Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update – January 3rd 2016

TC-G-SEFK Sunset 1316 (Large)2016 has started, and today marks the last day of Holiday in the Park at both Six Flags Magic Mountain and Discovery Kingdom. In this Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update, we’ll be taking a quick look at some minor changes around the park, as well as some of the changes surrounding The New Revolution. Here’s our first Six Flags Magic Mountain Update of 2016!

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Today’s the last day of Six Flags’ Holiday in the Park at both Californian parks, as well as the last day of Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Merry Farm, and SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, we’ll soon see all decorations vanish, including this wreath above the entrance to the park. 20160103_140402 (Large) Twisted Colossus’ line received a new blimp. The previous plastic one was destroyed by wind, the new one seems to be made of some sort of thick, stronger fabric, hopefully lasting longer. 20160103_142251 (Large) You may have seen us post about it on Social Media before, but this is the first update since… Johnny Rocket’s has finally received a line for guests to wait in before they order food, finally resolving the insane chaos surrounding this dining location in the past. 20160103_150300 (Large) It works quite efficiently. Just a little throwback to our Magic Mountain fans out here; remember when the park had 3 Johnny Rocket’s? 😛20160103_150323 (Large) Demolition work seems to be going on inside the old Aftermath maze, just next to it the newly installed grill for the Waterfront dining location is now in use. 20160103_150520 (Large) It’s actually a very large grill. 20160103_150710 (Large)  On my way from my car to the park, and then back to the car, I noticed a lot of the green screens that are attached to the fences have started to rip loose, in addition the parking lot was filled with trash and the trashcans overflowed with full bags of garbage laying next to them. Six Flags Magic Mountain should really starting getting on top of that. 20160103_135913 (Large) The Orient Express vehicles have received a new coat of paint… sort of. From a distance the new blue looks very nice, and will wonderfully complement the new blue we’ll soon find on Revolution I’m sure. 20160103_153917 (Large) But from up close the paint job is a tad wacky. In fact just plain wacky. Hopefully they’ll finish up the paint job soon, it looks odd with so many unpainted spots and stripes. 20160103_154131 (Large) Superman Escape From Krypton was closed, I’m unsure of the reason. Either way, it meant that Ninja’s line was very long compared to the crowds at the park today! 20160103_154803 (Large)

Let’s head over to the New Revolution! More trees have been taken out, a lot more. And that gives a wonderful view of the straight-slope approaching the loop! 20160103_140758 (Large) In addition at the exit path of the ride a lot more markers and cleared ground can be found. 20160103_152754 (Large) In addition the operating panel of the ride has been ripped out, indicating that we won’t see trains run on it for a while as they’ll have to install a new operating system with a new panel etc. 20160103_152820 (Large) The entire panel-booth inside the station is gone as well. 20160103_152834 (Large) Down below the ride’s storage and transfer tracks the wooden base has been replaced, the old is now scrap-wood and trashed in the container right next to it. 20160103_153757 (Large) 20160103_153806 (Large) In addition the walls around the ride have been plastered in new ads and announcements regarding the Season Dining Pass, Season Passes, and of course The New Revolution! 20160103_153811 (Large) 20160103_153831 (Large) Over at the ride’s final helix, all the trees have now been taken out and it’s quite bare around the element. I’m truly hoping we’ll see the return of the water-fall/ fountain in the middle of it, at least a restoration of the awesome rock-work would be great to see! 20160103_153846 (Large) 20160103_153856 (Large)

I realize it was quite a short update, there’s not a whole lot to update on. But now Holiday in the Park has ended and the off-season is hitting the park in about a week, we should see a lot of change surrounding the New Revolution and the park in general very soon! So stay tuned and check back! Here are two sunset shots I took as I left the park, enjoy! Scream 1316 (Large) TC-G-SEFK Sunset 1316 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Make sure to stay tuned for a new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and THE JOKER Update from today! Here‘s our brand new Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Update from yesterday!

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