Ice Breaker at SeaWorld Orlando – Update and Photo Collection Mid-December 2020

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In order to make it over the Top Hat, the coaster reaches a top speed of 52 mph.

It’s clear that after the past 3 major coasters were all big thrill rides, they really needed something family friendly.

It may not be as flashy as say VelociCoaster, but it sure compliments the park’s existing lineup.

After the drop there is a set of two low airtime hills:

Ice Breaker‘s out-and-back approach to the layout really helps with packing quite some quick elements into the limited space behind the stadium.

After the double airtime hills, the trains will navigate through an upward turn to start their return to the station.

It’s not inversion, though from some angles it definitely looks like quite the element:

I am excited for the transition out of the element:

After a quick dive under the airtime hills, the ride enters a wall turn:

Having riders coast through the element sideways:

The return to the station includes a dive under the Top Hat towards the water with a final airtime hill before hitting the brakes:

So far I’m excited for the amount of ride that takes place close to the ground. Perhaps we’ll even get some airtime on this ride.

We’ll wrap up the update with a shot during today’s sunset:

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