Jurassic World Roller Coaster – Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Photo Report Late August 2020

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Below you will find images of the final S-turn of the ride, that will lead into the final brake run. This brake run is situated adjacent to the Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges:

The S-turn clears the ride’s support structure that holds up the tallest element of the Jurassic World coaster: the top hat.

Looks like you may catch a last quick bit of air in this quick transition towards the ride’s final brakes.

The launch situated below the station and queue of the coaster houses the ride’s second launch, where it will achieve its top speed. Based on our experience with the second launch on Taron (a similar coaster in Germany’s Phantasialand), this may very well be one of the best launches on earth.

The top hat’s height is currently unknown, though I’d say it’s at least 150 ft tall. The ride’s trim brakes on top have been installed. It’s expected that the ride may have a hanging drop, but that’s not for certain:

I just love the presence of the top hat from almost anywhere in the park:

It’s crazy how much taller the top hat is than the rest of the elements that follow. This is going to be such a well-paced coaster:

Let’s discuss the next few elements! The ride’s top hat is followed by a lengthy inverted stall. This stall looks large while staring at it off-ride, but the trains will be going through the element quite fast:

The stall leads to a double helix of some sorts. There will be several highly banked turns, and and outward banked wave turn:

I just can not get over how gorgeous this coaster looks:

Hulk will soon be the park’s 3rd best launch coaster… oof. I don’t think there is any other park in the world with 3 full-size launch coasters. Overall launch count at the park will be 10, an obvious record!

GORGEOUS I’m telling you:

The ride’s finale is a serious coaster enthusiast wet dream, a high-speed barrel roll over the water. We were once teased with such an element in 2007, but now its finally a reality!

I also want to give a shout out to the little airtime hill preceding the barrel roll:

Let’s enjoy a few more shots of this amazing looking Blitz coaster. Just walking around the park getting pictures of it is a delight.

We’ll wrap up this photo report with some of our favorite shots of today! We made a dragon fly friend the moment we entered the park today:

And we couldn’t quite have you leave without a killer panoramic shot:

Thank you so much for joining us on this little picture tour of what could be a top 5 coaster globally. We’re incredibly excited for the Jurassic World roller coaster, and hope you are too!

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