Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 31st 2018

Sean: Fright Fest ended just days ago but six Flags Magic Mountain is wasting no time preparing for this year’s Holiday in the Park. This is also the time that the park has now closed Cyclone Bay access as West Coast Racers construction will really get started. We’ll be looking at that, as well as current ride closures and operations in this update!

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When we arrived at the park we didn’t see any coasters run for a second and wondered if maybe there was a power issue, then we learned that the park was just really empty and several major coasters are down. Goliath, though with an empty train, was running. That’s a good sign!

Though the park has updated some of their 2019 Season Pass banners, the membership banners and CraZanity banners have yet to be replaced. It’s kind of strange that there are no West Coast Racers banners yet. Usually those banners appear shortly after a new ride is announced. 

Viper is standing tall and pretty, but unfortunately still closed ’til further notice. If you missed it in other recent reports, the ride program and brakes are getting upgrades. 

X2 was also closed today. The ride is allegedly undergoing a major refurbishment some time soon, and the park waited for Fright Fest to have concluded first. Given that X2 was running on Monday I am not sure if the time is now, or if the refurbishment is a little later on. Given that Holiday in the Park is just around the corner, this 2 week window in between may very well be a ride-down-time period.

Stay tuned for our Fuji-Q-Highland report that we’ll launch in the near future where we’ll address the clear differences between X2 (prototype) and Eejanaika, the larger more intricate version. 

The park wastes no time with clearing Fright Fest props. Just 3 days ago the park was still hosting their big Halloween event, but now the Nightmares scare zone has entirely disappeared already to make room for Winter Wonderland. 

To our surprise Revolution was running both trains, I wonder if they will bring back the Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride VR.

Here is a quick shout out to the hard working team members that were cleaning the trash cans!

The time has come that big construction walls, gates and fences appear to block any entry to Cyclone Bay. The construction of West Coast Racers and the relaunch of the area will now progress much faster. 

‘Til West Coast Racers opens, that side of the park will not be accessible. For those fine with using stairs, you can take the stairs up to Samurai Summit and walk down the back side of the mountain.

Several major rides were closed today, including Twisted Colossus and X2, but luckily Tatsu was there for us to enjoy!

Fly at the Speed of Fear! I hope the park will bring back the LED lights for Holiday in the Park!

I mean the lights are awesome, but I would also really like to see this get repainted soon.

On to Samurai Summit, the remains of Fright Fest are quickly disappearing, except for the Willoughby’s Resurrected facade.  

We came to ride Ninja of course, with Viper down that will forever and always be the ride I will ride instead.

I’m excited that even though its a not a busy day at all, the park is running Ninja with two trains. Kudos to the operations on the black belt of steel coasters.

The West Coast Racers project in the background will really start to take shape now. If you look closely you can see the wall that blocks entry to Cyclone Bay right where the Cyclone 500 go karts are. More on that in a bit.

Riddle me this. Riddle me that. What’s amazingly underrated and is among the best coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain? The Riddler’s Revenge

We rode Full Throttle a few days ago and I was reminded of why I don’t ride it too often. The ride is just so short, I hardly find myself satisfied when I return to the station. 

Still a very pretty ride to look at though, definitely one I ride on slow days when I’m in the right mood. Sometimes length is just very important for me, which is why I am so glad coasters like Twisted Colossus and West Coast Racers (soon) are part of the park’s lineup.

Here’s a closer look at the wall. Behind this wall all the magic will happen. The wall also signifies the entrance to the new area. 

Cyclone 500 remains open for now, though I would not be surprised if that closed soon as lots of the ride’s layout will take place above the go kart tracks.


This field will soon be covered in support structures, I am so excited.

Superman’s down to one train ops on these slower weekdays. I am proud of the park for managing to run both sides for the majority of my visits this year. 

Though Tidal Wave seems to be open on busier days, Jet Stream is currently the only water ride at the park that is open daily. Hopefully it stays open during the Holiday in the Park window. I wouldn’t mind a big refurbishment to open along with West Coast Racers.


If you’re at the park while Jet Stream is running and want a closer view of the West Coast Racers plot, the station of Jet Stream is a great spot.

In Metropolis the majority of Fright Fest theming and props have been removed as well. This area, the Witches Lair, was almost like a big outdoor maze, now most of it is gone.

Except for a few props that I am sure will be taken out shortly.

The park is so nicely dedicated to landscaping around the park nowadays, I’m here for it. 

As mentioned above Tidal Wave is closed on the slower days, but both boats are in the station so I’m sure we’ll see it open on busier weekend days. 

For those wondering, yes… Green Lantern is still closed…

And so is Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, which has been closed for a few days for routine maintenance. 

No Lex, but Superman makes enough noise for two.

The first signs of Holiday in the Park are appearing in the Screampunk District, where the First Aid building is wrapped in lights. 

There is a new patch of concrete freshly made next to the Gearworks Theatre, which is where Kwerkmas will be performed this Holiday in the Park (if I’m not mistaken).

The restrooms are ready for Holiday in the Park, and so are these trees and plants! This is certainly one of my favorite Holiday in the Park areas at the event.

Though closed on slow days, the Twisted Whiches Restaurant is also ready for HitP.


As mentioned before in the update, Twisted Colossus is currently closed for some maintenance as well.

Maintenance teams were busy working in the ride’s superstructure, hopefully the ride is back up again soon and is not down as long as some other attractions (like Viper or Apocalypse).

The three trains are looking beautiful though, chilling in the storage bay. 

Let’s finish the report with the only operating coaster in the Screampunk District. Unfortunately a lot of the park’s rides are down to undergo quick maintenance between Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park crowds, kudos for the relatively consistent daily operations as their first year of being open 365 days.  

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6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – October 31st 2018”

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t wall it off at that arch before jet stream theirs real no reason to go over there unless your gonna ride jet stream but I see that going down once hitp is over and I’m glad their adding flowers the park sure could use more all over to make it more appealing to people who think the park is super dirty which a lot of LA people have that opinion about the park which it’s definitely cleaner and nicer than it was between 2004-2009

  2. 1) I am SOOOOOO glad you finally added the feature to click on your photos to zoom in! I’ve wanted that for so so long! You always have great pictures and now I get to enjoy them even more!

    2) I think Full Throttle is a pretty sweet ride but it definitely should have not ended after the top-hat. So much wasted potential.

    3) I love Ninja, it’s one of the first big coasters I ever rode. But I finally got to ride The Bat at Kings Island and holy crap, that ride gives Ninja a run for its money! Especially considering there’s no lift hill after the ride is over, and in the back seat first drop actually gives a pop of “butt off the seat” airtime! Ninja has a great surrounding no doubt, but there are some seriously noteworthy sections of The Bat. Either way, I love Arrow Suspendeds and I wish there were more.

    It’s so interesting how the support columns are so different between the two rides. Ninja is SO clean cut and fresh looking while The Bat has such random, awkward, ugly steel supports.

    Either way thanks for the update! You guys a CCK are great!

  3. For those that are worried, I’m happy to report that Twisted Colossus and X2 are back up and running! They just had some routine maintenance to make sure they don’t have any issues during the busy December Season. Both are also running at their all-time best too!

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