all really hard to consider and weigh to get an accurate prediction. They might just dump more New Revolution VR coasters next year off at small parks… or large parks that got new coasters this year… so DK and GA (I know, GA is highly likely to get JL, but it’s still possible)
      I’ll try to sum it up here:
      (keep in mind to take these predictions with a grain of salt)
      SFMM—–Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
      SFGA—–Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
      SFOG—–some kind of coaster… maybe a small 4D free spin, or SR2
      SFGA—–some kind of renovation/flat ride package like SFOT
      SFNE—–flat rides or small coaster… unsure
      SFGE—–new slides for their water park???
      SFFT—–new show or something? unsure, renovation
      SFOT—–unsure, they kind of have everything, off year? reno, loop?
      SFLR—–nothing much, maybe a larson loop
      SFM——again, nothing much, larson loop and flat rides

      Again, this is all speculation…

      1. Oh, I completely glazed over my home park DK!
        I’d expect some kind of renovation, maybe a New Revolution package. I stated earlier that usually the renovation follows an RMC, I’d say V2 becomes Batman with some paint and more theming… The park has shown a new recent interest in theming like on the Joker’s station… Also, I would predict a new movie in the recently refurbished and reopened 4D/5D motion theater perhaps… maybe a DC Comics IP movie? Maybe a weird motion theater Justice League crossover?????

  3. So far, The Joker is looking very good. We’re waiting on the debuts of other much anticipated 2016 coasters.

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