Disneyland Resort Update – August 11th 2015

lfOb8NJ6D7yXIxJ_mt7TfLq6K8rNV6tgdWOjkVYqPiz-h67GAF23kg5K0sxbPpo539eu9Q=s2048Disneyland time! In this update we’re looking at both the parks, the slowing down of insane summer crowds, and some regular things around the park. In addition, we’ve got some Mickey’s Halloween Announcements in this update! 

We’re back at Disneyland as the summer season winds down before school starts up again. Today school started for kids in three districts in Southern California; however, this did not prevent the masses from yet again showing up to join in the Diamond Celebration.

To start off the day we embarked on the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” otherwise known as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. With a short wait time and fast pace line, Big Thunder once again provided a crisp ride on its smooth terrain.7B9Y8_kpUaiP-psPG302Pc7T0fi8BWZXy_K37gUn8VHNF9Qr4gCEl0mwQpDPscN1YV8DYg=s2048

After enjoying this wild ride we ventured through the park to Space Mountain. As usual the Space Mountain stand-by was about 45 minutes-1 hour with fastpasses handed out deep into the night. Once upon the ride the realization was made that our car’s sound system had failed. Instead of the usual countdown to launch and classic soundtrack through the ride, we were entertained by screams echoing throughout the ‘mountain’, lots of screeching, and an eerie feel to the ride, although still in the dark, which made it more enjoyable for one day.MSYfr46LoJcArJJUkyARhXq4KiHeCKMb2kc4yg9-aNZJt-t5wEllU3SL_PT61s4ArfD7FA=s2048sqnsI97mRolD2d6UGqhaCfhomNYOCuKdew8Vxn8tz7zLRexWY1RyJPtGuO8woTx4xynJJg=s2048

Once this odd journey through space was completed, Star Tours was next on the list. Throughout the day Star Tours tended to have a shorter line than Space Mountain but the wait time was 35 minutes and above until the later evening. On specific ‘tour’ our group was simulated through the likes of Darth Vader, the Wookie Planet, bounty hunter, and the Death Star.This brings out the question of how many have been through the “same” simulation before although highly unlikely. Today was not one of those “deja vu” scenarios as Star Tours brought yet another exciting adventure to the table.2UTIKVmm7rHZV5gMoFbSRykSMdmJ2hcfyU9fhRBoE2SFMJMWugSWLcdHiKPmJzNAb0NW8w=s2048

Since the “dog days of summer” are upon us the weather was certainly warm but not unbearable. Today, Grizzly River Run served numerous guests with an enjoyable trek through the mountainous terrain and a needed “cooling off”. With a peak of the weather only in the low 80’s, wait times lingered around 45 minutes-1 hour; however, the heat is on the way so this wait along with Splash Mountain will only get longer.QNEeg93dQqT7rq3-UNZLqjf-VxlXG_f6U2D3TiGLdHnnUPs1Xtthp7KeG9sgpmpB9uhSHA=s2048

Once refreshed, California Screamin’ was next on the agenda. It had four trains running with two on each side allowing for smooth operations and another fast paced line with a max of about 35-40 minutes. Interestingly enough they didn’t run five trains, like they’ve done most of the summer. The ride never disappoints especially with shorter wait times documents as another successful day of Screamin’.pGZy5YoV5Ps_Z8L9wGxku4KARxHTbqBvyvAyKhbjFrJ6OqLApAPdnPhTzmL0aqjxZXnvJw=s2048

Tower of Terror seems to have gained even more popularity. Nonetheless, wait times were certainly excessive and never-ending. With the wait time an hour or above throughout the day, the Hotel was overbooked with guests.lfOb8NJ6D7yXIxJ_mt7TfLq6K8rNV6tgdWOjkVYqPiz-h67GAF23kg5K0sxbPpo539eu9Q=s2048

To end the night, the Matterhorn provided the thrills of a lifetime racing through the dark. For the most part the ride was 45 minutes or above until the nightcap when the parade comes on through. Since the line was short we got on twice during a short line getting on both sides!Z4-VECX3ZTQIBLPm_0AEiW5oVihi0n3dJuLm_Q7VQ-sRNaveLYPbTygy6HnScBkJ_vZLAg=s2048

Disneyland may not be known for its Halloween event, but it is certainly spooktastic!! It starts on select dates beginning on Friday, September 25, 2015 7:00 PM to midnight

Check the special website, here, for prices on specific nights ranging from $69, $77, and $84.

“There are no windows and no doors. Which leaves you this chilling challenge. To find a way out!!”rdM41D2Yo0RT_QRFxpVpOQIXlhnordSwOxFeNNsP44qjgrXsCIscgxM2bC40l19phOX5uA=s2048

Well Haunted Mansion finds its way out as it closes to prepare for the arrival of Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie on August 24. .Space Mountain gets the spooks into Ghost Galaxy by starting its preparation on September 7. Both are expected to be reopened around the weekend of September 11.MfBRp84OimZeitJyBMvpvvQm0xaCBa2g4jKRAIbx-qptYRY9TZJhrvDrnTz1s5DO3ejXpQ=s2048

That’s a wrap from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disneyland Resort is now included on our Tips and Guidance page! Make sure to check out our new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, and our new Knott’s Berry Farm Update. A ton more updates will follow this week!

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  1. You know, if your sound goes out on your Space Mountain rocket, just immediately tell as cast member before you exit. More often than not, they’ll let you ride again. Even if they don’t, they’ll appreciate the information so it can be fixed.

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