Iron Gwazi Picture Update – November 21, 2020

The Spring of 2021 is just around the corner! We wanted to share a few shots of Iron Gwazi that we took this weekend. While we also visited Busch Gardens Christmas Town this weekend, this report focuses mostly on Iron Gwazi!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And that’s not just for the holiday lights everywhere, we were able to wear hoodies to the park thanks to the cooler temperatures! We’re also loving the Iron Gwazi-colored lights next to the ride’s gorgeous entrance.

The ride’s entrance logo is beautiful, but of course the 206 ft. tall superstructure is what really catches your attention.

One thing I already really like about the coaster is the sprawling layout! I’m excited to ride next year!

We took a backstage tour of the queue and station early this year, click here to check it out!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the coaster as the sun sets over Tampa Bay.

With the Christmas Town event, you can get some great views of the new ride’s massive structure.

This S-turn is found towards the end of the coasters’ layout, and looks quite different from anything else we’ve seen on RMC Hybrid Coasters.

Personally I am most excited for this roll:

Though I’m confident the outward banked hill will prove to be a fan favorite.

It wasn’t until this photo report that I realized how much steel reinforcement was added at the base of the element’s structure:


This special event space will be THE place to be once Iron Gwazi opens! Already looking forward to taking pictures from these angles:

If you have a chance to attend the Busch Gardens Christmas Town event this winter, definitely swing by the Christmas Town Village and take a look at the 4,000+ ft. long Hybrid Coaster! Check out our report of the great event, here!

I hope you enjoyed a quick set of pictures of this magnificent new hybrid coaster coming to Busch Gardens Tampa in 2021! If you like our content and are looking to support our website, consider shopping on Shop Coaster Kings, or Shop Coaster Kings Europe this holiday season!

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