Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update – January 23rd 2016

20160123_150239 (Large)After being at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for a Joker Tour yesterday, I drove back down for a Six Flags Magic Mountain trip today. To my surprise there was quite a bit to update on, so in this Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update we’ll start off with some general park stuff, then we’ll take an extensive look at the rapid process being made with the upgrades The New Revolution is receiving, and then we’ll have some cool Twisted Colossus news for you! 

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You may have noticed that the video-game promotion of Dragon Slayer is now finished over at Goliath. No more cool Dragon in the entrance plaza. 20160123_165354 (Large)  Since there were seriously no crowds today, I got on almost every (operating) ride even though I didn’t get to the park till some time after 3. Thus I also rode Apocalypse. I have to be honest at this point… it’s running very roughly. It needs a very solid refurbishment to be enjoyable again. 20160123_161714 (Large) Over at the old Stunt Theater, or better known as the Aftermath, the deconstruction is slowly continuing, as parts of the inside are being taken apart. There are no real visible changes yet. Some are fairly certain that this will be the spot for a Justice League Dark Ride, it wouldn’t surprise me either. Whatever they’ll be doing to it, it must be something significant. It’s a large space and Six Flags Magic Mountain has never announced the closure of a maze, they made it very clear to their guests that it was sort of a big deal that the Aftermath wasn’t returning. 20160123_161501 (Large) 20160123_161251 (Large) After a short period of operating, Jet Stream is now closed again. The ride is drained, and though it was warmer than last week isn’t operating. I didn’t see any construction of any sort, so I’m unsure why it was closed or when it’ll be open again. 20160123_161434 (Large) Green Lantern: First Flight is still closed. Green Lantern is down due to a motor of one of the drive-wheels before the lift being broken, the motor has been ordered and once it gets here needs to be put in place before the ride can operate again. (For those of you who actually like this ride, we’ll post about its reopening as soon as it reopens). 20160123_160748 (Large) I don’t know why, but I’m always intrigued by how awesome the Superman and Lex Luthor tower looks. Must not be the only one, as Superman: Escape From Krypton had a line of over an hour while Tatsu and X2 were walk-ons 😀20160123_160829 (Large) Today was the first Premiere of the Legacy of Arrow in San Jose. In exactly a week, January 30th, there’s a screening right here at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Make sure to come out and see it, we’ll be there! For more information click here. In ‘prep’ for the screening I made sure to ride all the Arrow coasters in the park and marathon Ninja. I mean, look at that dead empty station! 20160123_170554 (Large) Not on Samurai Summit, but Asian nonetheless is the ex-Panda Express that is currently being turned into Chop Six, the new Asian Cuisine restaurant coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is also receiving a Chop Six, more on that in our upcoming Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update. 20160123_151339 (Large) It’s cool they not only tell you where to get the food closest to the Chop Six location, but also where the nearest restrooms are. 20160123_151352 (Large) Right next to Chop Six is Viper. And since I love it to death, I decided to ride that a bunch too. And I was glad to see the brown train operating without its Got2B Hair gel ads! Finally after too many years of wrapping Viper trains in ads, all trains are back to the original green and brown, red, orange, and yellow stripes! 20160123_151939 (Large) Even better, the station looks all general again too, not like an ad-banner warehouse! 20160123_151942 (Large) Something I was kind of annoyed with, the Orient Express has a new spiel… but rather than saying Orient Express the spiel starts off with: ‘Welcome in the Helpful Honda Express’… I’m sorry, but no. Just don’t. Hopefully this is temporary, and hopefully a Honda sponsorship doesn’t result in new Honda signs for the park’s only people-mover. 20160123_150728 (Large) Heading down the hill with the Helpful Honda Express we exit the people mover to the Carousel that’s receiving an extensive refurbishment and repaint to compliment the New Revolution! I must say the blue looks very nice on the ride!20160123_152417 (Large) 20160123_152427 (Large) 20160123_152443 (Large) Oh, and there’s the star of this update… The New Revolution. Let’s start over at the station that’s receiving a new color. A bit of a modern baby blue. I actually like it. It looks very fresh, and seems like they’re going full out with the red-white-blue theme. Notice the bridge structure is being painted red as well. 20160123_152348 (Large) Oh, and right next to it is the amazing looking new color scheme of the classic looping coaster. The blue looks FANTASTIC actually. More on that later. 20160123_152346 (Large) Here’s the bridge, which’ structure is receiving red paint to compliment the baby blue and red found all around the station. The big wooden support columns in the station are dark blue. Overall it’s all falling into place nicely. Kudos to the people deciding on the colors. 20160123_151241 (Large) The tarps have been taken off the sides and front of the New Revolution station as well. They’re finally moving at a very nice pace to get it opened! 20160123_151235 (Large) More of the repaint now. All footer and track connectors are receiving primer baby blue paint before the final layer of blue. 20160123_151056 (Large) 20160123_150304 (Large) It seems like 80% of the ride’s footers have received this primer paint by now. 20160123_150533 (Large) 20160123_150516 (Large) In addition to the painting that was going on today as well, the power washing of the track was still going on as well. 20160123_150200 (Large) Now even more vegetation has been taken away and the trees are leaf-less, here’s a quick shot of the soon-to-be repainted looping! 20160123_150239 (Large) Notice the repainted white track. I didn’t know repainting a white track white could make such a visual difference. It looks very neat. This helix wraps about some old rock-work that used to have a fountain as well, rumor is that the park will recreate that! Would be wonderful! 20160123_152404 (Large) Now onto the stunning looking blue repaint of the supports. I was a bit iffy about the color when they first announced it. But I’m convinced. It looks fantastic. It’s fresh and compliments the white very well for a calm, classic, eye-pleasing looking ride! 20160123_152352 (Large) 20160123_151208 (Large) 20160123_151035 (Large) 20160123_152330 (Large) With the trees extending above the ride, the blue doesn’t only look very nice, it also blends in with the dark colors of the trees pretty well, really making that bright white track pop. Again, very impressed. 20160123_152328 (Large) 20160123_152247 (Large)Just a heads-up for you all, we’re hosting a Q&A session on TUESDAY January 26th to discuss the New Revolution and Joker, as well as any other questions you may have. Come join usQ&A Joker TNR Banner001 (Large) That was about it for the New Revolution for this week! Onto the star-attraction of the park, the second green RMC ride I touched in 27 hours… The green train is finally located on the storage track in its entirety. It’s my favorite train color wise, I hope they get it running soon! 20160123_160326 (Large) The park has also re-installed the lights surrounding the structure that they had for Colossus as well. The repaired lights display four different colors at different times. Sometimes the 4 colors switch very quickly, sometimes one particular color is displayed for a few minutes. The colors are the same as before (displayed in the order corresponding with the pics) white, green, blue, and red!20160123_184330 (Large) 20160123_184329 (Large) 20160123_184326 (Large) 20160123_184325 (Large) Before we wrap up this update, here’s a lovely Tatsu and New Revolution picture with the Sky Tower towering over it, note that the flag on the Sky Tower is brand new. 🙂20160123_170014 (Large) Little Tatsu fly-by seen through the world’s first ever successful loop to finish it all off! 20160123_150341 (Large)

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