Q&A with California Coaster Kings on Tuesday January 26th!

Skype-logoCalifornia Coaster Kings is hosting a Q&A session on Tuesday January 26th through a public Skype session. In this Q&A session, we’ll be discussing The Joker (of which we just took a tour) and The New Revolution (on which heavy work has started), as well as any questions our readers may have related to other topics! Below you’ll find more details. 

The Q&A will start at 8:30PM PST and will last to about 10:00PM (on Tuesday January 26th). In order for you to join the Q&A, you will need to have a Skype account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a free account here. If you have a Skype account, but don’t have the mobile or tablet app, nor the PC version, fear not: There’s now a web-based Skype program on the Skype site. – In case you’re on the go, or can’t display video/ play audio, the Q&A will be done in chat form. This way anyone can join the discussion and see what others have asked and what our replies are.

On Tuesday, a few hours before the Q&A session we will post a Skype link RIGHT HERE: https://join.skype.com/vt5NshBzuG3q . That link will allow you to join the discussion in our Skype-based Q&A session!

If you have any difficulties connecting, or joining the Q&A session, feel free to message us through our Facebook or Twitter. We’ll help you on your way!

In the Q&A we’ll be focusing on some exclusive details we learned at the Joker Tour we took this weekend, as well as anything else Joker related at the moment. In addition, Six Flags Magic Mountain is in the middle of renovating Revolution to reopen it as the New Revolution this year. We just published an update of that this weekend as well. Of course you’re free to ask us any other questions you have, we do cover ALL of California after all! 😀

Here are the links to these articles, in case you want to read up on them and see if you have any questions right off the bat! (Click on the appropriate image to be redirected to the matching article). Joker Tour 1 Banner001 (Large)TNR Banner001 (Large)

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions regarding the Q&A, comment below or shoot us an email at info@californiacoasterkings! We hope to see you at our Q&A!

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