Energylandia – Hyperion – September 2018

Sven: After a big trip in Europe in five different countries, we’re back to tell you all about it! We won’t be posting chronologically, as we want to start with Europe’s biggest new coaster this year: Hyperion at Energylandia!

Poland blooms when it comes to theme parks. We visited the two biggest parks in the country thanks to a lovely trip with the Rollercoaster Friends! This organization in Belgium organizes fun theme park trips all over to discover rides and moreover have fun with fellow enthusiasts. It was my first time and definitely not the last! After a day at Krakow together, the first Polish park on the list was Energylandia!

As you arrive on the parking lot, you immediately get excited by the Intamin beast. Eventhough the track and supports are black, they sparkle for you to ride them. After walking through the gates, you’re held up for a little show after which you can run to your favorite ride at the park.

Obviously, we ran to Hyperion which let us ride front seat with limit queue. But first you need to pass through the queue which is nicely themed. Basically the queue is a large walkway up inside (without stairs) and then back down on the outside (again without stairs). It does have some theming.

You also walk past screens along the way explaining the story. All in Polish, but luckily with English subtitles. Briefly explained, it tells you that you are ready for a mission to fly towards a distant planet.

Then, you need to choose between one of the three queue areas! Number 1 is for front seat, number 2 is single riders and the two number 3 queues are for all but front seats. Not a very easy system as it goes as following. The train has a capacity of 28 seats, 4 front (queue 1), 16 other (queue 3) and 4 single riders (queue 2). So basically, the single rider queue is more a “you are not riding with your friends/family” queue.

After your sorted, you enter the station through the gates, ready to embark on your flight!

That’s where the ride begins and what a view! You see the Tatry Mountains and clearly notice how the park is in the middle of nowhere. But then, you drop down and wow! For me personally the best drop so far, beating the one of Leviathan. You can really notice the forceful Intamin style here.

What follows next is a series of air time hills filled with ejector and floater. To summarize the ride experience: the first part is high up with a very interesting turning point, the second part is low to the ground but a forceful way through the area, especially in the back.

Speaking about that turning point, the inwards drop is so good on the left seats, especially in the back. Here, it clearly beats the other hypers. It’s also up for discussion if this element is an inversion or not but not for me.

You end with a splash effect as you also experience some good air time here. Sides will get wet for sure!

So after a few rides, it became my favorite hyper. The front seat experience is very different from the last rows. Front equals smooth, while back equals rattle. Honestly, the ride isn’t perfect. A point of criticism can be that the low areas are a bit less thrilling in front. Luckily, that’s a lot better back seat. It does rattle already but in return, you get a very forceful experience. My personal favorite seat was back left. If you want to counter the rattle a bit in the back, choose the middle seats which are slightly elevated.

First coaster: done. 11 more to go! Knowing that this park is only 4 years old, the lineup of rides is pretty amazing. But to be fair, this includes 4 kiddie coasters. Close to Hyperion, you have Frutti Loop Coaster or in other words: a Big Apple/Wacky Worm.

One of the newer kiddie ones and the worst coaster in the park: Happy Loops. As we rode it towards the end of the day, we were “lucky” to get 8 rounds instead of 4. #credlife

You might have thought that Circus Train would be the worst as it basically is an oval Powered little train. But the operator here is one of the most enthusiastic ones I have ever seen. He’ll let you shout and sing a long on his vibes, it’s incredible. The final one is next to the Circus Train: Mars. Heavily themed but not the best quality. One of the aliens feet was all that remained at one point.

Let’s step up with the Family coasters. Energus is a classic Vekoma Family coaster with a nice looking train. The park’s main mascot is featured well here but once again the theming wasn’t of the highest quality as quite some bits were already damaged.

A bit further down in the park there’s the Viking Coaster. An SBF Visa Spinning Coaster with, no joke, shoulder restrains. So before you even ride, you can already feel the pain. Some parts of the layout shouldn’t even be allowed to be designed that way. Energylandia is fully aware and that’s why the coaster will probably not be around a lot longer.

Much better is the Family Boomerang coaster simply called Boomerang. It only opened last year and this experience definitely equals fun.

The station is pretty well themed and at first I thought the bat was pretty sketchy, but the in the end, it’s not as bad as I thought.

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