Family Park Opens a Brand New Water Ride!

Family Park in Austria has just celebrated the launch of their brand new Intamin log flume for 2022- Biberburg (Beaver Lodge in English). We were so thrilled to be invited to the grand opening of this exciting new attraction at Austria’s largest theme park and therefore we thought we’d share all the details with you!

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Intamin strikes again with Austria’s largest log flume

Intamin has been responsible in the past for some really awesome creations, such as the infamous Chiapas at Phantasialand and Biberburg is another brilliant concept which has come to life. Austria admittedly doesn’t have many theme parks, however Family Park have had to compete with the water rides at both Wien Prater and Fantasiana with the opening of Biberburg. However, Biberburg does not disappoint. It will take you up to heights of 17m over Family Park. It also offers a 4 minute ride experience with plenty of surprises! More about the ride experience shortly.

Family Park’s beaver themed attraction

I honestly couldn’t think of a sweeter theme than an attraction solely dedicated to beavers and the environment they live in. Family Park has of course executed this theme perfectly as well. There are plenty of beavers around the ride itself including animatronic beavers during the ride itself in a dark ride section! The park has even created a dedicated beaver mascot to celebrate the opening of the attraction! The ride is also themed with loads of decorations including tonnes of different wooden structures. There’s a wood storage zone and even a giant rotating saw over the trough of the log flume!

Family Park celebrate the opening in style

The official launch of Biberburg was not one to be missed. We got to try out Family Park’s brand new juice bar selling delicious smoothies. Furthermore, Family Park put on a show program including dancers and acrobatics. Fillipo, the park’s mascot and Biber himself were also there to celebrate.

Biber even took a ride on Biberburg himself to celebrate the opening! Of course he was equipped with a poncho!

17m high above Family Park

*Spoiler Alert*

As I previously mentioned, Biberburg features plenty of surprises! The ride starts with a drop out of the station and then heads into the first dark ride section. Here you’ll find beavers hard at work. You then head round to the next dark ride section where you’ll be rotated backwards. A backwards drop follows. Then head round to the vertical lift where you’ll plummet down a 17m drop, over an airtime hill and into the final splash! Warning: You will get soaked!

Four themed areas await

There is no denying that Family Park is beautifully themed. There are four different worlds to explore. Highlights include the farmyard themed zone and the Adventure Island themed zone, which features Italian and Greek inspiration. You’ll find some exciting attractions in the park including a Gerstlauer Bobsled, Mack Youngstar, Zamperla Nebulaz & Gerstlauer Sky Fly. There’s plenty for everyone of all ages to enjoy. I also highly recommend taking to the treetop walkway and the dragon’s lair. The dragon’s lair will not disappoint!

Thanks for reading all about Family Park and their brand new attraction. Keep an eye on the Europeancoasterkings Instagram as there we will be celebrating the opening with a special giveaway!

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