Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 30th 2016

20160430_160334 (Medium)After a whole lot of theme parks all around the states in the past week and a half, I was finally able to return to my home park, Six Flags Magic Mountain! It sure was a good time to return as there are lots of things going on around the park and Hurricane Harbor, including the upcoming Grad Nite event, The New Revolution that’s now officially opened, tree removal, construction over at the old Action Theater, new slides, and a whole lot more!

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Let’s start right outside of the security checkpoint, where there are now a multitude of security warning signs to be found. Similar to several new signs you may see on your way from the parking lot to the entrance of the park at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. 20160430_145134 (Medium) Once inside it becomes quite apparent that the park’s popular Grad Nite event is right around the corner. The main entrance of the park, Full Throttle Plaza, and the Movie District have the biggest dance areas this year. 20160430_145314 (Medium) 20160430_154250 (Medium) Moving on to the newest attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Or in a way, one of the oldest… The New Revolution. The temporary ropes lead all the way up to the X2 bridge, though the line didn’t seem to get quite that long. 20160430_153042 (Medium) It seemed to be hanging around here most of the day. Oddly, the ride’s wait time wasn’t displayed, which for a new attraction with a long line, is a must. 20160430_153146 (Medium) Speaking of long lines, X2 is still operating one train, which has been the case for about two months now. I’m really hoping they can get this ride back to two trains quickly, as we all know how popular it is… and I’m a firm believer that any ride that has three trains, should hardly ever operate one train, let alone for a long period of time. 20160430_152942 (Medium) More long lines. Ninja seemed incredibly popular today. The park wasn’t all that crowded, but Ninja sure got some love from guests today. 20160430_153708 (Medium) Speaking of Ninja… right next to Ninja’s drop, an array of trees have been removed. 20160430_150112 (Medium) This also happens to be right next to the covered Jet Stream drop. 20160430_153734 (Medium) Unsure what the reason is, but may very well have to do with the reason a lot of other trees around Ninja and Jet Stream were removed in 2014: water leaking from Jet Stream may have damaged soil and caused issues with the trees. 20160430_152521 (Medium) Speaking of trees and vegetation, the planters in front of the Riddler’s Revenge have received some new flowers! 20160430_154255 (Medium) And I must say I really appreciate that the park keeps that Riddler themed green and purple (and question mark) landscaping going! 20160430_154246 (Medium) Right next door Tidal Wave is still closed, a huge wooden conveyor belt is stored in the station. It’s hard to see in the picture, and it was also hard for me to determine whether or not that’s a new one or if it’s the one they took off the lift some time back. We’ll have to see what’s up with Tidal Wave! (Hoping for that Aquaman makeover that a similar ride at Six Flags Over Texas got). 😛20160430_154352 (Medium) Moving to the park’s (arguably) best coaster: Twisted Colossus! Where the green train has received the front of the purple car for some odd reason. The orange and purple train have purple and orange details respectively. (As you can see in the picture of the orange train). As where the blue and green train have green and blue accents respectively. The green train now has a front with orange accents, which comes from the purple train, the one that’s undergoing a refurbishment currently. #TheMoreYouKnow #FunFact20160430_160909 (Medium) 20160430_161109 (Medium) Moving to the front of the park, the Full Throttle Nights stage has been put together almost completely once again, in a few weeks this stage will be used for Full Throttle Nights and Grad Nite again!20160430_161813 (Medium) Moving to the back of the park, you may remember seeing pictures of the entirety of the Action Theater and Water Front being blocked off with these green fences. 20160421_115927 (Large) (Medium)Luckily there’s one section that doesn’t have these fences, right next to vending machines across from Jet Stream, so from there I got this shot of the construction zone, where pretty much all concrete has been demolished and it’s one large open dirt lot with lots of destructed concrete piled up. The site is already quite actively being worked on. Can’t wait for the official announcements from the park to see what’s coming here next! 20160430_152029 (Medium) Let’s move on to more new stuff! Right next door at Hurricane Harbor, the park is adding some more color this season. On the current Gecko Gully slides two new paint schemes are being applied. One of the previously gray slides is being painted red, the other has been repainted blue. It was quite hard to get a shot of the slides, but if you look cautiously, you’ll see the red slide. Unlike the blue slide which is completely painted already, the red slide seems to be in the middle of the repaint process.20160430_162156 (Medium) Speaking of Hurricane Harbor, we can’t forget the new slides that are coming! A mysterious gray support structure found underneath Scream! seems to be the supports of the three new slides.20160430_163118 (Medium) These slides will be added to the same structure we just recently discussed above. The slides are green, blue, and yellow/orange. The two curved slides (similar to the ones they’re replacing), have been partially constructed, creating several slide pieces, rather than huge amounts of tiny pieces. 20160430_162841 (Medium) Nothing much has happened to the yellow/orange slide yet. If you look next to the yellow and orange slide pieces, you’ll notice the entrance/start to the blue slide, which is not a skybox as some anticipated, but rather a regular start to the slide. 20160430_162935 (Medium) And then here are the blue pieces of the blue slide! I’m very glad the park has been adding color to their water park, starting with the Bonzai Pipelines in 2014. Since the park has mostly white and black slides (due to the sun badly fading colored slides here in Southern California, look at Knott’s Soak City in Buena Park for example). But it’s still nice to see a bit more color in the park!20160430_163041 (Medium) Let’s finish with a quick shout out to the Scream! crew for playing the soundtrack!. Station music makes such a difference. And on the Scream! topic, the Flash Pass attendant now holds the line at the top of the stairs, keeping the station quite empty. And of course it’s great to see Scream! have lines again now Twisted Colossus is open. It’s a solid attraction that just doesn’t stand out too much in a park that has stellar A-list attractions. 20160430_160334 (Medium)

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    1. Or a giga and that is where the station will be and with the ride being behind apocalypse, i think that area needs some new attractions. i also heard a rumor about a frisbee coming there. and why bullshit? maybe a skyrocket 2 model. that isnt shit.

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