California’s Great America Update – April 23rd 2016

image5 (1)We were lucky enough to have both our Northern and Southern California members in attendance for today’s visit to California’s Great America. With Mass Effect: New Earth on the horizon, as well as many other changes around the park we both had plenty to cover. Please enjoy the following update!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

There was a Heritage music festival today, meaning there were significant crowds of students around the park.image3

Flight Deck had a full queue, but the relatively quick operations made it a reasonable endeavor. In fact, we were on in no-time. Kudos to the park!image3 (1)image2

Gold Striker continued its excellent operation. Smooth, fast, and intense. Just how we like it!IMG_1198 IMG_1187

As a side note, much of the white styrofoam for noise reduction has been replaced with a black variety. Personally we like the look of the white styrofoam better. The black sure is an interesting replacement.IMG_1189

Vortex was running one train, and it wasn’t running too smoothly either. Though it was definitely great to get on this classic B&M again. We’re curious to see what’s in store for this ride in the future. We’d still love to see the rumored Floorless conversion. The ride can use some love. image5 (2)

Demon ran extraordinarily well today. The smoothness of our ride was definitely a pleasant surprise from one of our favorite old school rides. It’s definitely noticeable that the ride is best right in the beginning of the season.image5 (1)

One of Drop Tower’s cars is no longer running, hopefully they get it back up and running soon, in contrast to last season.image2 (3)

In the area, Whitewater Falls had problems throughout the day, and eventually closed.IMG_1156

In the food court, the construction continues in the center bit. It seems as though some small circular booth is being built. This could very well be a concessions stand.image2 (2)

For every midway game, it is now required that guests use a rechargeable game card instead of cash. We’re honestly not huge fans, as it seems a little inconvenient to purchase a card to play a single game. Note that other parks in the chain, such as Knott’s Berry Farm down south, also use this system.image4

There are many advertisements for this year’s Gold Pass, many of which seem to advertise the inclusion of Boomerang Bay in the Gold Pass. For those of who you who do not have a gold pass, Boomerang Bay is still included with any daily admission/pass and is free with park admission.image3 (2)

40 Seasons of Summer will be returning this season, which is nice to see. It was a fun show last year, so we’re excited to see it return. This summer a new show named ‘AcroFlyte’ will be added to the park’s spectacular line-up of shows.image4 (1)

Lastly, Mass Effect: New Earth really seems to be coming along. We’re hearing that we’ll soon have opening details!image2 (1)

All of the switchbacks are placed, and the gates to the theater are finished, the details of which are superb.image3 (3)

Some detailed posters/covers have been put up to hide the remainder of the construction. Overall we can’t wait to ride it! It looks like an excellent use of the theater.image4 (2) image6

Thank you for checking out this update. So, are you looking forward to Mass Effect: New Earth? Comment below and let us know!

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