Knott’s Berry Farm Update – May 17th 2015

20150517_114302 (Large)After we were at the Voyage to the Iron Reef Media Day this week, some of our correspondent that couldn’t attend visited today, and we’re bringing you a Knott’s Berry Farm Update! The update includes exciting Xcelerator news, additional boardwalk news, GhostRider’s refurbishment, and more! 

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Let’s start with GhostRider! GhostRider remains closed for an extensive refurbishment with some re-tracking ’til may 22nd, which is this Friday! 20150517_143858 (Large) 20150517_114302 (Large)

Am I going to surprise you?! NO! – Pony Express is running one train, while the other is undergoing some maintenance work, hopefully it’ll be operating two trains all summer. I can’t believe how popular this ride is, the line is always insanely long… I just don’t find its short ride time worth the line, though I must admit it’s a fun ride! 20150517_143342 (Large)

There’s a new show at the Bird Cage Theater! 😀 20150517_143621 (Large)

For those of y’all that love little unimportant things, there’s new wood in town! (Ghost Town). The exit of Big Foot Rapids received some new wooden railings up the stairs. 20150517_133227 (Large) In addition, the fencing in between Big Foot Rapids and the Mystery Lodge has been replaced. 20150517_133234 (Large)

A couple of weeks ago, Knott’s switched to a more modern way of gaming… The park now uses game cards (arcade prepaid cards) for all its arcade games as well as the midway styled games. Here’s one of the machines where guests get a card. (Cards are appropriately designed with Voyage to the Iron Reef themes!). 20150517_141956 (Large) Swipe the card and play! (Just a heads up for those that aren’t familiar with the arcades at theme-parks, they’re often a bit pricier than arcades elsewhere).20150517_143141 (Large) Speaking of arcades… of course the Arcade underneath Voyage to the Iron Reef has reopened, with some cool new games including the Transformers Human Alliance, Jurassic Park, etc. 😀20150517_143154 (Large)

Moving upstairs… to Voyage to the Iron Reef! 20150517_143107 (Large) The line was about 90 minutes- 2 hours all day. I personally couldn’t make it to the Media Day, but was able to step by today! I waited through the line multiple times and thought it was absolutely worth it. I loved the ride experience on Voyage to the Iron Reef! It’s a great ride! More in the upcoming Ride Review! 😀 20150517_143111 (Large) Love the logo too, just had to share that! 😛 20150517_143128 (Large) Though there aren’t too many riders on the ride at once, but Knott’s has like thousands of 3D glasses ready to go, just thought that was interesting! I understand that glasses get collected on the other side of the station, have to be cleaned, etc… still thought there was a HUGE amount of glasses ready to go! 😀20150517_103641 (Large) They’ve been having some issues with the doors of the vehicles closing properly, which slowed down operations significantly. Hopefully a solution is found soon, because capacity isn’t this ride’s friend… 20150517_104808 (Large)

Moving on to the rest of the Boardwalk, the Bank Ball Game uses Iron Reef backdrops on the games.20150517_143039 (Large) And I don’t think it’s news for anyone… but… Riptide remains closed! 20150517_143002 (Large) The Boardwalk pool has been repainted and both Pacific Scrambler and Surfside Gliders have received FunTV! 20150517_142915 (Large) 20150517_142909 (Large)

Let’s move to Xcelerator, the one train wonder! 😛20150517_142748 (Large) There’s hope! The purple train’s chassis has returned to the park all refurbished and fresh (it was shipped to the manufacturer for a very extensive refurb). Once the purple train is running again, we might see a short period of two train operations before the red train leaves for a while for the same procedure. 20150517_142555 (Large) 20150517_142552 (Large)

That was it for this Knott’s Berry Farm Update! We’ve got some more Knott’s stuff coming your way soon! For our Voyage to the Iron Reef Media Day report, please click here! 

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  1. I was out there yesterday as well to ride Voyage to the iron reef. In the inside portion of the line, it’s was really hot and humid, pretty miserable. Was this the case for you too?

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