Knott’s Berry Farm Update – August 25th 2016

20160825_173114 (Medium)I was down at Knott’s Berry Farm a few days ago for the Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 announcements, and enjoyed a few hours at the park prior to the event. It’s clear a lot of schools are back in session as the majority of the rides were walk-ons. In this update we’ll take a quick look around the park for the day, and where some Haunt attractions will soon be located!

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Let’s start with what I briefly mentioned before… no lines! In fact, I walked right up to the station, into an empty train and rerode California’s largest inverted coaster a few times! 20160825_151716 (Medium)

Look how photogenic it is. 🙂 We recently asked on our Facebook page if followers liked Flight Deck at California’s Great America better. Generally our readers seem to prefer the quick but intense flight on Flight Deck to the drawn out large layout of Silver Bullet.20160825_153840 (Medium)

Right below Silver Bullet construction is in full swing for the Gunslinger’s Grave maze. Therefore the railroad in Camp Snoopy is closed ’til after Knott’s Scary Farm has closed for its 2016 run. 20160825_151641 (Medium) The maze will be returning as The Gunslinger’s Grave: Blood Moon Rises, our thoughts of which can be read here. Gunslingers (no background) (Medium)

Look! It’s one of those unique Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops! – It’s always terribly hard to get a good shot of Montezooma’s Revenge’s loop. But the sound of it running through the box-track looping is always pleasant to hear. 20160825_153903 (Medium)

Right near Montezooma’s Revenge there’s still a Windseeker queue, that is rumored to be used again. For now that seems to be for a Haunt attraction. 20160825_153907 (Medium) Looking at the space it is taking up, it seems very likely that one of the four standalone Skeleton Key rooms this year will be housed here. And then of course would use the Windseeker line. 20160825_153918 (Medium) 20160825_153932 (Medium) Let’s see which of the four could go here… Read about the new Skeleton Key Rooms here.Green Witch Skeleton Key Image with room logos (Medium)

And here’s another look at Jaguar!, that looks a million times better with its new color scheme. 20160825_153930 (Medium)

Moving on to another maze… construction is in full swing for the new Samurai themed maze: Shadow Lands. This maze is located where Black Magic used to be located, next to/below Xcelerator. 20160825_172431 (Medium)

The entrance to the maze seems to have a forest theme before heading into the Shadow Lands’ inside sections. 20160825_155104 (Medium) 20160825_172356 (Medium)

The maze is quite large and will extend far beyond the storage building in which it is constructed. 20160825_155152 (Medium) 20160825_172424 (Medium)  Shadow Lands: Live by the Sword. Die by the Sword is promising to be one of the best mazes the event has ever seen. Read our thoughts about it, here. Shadow Lands Hero Image with Logo Slide (Medium)

Let’s take a quick look at the coaster towering above the new maze… Xcelerator! One of our favorite launch coasters of all time!20160825_155351 (Medium) 20160825_155343 (Medium)

Also located at the Boardwalk is Boomerang. I opted out of riding it during this visit. Because we all know Boomerang can throw you around a bit. Though I do still really like the ride, I wasn’t going to wait in line for it. Which seemed to be the only line I saw all day. Boomerang is rumored to be the next ride to leave the park. Which would leave a nice strip of land on the boardwalk to build a Pulsar model that I so badly want in California.20160825_173114 (Medium)

Of course I also made sure to hop on the Calico Mine Ride and the Timber Mountain Log Ride. Because they’re just must-ride Knott’s classics. So 95% of my visits, I ride both 😛20160825_165733 (Medium)

It’s also the end of the Ghost Town Alive season, and since I will likely be visiting a bunch of other parks before September 5th, I enjoyed my last Ghost Town Alive experience. Let’s hope this large scale performance returns. Till then… Ghost Town Streets will terrorize your nights. See you in the fog…20160825_161018 (Medium)

Speaking of Ghost Town Alive… GHOSTRIDER was a walk-on too. Now I did get plenty of rides in during media day, but it generally gets busy when there’s no ERT, so I’ve also waited more than two hours for it recently. An empty line and empty station were a welcoming sight. 20160825_161201 (Medium)

Look at me riding GhostRider and realize how amazingly good it got. Now it’s been running for a while it has really worked in well. Awesome woodie once again!

Like I mentioned, it was also the announcement night. I want to thank Knott’s Berry Farm for always taking such good care of me and other correspondents!20160825_210058 (Medium)

It’s time for you to check out all the amazing stuff Knott’s has announced for this year’s Haunt… For all the Mazes click here. For all shows, scare zones and skeleton key rooms click here!Scary Farm Nurse (Medium)

Thank you for checking out a brand new Knott’s Berry Farm Update! Our new California’s Great America Update can be found here. A new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update is available here. And a new Universal Studios Hollywood Update is available here.

Knott’s just announced their huge Knott’s Soak City expansion! 7 new slides across 2 new structures. Read more about the Shore Break and The Wedge expansion, here. Knott's Soak City 2017 Banner001 (Large)

Sister park California’s Great America announced their new coaster experience PATRIOT for 2017, converting Vortex into an awesome new ride. Read all about Patriot, here.Patriot Banner001 (Large)

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