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unnamed (15)It was great to spend a visit at Waterworld California, as it is by far one of the best water parks in the state and boasts the largest collection of thrilling water attractions in Northern California. Despite some what limited space, this park has an absolutely stellar line up of slides and attractions including racing trap door slides, a giant funnel slide, a half pipe slide, and much more.

This in combination with a very friendly and summery atmosphere make this park one of our favorites, so let’s get into reviewing it.unnamed (10)

The park of course has the classic wave pool and lazy river attractions by the names of Breaker Beach wave pool and Kaanapali Cooler which is the longest lazy river in Northern California.unnamedunnamed (9)

First up is Cliffhanger, and these slides may look familiar from our Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles review, as they are identical. the two slides are an impressive 50 ft tall, one featuring a single large drop, the other featuring a double down. Both are very fun, but also a bit painful in the back, as they tend to clip you pretty good. The single drop slide has some very good speed to it and some decent air time on the drop as well, only when it starts to pull out does it cause a little bit of pain to your back. It also builds up tension with the enclosed straight section prior to the drop, with the light at the end of the tunnel drawing nearer and nearer.unnamed (12) The double down slide is also quite speedy, but features more airtime due to the two drops, especially on the second drop, you really start to come up off the slide. Unfortunately it suffers from the same back clipping issues as its sibling, but it is still a very fun and rather intense slide. Overall, these two slide slides are excellent choices for speed and intensity, and if you don’t mind a little clipping to the back, you’ll love them for the intense feeling they deliver.unnamed (11)

Next up is Diablo Falls, a  pair of very short body slides, one open, one enclosed. They each consist of a small drop into a straight section that then dumps riders out six feet above a ten foot deep splash pool leaving riders to free fall from said height into the very refreshing pool below. These slides are a lot of fun. They provide a good thrill, have short lines, and are guaranteed to soak you no matter what. The open and enclosed experience don’t really make a difference, but it’s still nice to have a choice. All in all, these slides are short, thrilling, and soaking, just like they should be.unnamed (4)

Now, for one of the most unique and awesome slides at this park, Honolulu Halfpipe. As the title suggests, this slide is a halfpipe and that’s really it, as far as its layout, but it is by far one of the more intense and purely fun slides in the state. It is a one person tube slide that riders can experience either forwards or backwards. unnamed (7)When entering your tube, you’ll notice the lifeguard is attached to a safety harness due the steepness of the initial drop. While peeking over the edge, riders begin to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.The initial 50 ft descent is quite steep for a water slide and actually provides a very good “stomach in your throat” type feeling. While reaching your peak on the opposite wall, riders experience some fantastic and sustained weightlessness before dropping once again for a few more bounces prior to bottoming out, and exiting the slide. This slide pushes the boundaries of what a water slide can do both in the steepness of the first drop, and the abundance of weightlessness  it provides on the rebound. Capacity is actually decent and the opposite of going forwards or backwards makes it more re-rideable, and although this is not the only slide of its kind, it is pretty unique to the state, making it a must-ride.unnamed (8)

The Hurricane slide complex is located directly below Cliffhanger, and is comprised two open and two enclosed slides body slides, both of which featuring a variety of twists and turns over quite a decent amount of track.unnamed (13) In all honesty, the open slides can be a bit bland as you can see everything that’s coming, but the enclosed slides are actually pretty unpredictable and a lot of fun. Lines tend to be not too bad, and they actually have all four slides race so you can compete with your friends. Overall these slides are nothing too crazy, but still a lot of fun and certainly worth a ride.unnamed (19)

The the Typhoon slide complex is essentially the true equivalent of Hurricane. It exists of four two person tube slides, three enclosed, one open. The open slide is not quite as good, especially considering the enclosed slides are pitch black making all the maneuvers surprising and thrilling. Once again, the lifeguards actually let all the slides race so you get to compete with your friends The slides are all pretty long and all have lots of twisty moments and quick drops.unnamed (14)

Big Kahuna is a perfect family slide. it features a four person raft that goes around a variety of turns and actually banks to 90 degrees on multiple occasions. Only about half the raft does, but the banking displaces a lot of water and soaks the riders who are banked up on the wall. unnamed (1)It has so much wall time it’s honestly amazing. Additionally, the transitions are very sharp, making it quite intense. It’s also a pretty long slide with good capacity so its a win for the park and its guests.unnamed (3)

Tornado! This slide make look familiar and that’s because it is pretty heavily cloned, but for good reason. Riders board a four person raft before turning around 180 degrees and dropping 40 ft into a humongous funnel and riders slide up and down the walls which provides some excellent floater airtime before exiting through a waterfall into the splash pool below. unnamed (6)This ride is both thrilling and at the same time good for families. The airtime is awesome and sitting face to face with your friends is awesome. This slide is the epitome of fun, and a must ride.unnamed (2)

Breakpoint Plunge is the park’s newest addition, and it’s a great one! It is a pair of racing trap door water slides in which riders step into a capsule and the floor drops from beneath them. They then drop about 20 ft almost straight down into a powerful and disorienting helix. unnamed (16)The capsule drop is incredibly thrilling and gets us a bit nervous every time and provides some great free fall. The helix provides some crushing positive G force that honestly makes it a bad difficult to breath in all honesty. You then splash down into the run out below seeing if you had beat your friend in the adjacent slide. This slide is incredibly thrilling and even though it only lasts about ten seconds, leaves a lasting impression on riders.unnamed (15)

Waterworld California has much more to offer than just their thrilling slides and attractions. The park features multiple family play and splash areas. One across from Diablo Falls features some kiddy slides, splash attractions, and a pool of floating lily pads to walk across!unnamed (20)unnamed (21)

The area nearest the Kaanapali Cooler is home to your classic large bucket that periodically dumps huge amounts of water on guests, as well as a variety of water canons.unnamed (18)
In the back right corner of Breaker Beach Wave Pool there are a few waterfall type features for guests to splash around in as well. Guest can also rent a relaxing Cabana and unwind in the shade by the side of Breaker Beach. They will be treated to food and drink service as well as free tubes.unnamed (17)
Waterworld as a whole really adopts its name and everything around the park has some sort of aquatic theme. Even the restrooms are labeled buoys and gulls to fit in with the them. Many of the scrumptious food options around the park also carry a theme, such as Sandie’d Candies. Overall, the park really takes its theme to heart.

That concludes our wet adventure at Waterworld. 😛 It’s one of the best water parks in the state. Come visit this summer we’d say!

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