Max & Moritz replaces Bob at Efteling

Sven: This week, the Bob coaster at Efteling finally reopens! However, take a ride before it’s gone cause it won’t be running much longer. A replacement has been announced and it’s something quite different: Max & Moritz!
Goodbye Bob…

Thursday October 11th is the day that Bob, the Intamin Bobsled Coaster, at Efteling finally reopens. It has been down most of the year, but they finally managed to get the ride open again. If the safety can be guaranteed, the ride will remain open until summer 2019. The 34 year old ride will be retired and can unfortunately not be rebuilt. Intamin no longer produces the ride type, which means that only two Swiss Bobsled rides will remain: Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape and La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas.

Bob is a 1,719.2 feet (524 m) long,  65.6 feet (20 m) tall and goes up to 37.3 mph (60 km/h). Even though the theme and detail of the ride isn’t very much in the style of Efteling, it’s a classic and unique experience in Europe. The freedom compared to the Mack Bobsled coasters is much bigger, plus less vibration due to a non-pipe track. However, the brakes can be a pretty rough experience. My favorite part is the drop section in the middle of the ride. Due to its age, the forest around it developed beautifully giving it that extra natural touch. This family experience will definitely be missed once its gone.

New for 2020: Max & Moritz

Of course Efteling won’t just remove the Bob, but will start building a new ride immediately after in September 2019! Max & Moritz will be a double family coaster by Mack rides. It will be suited for the whole family and especially aimed at kids between 4 and 10 years old. The station of Bob will be kept as the new story fits the existing theme. Max & Moritz are two famous rascals of a German story in verse. Efteling will use the stories of the boys turning the village upside down as inspiration for the ride.

Due to this replacement, Efteling postponed its other expansion plans near the Efteling Hotel to 2021. A rumored family launch coaster will be built, along with several other smaller rides. This will be an expansion of the existing “Reizenrijk” themed area. That same area already has the indoor coaster Vogel Rok which will also be refurbished soon with new effects and more!

Source: Efteling

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