SeaWorld San Diego Wild Arctic Coaster Track Pieces on Site

SeaWorld San Diego closed the original Wild Arctic simulator on January 10, 2020 to make room for a new attraction. This new attraction was originally going to debut in 2021, however, was significantly delayed because of the pandemic. A few ride designs later, track has now appeared on site and land clearing is under way for the park’s newest roller coaster!

In 2019 Behind The Thrills discovered blueprints and permits for the new Wild Arctic Coaster indicating a layout with four launches. The ride’s station and first launch would utilize space previously occupied by Wild Arctic’s simulators and exit into the exhibit. This layout, however, seems to have changed. has since (April, 2022) released an updated layout for the coaster featuring three launches instead. The station and first launch, as well as the storage and maintenance locations remain the same. Currently the coaster is rumored to open in 2023, but could become a 2024 addition to the park’s lineup depending on the speed of construction for the project. The changes in layout and the spacing between footers on the blueprints may indicate that while the new layout is shorter, it may have gained some additional height making this a faster and taller coaster than initial plans called for.

The great news, however, is that Intamin track pieces have already appeared onsite, as shown by @XceleratingThrills on Instagram! The project is expected to be similar to SeaWorld San Antonio’s Wave Breaker roller coaster, but snowmobile-themed instead!

We’re excited for yet another addition to SeaWorld San Diego, slowly transforming this park into more of a coaster destination than it’s ever been! Don’t miss our recent SeaWorld Orlando vlogs on YouTube:

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