Early Knott’s Scary Farm 2015 Announcements!

rk43Ul_zqx4A55h69_4yQdrKqeOo2FYzEPpVqAURIpMKnott’s Berry Farm has started releasing information regarding their amazing Knott’s Scary Farm event for this year, 2015. These early announcements include a new maze, updated mazes, new skeleton rooms, this year’s Scary Farm Season Pass, crazy new Special Ops, and more! – Here’s a peak at the announcements, and some personal opinions mixed with that.

New for 2015, escape the icy grasp of the chilling Snow Queen in The Dead of Winter. Backed by with a ravenous beastly army of resurrected Viking warriors, she is hellbent on avenging her beloved family’s murder, and preys upon any unsuspecting visitors who foolishly enter the borders of her icy domain.u3AwtJRhEIr83DCGPxFHet-JRWFyccJYRflXvUhuUPg,4xXhFp8rZA_AVCOIMMBD3wYAlcV45NyooWwmQw36FdwI’m very excited for this maze, it’s one of those themes that’s literally bone-chilling, yet so unique. I’m glad Scary Farm will be providing its guests with such a maze. I’m excited to see the execution of this complex theme, but knowing Knott’s, this will be a maze to look forward to.

Back by overwhelming demand, guests can enlist to fight the zombie apocalypse in an
all-out war against the undead in the interactive experience, Special Ops: Infected – Patient Zeron4n6uvuyC8_5UDqGElLUNnUfZL2VMWe_MleLan3ODPo
In 2015, the highly sought-after attraction will include more blood thirsty zombies, twice the amount of challenging missions, brand new high-tech laser guns. nQj575j52kZCvcrYLL64Y2XJaCu853JDV2GCspTLztA
Elvira, the legendary Mistress of the Dark, returns to Knott’s Scary Farm in a spectacular all-new show, Elvira’s Asylum, featuring insane levels music, dance and comedy. – The show will also feature a good amount of pyrotechnic effects we’ve been told.vuHjV7sJDODWjdv_0xCHwDHrQVlnQw6Jl46yCFra6gE
Also returning in 2015, the twisted tale of the Tooth Fairy returns with the addition of a gruesomely interactive Skeleton Key room and new horrifying ending. – Now personally, I didn’t think this maze lived up to the expectations last year, so this Tooth Fairy upgrade announcements makes me very happy, as I’m hoping to see the ‘first-year’ mistakes to be solved, and a better experience to await guests. (Don’t get me wrong, it was a high quality maze, but unlike my expectations, it didn’t place in my top 3 mazes at Scary Farm 2014). kuDP5C2c5Le9zSkjZvZ59L725WRNNJAUdwsRJEPVLfg
Deadly howls and a full blood moon mark your impending doom as Werewolves take over the crime stricken town, in the return of Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises. ga-unJfPIFFT9A5OfFuczf6gx5tNKDb21vWKerLcSfU This was one of my favorite mazes the past few years, and I’m very excited to see the come-back with a new theme. I have always thought of this maze as one of the most underrated ones at the recent Scary Farms. 🙂 wyN-ruoevGcoUPZMYnWzS5EuKmpGbMDPT6n3sqitfBo,CZzujYyUAsC2fuARFTGOZ4SGTiGI6X4DL3IpcsazBN0

Regarding the Scary Farm Season Pass, Parking, Nightly Tickets, and other great deals, the park has released the following as well:
  • Selling out in its inaugural year, the Knott’s Scary Farm Pass returns in 2015 and offers unlimited visits to all 24 event nights. Current 2015 Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passholders can purchase the pass at the limited time price of $70, now until Sept. 20 (while supplies last, plus applicable taxes and fees); the general public can purchase the pass for $80 (while supplies last, plus applicable taxes and fees). New for 2015, Season Long Parking passes will be valid during Knott’s Scary Farm nights. The Knott’s Scary Farm Pass is exclusively sold online at knotts.com.
  • Single night tickets are $39.99 – $49.99 depending on the event night when purchased online (plus applicable taxes and fees). Tickets purchased at least 24 hours in advance at the theme park ticket booths are $49 for all nights, and day-of-event tickets purchased at the ticket booths are $69.
  • Fright Lane with Skeleton Key offers priority access to all mazes and unlocks five Skeleton Key rooms filled with unnerving terrors, interactive secrets and exclusive scenes. Guests will also receive a commemorative lanyard and collectible keychain. Fright Lane with Skeleton Key passes start at $70. (Separate theme park admission required, and not included)
  • Combo Tickets, offering admission and Fright Lane with Skeleton Key are an especially great value offering savings of up to $34, versus purchasing each item separately at the ticket booths.
More announcements will be made over the next few weeks, and the biggest and final news will be shared at the annual pass-holder Haunt preview event, on August 26th.

Are you excited for this year’s Scary Farm?! Let us know BELOW!

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