Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 16th 2015

20150516_155817 (Large)We’re less than a week away from the official opening of Twisted Colossus! Now construction of the actual ride has been completed it all looks quite different around the ride. There are some last changes to be made to the new Screampunk District. This update will also include some Hurricane Harbor, general operations, changes around the park, etc! 

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Well, for whatever it’s worth at this point, X2 had both flame-throwers working properly, the audio was also working perfectly… 😀20150516_154244 (Large)Apocalypse is still down to one train, it’s been a couple of months now… The ride can fit a maximum of 22 people in a train, the lines are horrid. 20150516_154813 (Large) Riddler’s Revenge is also continuing its one train operations. 20150516_155249 (Large) I had to write about Green Lantern… Now Batman The Ride is opening at Six Flags Fiesta Texas upcoming weekend, we can all conclude that there’s a better version of this ride out there in the country. (I know it’s a different manufacturer and seat-positioning, nonetheless, it’s a similar ride). 20150516_155817 (Large) Goliath remains closed, it’s currently unknown when it’ll reopen! The end of the month is still a possibility. 20150516_160211 (Large)

There’s a new vending machine next to the Tidal Wave splashdown. 20150516_155400 (Large) Yay, new Greyhound ads! 😛20150516_155058 (Large)

Coming back next weekend! On the day of Twisted Colossus’ opening, Full Throttle Nights! 😀 20150516_160546 (Large)

After being down for about a year, Swashbuckler is soon reopening after it has been entirely repainted, received new parts, and new chains, it should soon reopen! Just in time for the crazy summer crowds. 20150516_160151 (Large)

Hurricane Harbor opens in a week, when Twisted Colossus opens, but today it was open for a private event! 20150516_160954 (Large) 20150516_161259 (Large) Can’t wait to get down the crazy Bonzai Pipelines again! (Which Bonzai slide is your favorite? Comment below!). 20150516_161633 (Large)

Let’s get to Twisted Colossus! The Gearworks Theatre looks incredible! The Screampunk District is receiving more theming, in fact the entrance sign to the area was being installed today! Twisted Colossus will start running daily tomorrow, though it doesn’t open ’til MAY 23rd, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! There’s a Twisted Colossus preview for employees tomorrow, there’s commercial shooting on Monday and Tuesday, there’s the Media Day on Wednesday (we’ll be there, so follow us on our social media below!). In addition, there’s Gold Pass Holder ERT on Thursday and Friday, read more about the ERT for pass holders here. 😀 20150516_160021 (Large) Though we’re not far away from the Scream! reopening… the logo in front of the ride has changed, but the logo on the station hasn’t hopefully that’ll happen soon. The ride has been testing, in fact a train was in the station when I took this picture. In addition, notice the station itself has been repainted as well. 20150516_153028 (Large) And now, the beauty… It’s almost making me sad to see all construction materials, workshops, cars, etc gone now… I’ve been here multiple times a week ever since it closed… and now it’s finished! Twisted Colossus is just standing there, new, fresh, ready to roll and show Californians what REAL Airtime is like! 20150516_162232 (Large) 20150516_162244 (Large) The only machinery left, my guess is these two ‘spiders’ will be around for the first couple of months of operations. Notice that everything else around it has been cleaned, taken away, etc. 20150516_162301 (Large) The Top Gun Stall has nets in between the two nets, as I reported a couple of weeks back. 20150516_162333 (Large) The Zero-G-Roll has nets in between the two tracks as well. 🙂 No worries about loose articles hitting your precious head. 😛20150516_162404 (Large)

That was it for today’s Six Flags Magic Mountain update! Thanks for checking it out! There’s a crazy amount of things going on in the California theme-park world right now, we have lots of updates, ride openings, reviews, etc coming up soon! This is what we’ve recently published:

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7 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 16th 2015”

  1. Two questions:

    Will scream be open on Thursday for the gold pass ERT?

    Have they actually started construction on Goliath?

    1. Answers:
      1- I don’t know, wouldn’t expect it, would be fun if it is!
      2- If you mean placing the new chain, when you say ‘construction’.. There hasn’t been any sight of work being done on the ride yet.

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