THE JOKER – Construction Update #5

image7We made another trip out to the wonderful Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to check on the progress made on The Joker over the course of these past two weeks, and we were very happy to see that things are indeed moving along at quite a good pace. The drop has been installed and more track has arrived at the park, as well as the installation of cross beams and connector pieces, so with all that in mind, please enjoy another one of our Joker construction updates. 

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The station entrance has been boarded up with what looks like RMC wood, most likely to try and keep out any trespassers who would try and sneak in.DSC_0979 (Large)

The station and brake run track have both been installed, although some pieces in the covered areas have yet to be connected.DSC_0980 (Large)

The pre-lift has been completely installed, and with V2 being open this visit we were able to get some better angles of it.image8

It starts out with a decent banked drop out of the station into a sizable bunny hop, before banking hard into some very Twisted Colossus-esque banked hops before hitting the lift hill.DSC_0958 (Large)DSC_0983 (Large) DSC_0972 (Large) image8

All of the lift hill track has been installed, and looks gorgeous.DSC_0989 (Large)

If you look closely, the staircase is also about one third of the way installed, and vertical wood posts have been put it going most of the way up, which will later be developed into guard rails.DSC_0971 (Large)

Interestingly, there are chains hanging from the underside of the lift hill, at first it was unclear to us what they were, but as it turns out they are for hanging tools and equipment for the workers. A few of the chains even having construction equipment hanging from them, which on this windy day made for a wind chime like effect.DSC_0976 (Large)

Of course, the drop has also been installed, and is looking as chaotically canted as ever. image6 image4

Some of the missing track tops have been added to the drop since our last visit. (First picture is from last update, to show you the missing tops of the track that have now been added, which you can see in the pictures below). Drop Collage Joker 001DSC_0966 (Large) image7

All of the cross beams have been added from the bottom of the first drop to the end of the soon to be world’s first Step Up Under Flip.image5

In addition, all of the track connector pieces have been added to the cross beams as well, those being the small circular bits that you can see if you look closely.DSC_0963 (Large)

Although the track has yet to be installed, the banking outlined by the current construction looks insane. It’s very easy to understand why they picked a name such as Joker with such gleefully demented elements.DSC_0990 (Large)image3

Speaking of the track, guess what we found in the parking lot again?

Well, there are large stacks of wood…image1

There are smaller metal pieces such as connectors…IMG_0156

There are large steel cross beams…image2

There are the tops to the tracks (which have the wheel space unpainted as to avoid paint getting on to the wheels reducing friction/ causing issues)…DSC_0947 (Large)

Aha! There it is, twisted, insane, RMC track!DSC_0954 (Large)

From the looks of it as far as quantity and substance, the pieces match up wit the areas in which in which the cross beams have already been installed, meaning from the bottom of the first drop.DSC_0949 (Large)

It is very clear that these two are the bottom of the first drop, following the sweeping right bank out of it.DSC_0953 (Large)

And when you look at these crazy contrarily contoured pieces, the step up under flip certainly comes to mind.DSC_0951 (Large)

These pieces will all very likely be installed in the next few days. The cross beams and connectors have been laid out, so there’s not much more to do than to put them in there proper place. There are some large brown metal pieces in the area as well. They could possibly be some sort of metal support structure as they look very similar to the ones used for the Twisted Colossus drop structure. 🙂DSC_0950 (Large)

Thanks so much as always for checking out this update, and look out for more in the very near future as this construction progresses. So, what do you think of the step up under flip? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. When is this ride supposed to be done? It seems that they have a lot to do in the couple months that they say they’ll be done… are they on schedule?

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