Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Receives New Entrance and Major Park Improvements

Boardwalk-Main-Entrance-drawing1The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has announced a $12 million improvement project scheduled to begin just after Labor Day. Concept drawings released today reveal a new main entrance and a fresh new look for a section of the Boardwalk between Neptune’s Kingdom and Undertow opening in 2017!

The project will create an impressive main entrance for the Boardwalk, replacing a small walkway near Neptune’s Kingdom. The new entrance will include new ticketing windows, a proper entrance plaza, refurbished (if not entirely new) midway games, concessions and other attractions in the area. Here is some concept art of the project. Boardwalk-Main-Entrance-drawing1


“A number of local contractors including William S. Bagnall Architects, Slatter Construction and Nielsen Studios are working on the project. Roto, an Ohio design firm specializing in plans for some of the world’s largest theme parks, worked with Boardwalk staff to design the project which will connect the classic Moorish-style of the Coconut Grove building with the more colorful, eclectic style of the Boardwalk.”

We like the look quite a bit, and it seems to keep very much in line with the ever recognizable feel of the Boardwalk. A proper entrance plaza will be much appreciated and should help give a much grander feel to the guest experience. Of course, refurbished concessions, games, and ticketing is welcome as well, especially the latter most. This should be an excellent overall park improvement that will accentuate the character and charm of the Boardwalk for generations to come. Now what else is new?

Fright Walk be getting an all new entrance. Fright Walk will also get a complete interior makeover, taking advantage of new space that has opened up. Fright Walk isn’t the most immersive detailed attraction. It was actually designed by Boardwalk staff back in 2004, so a major makeover and a professional touch should really help.concept-Fright-Walk-Entrance

The Vault-Lazer Maze Challenge will also be getting a new entrance, although no information regarding a refurbishment was given. This is certainly good to see for a popular attraction, although it doesn’t seem to be to the extent of Fright Walk.concept_The-Vault-Lazer-Maze

Also in the area will be the all New Cruzin’ Crepes. Now this we’re very excited for, as the Boardwalk has all sorts of wonderful treats to offer, and an addition to that line up is always good news. We can’t wait to try what is soon to be another Boardwalk culinary staple.

Unfortunately, there will be a few temporary ride closures, although they are minimal considering the size of this investment.

   Attraction:                 Closing Date:        Opening Date:

Fright Walk Aug. 22 Summer 2017
Lazer Maze Aug. 27 Summer 2017
Stinky Feet Aug. 29 TBD
Clown Toss Aug. 29 TBD
Double Shot Sept. 6 Spring 2017
Pirate Ship Sept. 6 Spring 2017
Speedway Oct. 24 Spring 2017

Now this isn’t too bad, although Double Shot will definitely be missed for a few months by us enthusiast, and the kids will miss Pirate Ship. The fact that Stinky Feet and Clown Toss are TBD tells me that we might be seeing entirely new midway games in those locations, so look at for that.DSC_0469 (Large)

Other than that, the park has stated that more announcements are soon to be made, and in response to the question “Will there be any new rides coming to the Boardwalk?” the website says “More information will be available in the coming months. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn the latest news.” so you never know.

DSC_0504 (Large)On the whole, this seems to be a great investment that we can’t wait to experience next summer. As always thanks for reading, check out our most recent Knott’s update here, and make sure to look our for some Boardwalk coverage this weekend. Are you looking forward to this investment? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know!

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