Texas Twister at Kinderpretpark JulianaToren!

How about the brand new rollercoaster Texas Twister in the Netherlands? Besides all the major parks in Europe, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the smaller local parks. Our team got invited to Kinderpretpark JulianaToren in the Netherlands to ride the new coaster and the different fun rides! Join us to discover this cute park where we also celebrated the birthday of the park mascot Jul!

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Happy birthday, Jul!

We arrived early before the park officially opened. Luckily we could enter and received a birthday flag! Yes, the park mascot Jul gave a little show and party for its birthday. The kids really enjoyed it and danced along! The song did get stuck in our heads too.

Once the dance was over, he opened the park for the guests and that gave us plenty of options to choose from as first ride of the day. The dark ride? The ferris wheel? Well, we call ourselves Coaster Kings so obviously we started with the brand new coaster!

Texas Twister

The new coaster with a western theme is an SBF Visa Spinning Coaster. The layout is a figure 8 and due to a compact footprint, ideal for Julianatoren. We had done this model before but there’s several reasons why this one stands out!

First of, you can see loads of fun theming surrounding it. A mini Mount Rushmore in Julianatoren style for example! Or what do you think of the sweet farm animals?

Another iconic element of the theming is the cheese watermill wheel!

Secondly, this newest version feels a lot less rough compared to the others we’ve ridden before! You glide over the nicely colored track in one of the four spinning cars.

Last but not least, a ride cycle contains 7 laps around the track! So Texas Twister ‘is a really good value!’

The tower of Julianatoren

For those who are not familiar with Dutch, the name of the park is derived from the main building in the park: the Juliana Tower.

This old tower from 1910 originally named Belvedère can still be climbed to enjoy the view of the green forests surrounding the park. What’s unique about it is that it got build out of chalk sandstone which is uncommon for tall buildings.

Of course it’s also ideal to have a look and see the entire park! But if the tower is a bit too high, the Ferris Wheel is another option.

From the Ferris Wheel you can obviously see the tower but you also have a better view on the rollercoasters!

Unique rides

Although the park’s main focus is families, we did enjoy quite some rides at the park. For example the classic carousel. It dates back from 1887!

A secret favorite of ours has to be Jul’s Helikopterbaan. A monorail style attraction with helicopters! We didn’t have a lot of room in them, but how can you not ride it?

Looking for thrills? Then “Tollende Muis” might be something for you! In this self operated ride, you can choose yourself how much you want to go upside down. How many times would you go?

What’s fun is that a lot of the rides are built on top of each other to save on space. For example their Zierer Kontiki has a whole pirate themed area beneath it!

Or how about the indoor disco bumper cars! Funfact here is that the toilet doors can literally be found next to it.

Another rollercoaster & a dark ride!

One of the most unique rides has to be the park’s dark ride however: Spookslot. You board a little ghost train together with the operator and then start on a scary journey. The theming gets so close that you can touch it! A bit quirky but deliciously fun!

Besides the new rollercoaster, Julianatoren also has a classic Vekoma Rollerskater model: “Jul’s Rollerskates”! One of the helixes had its own fountain show!

Fun guaranteed!

Of course we got hungry at noon so how about a typical Dutch meat croquette? Another option was the Dino burger! They also had plenty of desserts and fruits!

Overall we had a very fun day at the park. Families will love the wide collection of rides and we were happy to score the two credits (three if you count the Butterfly!). Besides that, the area round the park is worth spending time as its full of forests and trails. Thank you to Kinderpark Julianatoren for having us!

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