SeaWorld San Diego Update – June 11th 2015

unnamed (5)On Thursday, we finally made it back to SeaWorld San Diego. We had a very satisfying visit and don’t really have any complaints. The day we went, there was a special promotion by a local radio station, so once the GP was ushered out, the park was relatively empty.


After a quick loop of the park, we noticed there has been very little change since the last visit. There was also pretty much no progress on the new Orca encounter, so we didn’t bother taking pictures of the area. The current Shamu Stadium did receive a repaint, and it looks pretty interesting.unnamed (1)

Also, the Sea Lion Stadium was renovated and redone, but we unfortunately didn’t get a picture of it.

We did manage to get a ride in on all but Shipwreck Rapids, because it was a little chilly during our visit.unnamed (3)

It was the first time we had been on Journey to Atlantis in a long time, and we must say it is still stunning. Even though the paint on the track is getting a little dirty and worn, it almost adds to the theming. Although we must point out that the projection screens inside the elevator lift no longer work, so hopefully they get that fixed up soon.unnamed (4)

Manta was a great ride as always, but was running a bit slow, perhaps because of the colder temperatures. Regardless, we find the best air time is to be found in the front.unnamed (5)

The Cirque De La Mar Stadium has reappeared on the map, and they have begun doing shows, since the last time we covered the park, it had disappeared. Another thing we noticed today was how few shows a day the park was doing, but we guess that’s because the summer season isn’t in high gear yet, and hopefully we will see more frequency in the near future. – Look at this cool logo they project onto Journey to Atlantis. unnamed (6)

The Walrus exhibit has been shut down “indefinitely” according to the parks website.unnamed (7)

The Sky Tower is also sporting new red, white, and blue lights.unnamed (8)

We also were treated to one of the first firework shows of the summer, and we can say… It rocked!unnamed (9)

That’s it for the park update, but we wanted to tell you a little more about the Summer Nights celebration. Summer Nights is an annual event put on late May through early September. It features extended park hours, and nightly firework shows. Also included with this event is night time shows. Visit this amazing event from May 23rd-September 7th of this year.unnamed (2)

Thanks for checking out this quick SeaWorld Update!

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  1. Great Review and update as usual! There is a water park in Clovis CA called Wild Water Adventure Park that has some family water slides and some bug thrills I’ve only been once but it is in progress building a new water slide next to one called vortex 2 and a half hours from magic mountian!

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