Six Flags Magic Mountain and NEW Revolution Update – January 16th 2016

20160116_135406 (Large)We were back at Six Flags Magic Mountain today for some quick rides and of course an update including some New Revolution changes. Well quite a few changes actually! The park was surprisingly empty for a Saturday, so I got some rides in, the update in, and was in and out in under 2 hours. Let’s take a look around the park and at The New Revolution!

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Let’s start at the front of the park where all Holiday in the Park traces are gone. And a few lamp-posts have Dining Pass banners on them. I’ve never seen the park push these Dining Passes this much. Everywhere you go and look there are ads for it. But they’re right, it’s a great value, any frequent visitor could benefit from one!20160116_134148 (Large) The Carousel is entirely gutted and receiving a refurbishment, something tells me this has to do with the New Revolution soon opening next door! 😀20160116_134510 (Large) Towering over the New Revolution is Tatsu, which sadly was only running one train when I was at the park. It’s a Saturday nonetheless, and the ride hosted a line of over an hour because of it, while a lot of other rides had hardly any lines. 20160116_135545 (Large) Panda Express is leaving Six Flags Magic Mountain and will become Chop Six, a Six Flags Asian Restaurant that’s already at some other Six Flags parks! 🙂20160116_140649 (Large) 20160116_140707 (Large) 20160116_140719 (Large) Superman: Escape from Krypton has reopened after a temporary closure a few weeks back. 20160116_141552 (Large)20160116_144100 (Large) And so has Jet Stream! The refurbishment wasn’t too big in the end. I was kind of hoping they’d replace the very faded sun-screens over the boarding platform. Maybe next season 😛20160116_143650 (Large) Green Lantern: First Flight was closed today, not that it saddened me. It’s the one ride I won’t ride, not a fan. It will likely be closed for longer as I received word that the ride is down due to a motor of one of the drive-wheels before the lift being broken, the motor has to be ordered and put in place before the ride can operate again. 20160116_145904 (Large) I may be mistaken but this new footer across from the Gearworks Theatre seems new to me. May be for the image mapping projector they use here for Fright Fest (and perhaps for more things in the future). 20160116_150029 (Large) Speaking of the Gearworks Theatre… in exactly 2 weeks (January 30th) there’s a screening of the Legacy of Arrow documentary in the theater at 4pm! COME! More info is found here20160116_150036 (Large) The Dining Pass advertising continues… This Season Pass upgrade posted beneath Superman hasn’t been replaced in years… but Six Flags Magic Mountain just upgraded it by putting a large Season Dining Pass sticker on it! 20160116_150140 (Large) The Snowy Nights stage is slowly being stripped from its Holiday in the Park theming. 20160116_150559 (Large) Remember when we posted pictures of the Orient Express when they had yet to finish painting it? Seems like they finally completely painted it, it looks sharp. I’m not the biggest fan of these colors, but it sure looks fresh. 20160116_134849 (Large)

AND WHAT?!?!? That’s the primer for The New Revolution supports! It looks like the same blue we see on the Orient Express. Since this is primer, we may see a slightly different color blue on the supports once the final layer will be painted over, but for now we’ve got a nice (slight) indication of what it’ll look like! 20160116_134452 (Large) 20160116_140928 (Large) There was also quite some power-washing of the track and supports going on at the bottom of the third drop. 20160116_135107 (Large) 20160116_141242 (Large) You can see how nice the white looks even when it’s power-washed and not even painted yet! 20160116_135553 (Large) 20160116_135555 (Large) The station roof is being replaced! 20160116_135748 (Large) Oh and right next to it, track was being painted white (not entirely sure if that’s primer or not, either way the track will remain white), as well as the beams below the track and support-track connectors, seems like the supports holding up the beams and track will be the only thing painted blue. It’ll be interesting to see the final product. 20160116_135745 (Large) Never realized how nice new white paint could look on an already white coaster. I’m glad Revolution is getting the overhaul it deserved! 20160116_135742 (Large) The station’s right side and front are covered in tarp for the construction going on inside. 20160116_135937 (Large) There’s some work going on inside, but not noticeably much, just some railing removal. 20160116_135942 (Large) The new roof should definitely be done by the time our next update rolls around! 20160116_135934 (Large) On the bridge to the station, construction workers were busy prepping some sort of new railing that will be placed on the bridge. 20160116_135929 (Large) Besides there being A LOT of activity going on all around the ride, there was also more work being done at the entrance to the ride, multiple spiders (machinery, not the actual creepy thing) were used for work at the storage tracks and trees in the area. 20160116_140854 (Large) That was it for today’s Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update! Let’s wrap up with a shot of Tatsu and New Revolution with the insane tree removal and winter/fall trees. 20160116_140920 (Large)

X2 & ViperThanks for checking out this update! To learn more about the way coasters are painted, make sure to check out our hit-interview with Steve Hickey, the Guy That Paints Coasters for a Living!


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  1. I’m not sure of the popularity of the Green Lantern coaster… whether SFMM would remove the ZacSpin version in favor of a Free Fly version… or opt for something different (like Euro-Fighter or El Loco), and keeping the Green Lantern theme.

    If SFMM had to remove one of its coasters, I would see Viper being removed eventually, and maybe replaced with a new family friendly wood coaster from Gravity Group (42in height requirement) and/or Larson Super-Loop flat ride. I would imagine Justice League dark ride coming in 2017. Hopefully SFMM gets its record 20th coaster soon.

    Hopefully the newly rechristened Revolution coaster will be good, and riders won’t miss the OTS restraints.

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