Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 7th 2016

20160507_160757 (Medium)Where else to go to ride some coaster than Six Flags Magic Mountain right next door? It’s been weird weather the past few days, and today was no different. This did mean that it wasn’t all that crowded in the park, so a quick run in and out of the park meant I could hop on several rides. In today’s update we’ll take some quick looks at the Hurricane Harbor expansion/upgrade, Tidal Wave, the 2017 project, and a bunch of other quick things!

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Let’s start with the fact that most, if not all, of the slide pieces of the three new slides are still stored next to Twisted Colossus. 20160507_153216 (Medium)20160507_153416 (Medium) The Gecko Gully slides that have been repainted are now accompanied by a green structure, as the tower the slides are attached to has been painted green. It sure is a very interesting color combination so far. Especially when the three new colorful slides will go up. 20160507_170805 (Medium) Moving to some water-related stuff at Magic Mountain, I spotted an old Tidal Wave conveyor belt lift stored under Riddler’s Revenge. 20160507_162642 (Medium) So now it sort of makes sense that a neatly stacked wooden conveyor belt is stored in the Tidal Wave station. I’m just hoping it’s actually a new one, and that we’ll soon see it installed. The park needs that third water ride with the crazy heat that hits Southern California. Or perhaps we have to wait another season and welcome that Aquaman version of the ride 😛20160507_163250 (Medium) Right next door the last remaining sections of the Action Theater have been demolished. The old El Bumpo station has been taken out, leaving only the statue standing. 20160507_163332 (Medium) 20160507_163347 (Medium) In the same plaza the Grad Nite stage seems pretty much ready to go. Haven’t seen them use this ice theme before in past years.20160507_162527 (Medium) And in the background we have the slightly under-appreciated Riddler’s Revenge which is a seriously awesome coaster that, unlike some of its Stand-Up counterparts, is still running amazingly well and smooth. One of my all-time favorite coasters! 20160507_162918 (Medium) Batman seemed riddled with several  technical issues today, being closed for a part of the day. Just when I actually looked forward to riding it again.20160507_163739 (Medium) So I went to Scream! instead. And though there have been a few years in which I hardly ever rode Scream!, I’ve been riding it weekly for quite some time and I must say the ride’s really growing on me again. It sure doesn’t stand out in a line-up as amazing as that of Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it’s a very reliable, high capacity, smooth, and fun coaster. Glad it’s getting some more ridership now Twisted Colossus has opened next door.  20160507_165700 (Medium) Though it is time for the park to fix parts of the fence again. Some of the screens on the fences near the exit are slowly starting to look like this. 20160507_165707 (Medium)X2 is… still running one train. 20160507_160718 (Medium) But good news! The two other trains are on the storage tracks at least. Hopefully that means the ride will finally operate with 2 trains again soon! Or dare I hope they’ll run it with 3 trains some day as it was designed to do… jk, that won’t happen 😛20160507_161054 (Medium) A little note about the Helpful Honda Express. The park created a new spiel for the Helpful Honda re-branding of the people-mover, but yet they didn’t figure to put in a spiel that would use the correct names of everything at Six Flags Plaza. The spiel states “Grand Carousel”, rather than the “Grand American”, that the New Revolution will be transformed (even though it’s already open), and that people should shop at “FLAGS”, even though that’s the Six Flags Emporium now. Time for another update of your spiel Six Flags! 20160507_162119 (Medium) And in the grand theme of under appreciated coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain (just so happened to pay an awful lot of attention to those coasters today), here’s Viper. Another one of my personal favorites. Hopefully if the Ninja transformation at Six Flags Over Georgia works out well, we can see some MK1212 trains (vest restrains, sleeker trains) on Viper in the future. 20160507_160757 (Medium) One last shot, Viper’s glorious drop. 😀20160507_161112 (Medium)

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6 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 7th 2016”

  1. Will they be bringing back on ride photos on scream and adding them on tc?

    An employee said that x2 will be running three trains this summer.

    1. TC was supposed to have them by the time it opened, but never got them. I doubt they’ll add them at all. Regarding the employee statement, I’ve heard many Tatsu employees say that too about Tatsu, and that hasn’t happened in years. So I still highly doubt X2 will run 3 trains. Would be amazing though! This park can use some sped up operations and increased capacity sometimes!

      1. X2 running three trains just doesn’t work. I’ve seen them try, but it’s Stack City. A good crew can keep the line moving with just two trains.

  2. Thanks for the update…small request just a little more dirt porn(construction site pics) please. I know there isn’t much to see, but I just love the overview and seeing how things progress even the smallest changes adds to something that could end up being incredible!!! Keeping my fingers crossed but I think 2017 is going to be BIG for SFMM!!!

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