Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 31st 2018

Sean: Fright Fest ended just days ago but six Flags Magic Mountain is wasting no time preparing for this year’s Holiday in the Park. This is also the time that the park has now closed Cyclone Bay access as West Coast Racers construction will really get started. We’ll be looking at that, as well as current ride closures and operations in this update! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 31st 2018”

Knott’s Berry Farm Update – October 30th 2018

Sean: Since we had a few days off we decided to hang out at some of SoCal’s parks this week. We were certainly in the mood for Montezooma’s Revenge and some fries at Knott’s Berry Farm, the park we hung out at first! In today’s Knott’s Berry Farm Update we take a look at our time at the park and the detailed Big Foot Rapids refurbishment, rumored to be the new Knott’s attraction! Continue reading “Knott’s Berry Farm Update – October 30th 2018”

Hong Kong Disneyland

Sean: The last Disney resort I had yet to visit was Hong Kong Disneyland. It had been a wild 9 months in which we visited all Disney parks around the world, and it ended with the one I knew the least about, the one that was always overshadowed by the more significant Disney parks. Upon visiting Hong Kong Disneyland it became clear why I, and many others, overlook this park. The park’s young age yet old feel has both its advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading “Hong Kong Disneyland”

Port of Nagoya Aquarium

Sean: This will likely be the least conventional post on the website so far. Unlike every other post, this will not be about a theme park nor a place that features a roller coaster. Instead, this report is about one of our favorite aquariums. The Port of Nagoya (Public) Aquarium is a combination of a state-of-the-art marine life park/stadium and a classic aquarium! You know we love SeaWorld, this is as close as we got in Japan! Continue reading “Port of Nagoya Aquarium”

Tobu Zoo

Alexander: I wish I could say that the first official park of the East Meets Ace tour was a great park, but Tobu Zoo is not a great park.

While the park has an enjoyable lineup of attractions, and management was kind enough to welcome us with ERT, the “zoo” part of the park is enough to prevent us from coming back  any time soon.

Continue reading “Tobu Zoo”

Ocean Park Hong Kong – World’s Most Scenic Theme Park

Sean: Prior to this trip to Asia I had heard few things from Ocean Park. I had seen videos of their coasters, and of course knew all about their Arrow looper, but besides that I was unaware of the magnitude of this place. Clearly Ocean Park was Hong Kong’s only major park prior to Disneyland opening in 2005. Ocean Park sits on a mountain over the ocean and is one of the most breathtaking theme parks in the world. Perhaps it’s the world’s most scenic theme park. Join us around this massive marine-life, wild-life and theme park! Continue reading “Ocean Park Hong Kong – World’s Most Scenic Theme Park”

Nagashima Spa Land – Cedar Point of Japan

Alexander: Ohayo-gozaimasu! Welcome to “The Land of the Rising Sun”– Japan!

Our tour of Japan began in Tokyo, worked its way down through Nagoya, and culminated in Osaka. However, we really wanted to kick off our Japanese updates with our favorite (and perhaps the most topical) park of the tour, Nagashima Spa Land, located just south of Nagoya.

Continue reading “Nagashima Spa Land – Cedar Point of Japan”

Howl-o-Scream 2018 Review!

Howl-o-Scream 2018

Nick: Busch Gardens invited us to the opening night media party for this year’s Howl-o-Scream, so my good friend Lars and I headed down to Tampa to check it out! If you’ve read my Halloween Horror Nights review, you already know I love the Halloween season and all the theme park events that come with it, so getting to go to Howl-o-Scream this year was a real treat, especially since I hadn’t been since 2016. So how was the event? Read on to find out!
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Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – Early October 2018

Derrion:  Hello Everyone! I thought it would be great to take a quick detour from all of the Fright Fest activities  and swing by Six Flags Magic Mountain for a quick park update. There were not many changes this time around because of the on going halloween event but I was surprised to see how beautiful the park was today. Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – Early October 2018”