Everything Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the longest and tallest single-rail roller coaster in the world. Join us as we explore everything this record-breaking roller coaster has to offer!

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DC Universe

Since it was last open to the public, DC Universe has received a renovation, although the area is still incomplete! Batman- The Ride and Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage will both exit into a store located within the new DC Universe. In addition, a new restaurant and bar will be added, and the zone is currently undergoing construction on new scenery! The area features two roller coasters including the recently rethemed Teen Titans- Turbo Spin!

Welcome to Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage!

Guests travel to Themyscira, the fictional city-state where Wonder Woman resides! Half of the queue space is outside and utilizes the previous Green Lantern: First Flight queue. Guests are then welcomed into the Embassy of Themyscira, where they will find an airconditioned queue filled with Wonder Woman mythological tidbits. On their way to the station, guests pass by a set of lockers.

Wonder Woman’s station will have a constantly loading setup. Trains will slowly roll through, and passengers will board and disembark as the trains make their way to the end of the station to approach the lift. Because the park has four trains for the coaster, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage is expected to run at least three trains on most days!


Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage is a Raptor coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction (manufacturer). The unique single-rail aspect of these coasters allows for much tighter elements, and with the trains being single-file, there is a significant difference in front and back row experiences!

The elongated elements of this custom Raptor layout are fantastic. This coaster combines the product line’s famously tight turns and elements with some massive elements that provide great airtime, hangtime, and so on. It successfully combines the unique seating arrangement with elements of hyper coasters and modern compact twister coasters. We love it and prefer it to the smaller ones. Despite being surrounded by 19 other massive roller coasters, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage has a grand presence that feels impressive. It’s exactly what the park needed, which I didn’t realize until we rode.

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage’s individual elements!

Let’s begin with the coaster’s 131-foot-tall first drop! The ride’s location provides great views of Metropolis, which is home to the Riddler’s Revenge and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, as well as other popular coasters like Tatsu, Ninja, and West Coast Racers! The airtime is incredible, especially in the back car. The first drop, which appears to plunge into the heart of Metropolis, is a perfect fit.

This coaster’s dive loop looks fantastic next to Riddler’s Revenge‘s two dive loops! This element on Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, on the other hand, is quite different as the train approaches the element off-axis and creates a quick dive into the inversion at the top of the loop. It’s a dive loop with a lot of airtime!

I mentioned earlier that this Raptor coaster does an excellent job of combining a variety of qualities that are distinct from the park’s other 19 coasters. A great example is the massive floater airtime hill. The long train creates a distinct experience in the back and front cars, but there is simply good solid natural airtime all around. Because the element is so early in the ride, it is quite large and thus provides great views of nearby rides. It’s not the only airtime hill on the ride, but it’s the only one that’s nicely stretched out.

The Zero-G-Stall is one of my favorite coaster elements. Riders rapidly invert due to the twisting nature of the single-rail track, and there is a long track segment where the train travels inverted, giving riders time to look around and enjoy being suspended upside down before returning to an upside position with a snappy correction in the track banking.

My favorite moment on Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage is the high-altitude 90-degree banked turn-around. (Try saying that ten times fast.) This element is extremely unique, with a fast twisty entry. I simply haven’t experienced anything like it before. It’s fast, intense, and full of positive G-forces, and its high elevation provides yet another set of spectacular views. Fantastic element!

Zero-G-Rolls are common in the industry, but this coaster takes a slightly different approach by entering the roll with a more spread out entrance to the element and a snappier exit out of it. It’s a perfect Zero-G-Roll, as evidenced by my necklace floating effortlessly through space and time in our Reverse POV later in this article!

The train dives down to the ground and into a quick elevated overbanked turn after a quick mid-course brake run moment to breathe. This is a great little element to start off the return to the station!

The following two elements are well-paced outward banked airtime hills. The first is to the left, and the second is to the right! The close proximity to the ride’s support structure results in some fantastic “head choppers.” The ride’s similarities to Six Flags Great Adventure’s Jersey Devil Coaster end here.

From here on out, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage‘s layout takes on a life of its own and makes excellent use of the park’s terrain differences. The first element is a quick airtime hill that clears a road and has a unique support structure that will allow for future midway space and development of the area beneath!

Another unique element of this ride is the final outward banked turn that dives all the way to the ground. While all of the other elements on this side of the ride are elevated due to the park’s topography and the first part of the layout being repurposed from Jersey Devil Coaster, this later element actually uses the space and dives deeper than the others!

The ride concludes with a scenic final overbanked turn over the Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage entrance plaza, providing a nice pop of hangtime early in the day and a great lateral G moment later in the day once the ride has warmed up! It’s fun to have a ride with so many different elements, most of which are quite unique. Despite having a lot going on, the coaster never feels repetitive!

Want to see Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage in action? Join us on the coaster as we take you along for the ride and describe exactly what to expect from the record-breaker:

We know you can’t wait to ride this new coaster! If you’re not able to ride just yet, you can always take a virtual ride in this front POV:

Curious how our day and the official press opening of the coaster went? Check out our vlog below! Subscribe, comment, and like our content while you’re at it!

Thanks for exploring this amazing new coaster with us! We had a great time getting lots of rides in to form this opinion of the record-breaking addition to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Thanks to the park for having us out!

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