Parque Warner’s 2023 New Coaster Goes Vertical

UPDATES: Sept 5, Sept 7, Sept 22

Spain parks are in full motion for the 2023 season! PortAventura is working on a yet unknown project (rumours can be heard about an enclosed spinning coaster) and Parque Warner is developing maybe their biggest project in 20 years. Construction is already visible at the studio based theme park, so let’s take a quick look!

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Parque Warner has a funny history when it comes to new thrill rides. The park opened in 2002 with a great lineup: a floorless B&M coaster, an inverted B&M Batman clone, a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang and a RCCA wooden coaster. From that point, all the new additions were targeted to families, such as an expansion to their kids area and a brand new water park. So believe it or not, the park has existed for 20 years without a single new thrill ride!

Just some track pieces casually waiting to be put into place

You can imagine how crazy this last year has been for PW fans! The secrecy of the project has been so big that theories and rumours have been the daily fuel to discussion and speculation. Since the first footers appeared, we certainly knew the park was finally getting a new roller coaster!

The twistiness of this track leads me to believe that it will be part of the top hat

And finally, for the last two weeks, new supports have been rising day after day. And then, the tracks. Even though the manufacturer is not officially confirmed, everything points to Intamin. Rumours talk about a double or even triple launch, a zero-g stall, a pre show area, layout close to the paths… From the looks of it, we can expect something similar to some smaller version of Toutatis, Pantheon, Taiga or even Velocicoaster, if only you allow me this comparison.

When riders are launched, they will face this hill… only to turn and drop at the other side! Note that it is not completed yet!

A lot of work is still due, so I’m pretty confident this article will be outdated in a day or two, as every day new pieces are being put into place and the skyline is changing quickly. As for us, we’ll wait and see. I don’t want to get my hopes high but… I’m tremendously excited about this project! What are your feelings?

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