Backstage Joker Construction Tour at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

20160122_094648 (Large)A magical day it was as we were invited by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to take an exclusive backstage look at the brand new JOKER! Already a true RMC masterpiece! We collected quite some exclusive RMC information as well as the best shots taken of Joker so far, welcome to our extensive report on the first ever Joker Construction Tour!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

HERE WE ARE! One of our favorite parks on the planet… with soon (likely) one of our very favorite coasters on the planet! Let’s go in and take an up-close look at their newest coaster.20160122_090953 (Large)Yes, we’re inside! Since it rained like crazy we weren’t only welcomed by Lindsey (from RMC), Nancy, and more Discovery Kingdom personnel, but also by endless puddles and crazy mud. But wait… OMG we’re already spotting RMC track!  DSCN2361 (Large) DSCN2364 (Large) Right to the right of us, the RMC crew was prepping the Step-Up Under Flip structure for its first inverting track installment! But more on that awesomeness later!DSCN2367 (Large) The field of footers, I once tripped over a footer during a Twisted Colossus tour, I accepted the challenge to make sure it didn’t happen again! DSCN2369 (Large) Here’s the break run, some of the track has been installed, some hasn’t. All the steel beams and track connectors have been installed though.DSCN2370 (Large) Next up, side of the storage and transfer track building! Where we found some envelopes that the RMC crew will mount to the Joker trains once they start testing it, to make sure the support structure is a safe distance from riders’ arms and hands 😛DSCN2374 (Large) You know what they say? “The cooler the pre-lift, the cooler the ride”! Just kidding, we say that. But we’re speaking the truth, look at that fantastic little-hills filled pre-lift! DSCN2375 (Large) The pre-lift gave a nice example of the paint missing on the track, it’s been teared off for a good reason. The Joker and Storm Chaser are the first two RMC’s to have no painted side friction and running wheel plates to avoid un-escort friction which can cause squeaking (such as on Twisted Colossus) as well as paint chipping.DSCN2383 (Large) They have yet to take some of the paint off of this piece of the pre-lift! DSCN2377 (Large) More pre-lift awesomeness, that’s the turn out of the station leading into the biggest hill in the pre-lift. DSCN2387 (Large) And this is a sort of POV-teaser shot of rolling out of that hill! DSCN2388 (Large) The turn gives an awesome look at the wonderful color-scheme on the ride! DSCN2390 (Large) Here’s a look at the first part of the pre-lift from the service stairs that lead to the storage track! DSCN2394 (Large) Technically, the station and brake run will remain mostly the same, including the GCI type brake run to block break and everything in between. DSCN2396 (Large) The remains of the once fourth drop on Roar. DSCN2371 (Large) DSCN2397 (Large) But more fun to look at is the chaotically awesome pre-lift, these are hops two and three of the five! 20160122_095458 (Large) Hop three leading to hop four and five. 20160122_094208 (Large) Which then leads to the lift-hill! DSCN2399 (Large) DSCN2466 (Large) The entire staircase and railing have been placed on the lift hill.DSCN2404 (Large) And after that cool-looking, slightly elevated lift-hill we find the crazy ejector and lateral drop of the Joker! It’s even more amazing looking from below the structure!DSCN2464 (Large)Even though El Nino weather is teasing California. RMC states they’re right on schedule with this conversion!DSCN2434 (Large) Oh hey Captain Lee! Seems like he quite enjoys installing track with RMC lead foreman Justin! DSCN2447 (Large)  The most amazing looking element that I’ve ever seen (even only partially constructed) would have to be the Step-Up Under Flip. I mean, that’s just sexy! Notice the unpainted side friction parts of the track. Joker is the first RMC (with Storm Chaser) to have this left unpainted. DSCN2433 (Large) We were happy and amazed to witness the installment of the first inversion on the RMC creation! DSCN2465 (Large) Here are some cool up-close shots of the RMC workers installing the track. After being placed, the track needs to be hammered by hand into its exact place.DSCN2451 (Large) Speaking of RMC workers, RMC currently has 13 full-time workers on the Joker project, more temporary workers will be called in. Storm Chaser has 15, Lightning Rod has 40 (as it is being built from the ground up), and Wildfire in Sweden currently only has 2 full-time RMC employees. #RMCFunFact DSCN2449 (Large) Notice the new wooden structure that has been added for the element. A similar, wide structure will be added for the Zero-G-Stall!DSCN2422 (Large) Here are a few more steps of the Step-Up Under Flip being installed! DSCN2478 (Large) The RMC crew prefers the name Upward Roll to Step-Up Under Flip inversion, and we don’t blame them! It’s a mouth full! DSCN2442 (Large) DSCN2439 (Large) After the Step-Up Under Flip the ride will roll into the Zero-G-Stall. Here’s the current structure that will be used. We learned from RMC that bout 20 more feet of structural height will be added to this structure for that element!DSCN2410 (Large)Although the coaster looks rusty, the construction zone is very muddy so currently some of the track is just a bit dirty.DSCN2414 (Large) Here’s a look at the infamous RMC construction containers. Lots of gear and tools in here! DSCN2470 (Large) On the ground you’ll see some lift-hill mechanisms!DSCN2469 (Large) DSCN2468 (Large) This tour was absolutely phenomenal! The Joker is going to be one heck of an amazing ride! NO DOUBT! Thanks to Nancy, Captain Lee, Russel, Mike, Justin, Lindsey and everyone else at RMC and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for inviting us in for one heck of a cool backstage look at the new RMC wonder-coaster! THE JOKER! DSCN2446 (Large) As we finish with these two pictures of the pre-lift that’s completed, note the Breaking-Wave element structure above. DSCN2409 (Large) Oh… and we’ve got some awesome news about the Joker coming soon, you’re all going to LOVE IT! So stay tuned here at!20160122_094648 (Large)

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

Just a heads-up for you all, we’re hosting a Q&A session on TUESDAY January 26th to discuss the New Revolution and Joker, as well as any other questions you may have. Come join usQ&A Joker TNR Banner001 (Large)

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7 Replies to “Backstage Joker Construction Tour at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom”

  1. Looking forward to the ride, but let me ask,will there be any joker themeing in the line/queue/on ride etc,or will it be simply named the joker for its color scheme?

  2. Joker really looks awesome already! The step up under flip looks like it’ll throw you out of your seat near a bunch of head choppers! Can’t wait!

    1. They will do touch ups on the station. To what degree, I do not know. But I’m sure they’ll give the station a good repaint. It would look very odd without. I will find out for sure, and it’ll be included in the next update! 🙂

  3. When you mentioned temporary workers to help build their rides (which is an absolute necessity for their business), I just wanted to put in that sometimes the temporary workers can be some of the maintenance/carpentry staff from the park itself. RMC did some phenomenal support work for The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis. It still makes me look twice when I see one of our carpenters wearing their RMC jackets.

    Great pics of the Joker! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. Hi there, just wondering, will you be at the Joker Hard Hat tour on April 22? I will be there and I’d like to meet you.

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